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To succeed, success, successful

1. Leonardo de Caprio is a _______ actor. He starred such in films as Titanic and Romeo and Juliet.

2. This business will be a ______ if we make a set of right decisions.

3. He needs to be confident _______ in studies.


To confide, confidence, confident

1. ________ people are people who believe in their abilities and make others believe in them.

2. I trust this man and I can _____ all my secrets to him.

3. She doesn’t have enough ______ to win in the competition.

To prepare, preparation, preparatory

1. He always ______ for the classes.

2. Some ________ work should be done before we start the experiment.

3. ________ for the exams is very important for a student.

To respect, respect, respectful

1. Our teacher ______ the opinions of the students.

2. This man is a very ________ one. He treats all the people equally.

3. To deserve the ______ from your colleagues you need to be a highly qualified




Task 1

Discuss in groups of four. What are the factors Russian students should keep in mind to succeed in a university? Give your opinion using the following phrases

I think that… Я думаю, что …..

I believe that… Я полагаю, что …..

I suppose that … Я полагаю, что …..

I have my own point of view on the subject. У меня на этот счет своя точка зрения.

As I see it ….. На мой взгляд …..

That’s the way I see it. Таково мое мнение.

Example: I think that a Russian student should keep in mind that he is responsible for the education he gets and that nobody will do things for him or instead of him. That’s the way I see it.

Task 2

Ask for the opinions of other members of your group using the following phrases.

Practise these phrases before using them in speech

What do you think about…? Что ты думаешь о…?

What’s your opinion…? Каково твое мнение о…?

What is your point of view on the problem?

Какова твоя точка зрения на проблему?

Example: – That’s the way I see the problem. And what do you think about it?

– I think that a Russian student should develop the ability to study that is to search for knowledge and not just take the ready knowledge.

Problem solving

Task 1.

These are the Rules every student should follow. Discuss in groups of four: what rules seem quite reasonable and what rules seem quite absurd? What rules are impossible to follow, especially for Russian students?

1. Rule 1 Students must respect the rules.

2. Rule 2 Students must hand in term papers on time.

3. Rule 3 Students must be always ready for the lesson.

4. Rule 4 Students must respect their professors and never argue with them.

5. Rule 5 Students must spend 4 hours a day in the library.

6. Rule 6 Students must not discuss the professor personality and style of teaching

7. otherwise they will be expelled (отчислены).

8. Rule 7 Students must express their opinion on the subject only in case they are asked to do it.

9. Rule 8 No cheating in our university!

Example: I completely agree with Rule 1. This rule seems quite reasonable. Every higher institution has a set of rules and you should follow them as entering the university you become part of the system that works in a special mode. If you break the rule it means that you interfere with the normal work of the system and create chaos.


Roleplay. University Rules


Divide into groups of three. Your task is to work out the rules for the newly established university. Each of you will have a role written on the card. Read it carefully and make up a speech using the information given.

Student A

You are a student taking part in the meeting. The aim of the meeting is to establish the rules for the newly created university. Your task is to suggest some rules your professors should follow and to prove that they are very important (give your arguments). Remember you are speaking on behalf of the students, so you should protect their interests and make their life easier.

At the end of the meeting you are to write down a resolution in the form of a table.

Student B

You are a professor taking part in the meeting. The aim of the meeting is to establish the rules for the newly created university. Your task is to suggest some rules the students should follow. Remember you are a professional. You have been working for about 20 years in education and you don’t like many things in modern students (lack of responsibility, bad behavior, missed classes etc.). Suggest the rules that will help the teaching staff to give the education of high quality.

At the end of the meeting you are to write down a resolution in the form of a table.


Student C

You are the member of the administration leading the meeting. The aim of the meeting is to establish the rules for the newly created university. Your task is to listen to the rules suggested by a student and a professor, analyze them and make up a decision whether you accept them or not. You may correct the rules or suggest your own ones.

At the end of the meeting you are to write down a resolution in the form of a table.



Teachers should 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Students should 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.



Introducing yourself

When you meet someone for the first time, it is customary to introduce yourself.


Task 1

Practice some expressions used for the introduction

My name is …

I am …

My first name is…

My second name is…



How do you do?

Pleased to meet you.

I am from…


Task 2

Read the dialogue, practice it and reproduce it

Ann: Hello. Are you a student here?

Kate: Yes, I am.

Ann: So am I. My name is Ann Duglas.

Kate: How do you do? I am Kate Frank.

Ann: I am pleased to meet you. Is Frank your first name or your last


Kate: My last name.

Ann: Ann is my first name. Please call me Ann.

Kate: Okay, Ann and please call me Kate.

Ann: Okay, Kate. I am from New York and where are you from?

Kate: I am from Manchester.


Task 3

Turn to your partner and make up a similar dialogue

Introducing someone

When you want to introduce someone to someone it is customary to use some expressions

Task 4

Practice some expressions used to introduce someone:

I’d like to introduce…

I’d like you to meet…

Can I introduce you to…


Task 5

Get information about your partner. Here are some questions for you to use

1. What’s your name?

2. Where are you from?

3. Do you work?

4. If not, what do you do?

5. Are you married?

6. What is your native language?

7. Do you have a hobby?

8. What are the three things you like and three things you don’t like?


Task 6

Introduce your partner to the groupmates and tell them about him/her.


Task 1

Give the English equivalents to these job titles?

Преподаватель университета, инструктор по вождению, тренер по волейболу, личный тренер, репетитор, учитель начальной школы.


Task 2

Translate these sentences using job titles from Task 1 and word expressions given below

To work as a …, to give private lessons, to have, to be

1. Он работает преподавателем университета.

2. Чем ты занимаешься? Я даю частные уроки. Я – репетитор.

3. Хелен работает инструктором по вождению.

4. Я – тренер по волейболу.

5. Моя мама – учитель начальной школы.

6. У моего брата есть личный тренер по теннису.


Task 3

Make up sentences using these groups of phrases in one sentence

Example: Natural talent, confidence, to succeed in.

He succeeds in college because of his natural talent and confidence in his abilities.

1. to depend on, motivation, high IQ

2. advisor, the best program, to structure

3. to pay attention to, every university, to have, the Rules

4. to prepare for, professors, to be different

5. to hand in, deadline, term papers

6. to communicate with, experienced students, information

7. to generate, professors, loyalty

8. employment situation, to consider, before entering

9. college, to have, a graduate program

Task 4

Read the text written by Steven C. Hayes (University of Nevada) and summarize its main ideas

Rules of Success: A Message for Students

Rule 1 Talk and Write – A Lot

Science is a largely verbal enterprise. Successful scientists must speak, write, persuade, and debate. The only way to become skilled at professional verbal behavior is to engage in it. Talk in class. Talk at conventions. Talk in the halls. Listen and respond. Propose and consider. Argue. Share thoughts. If you think you have something to say, say it. If you wonder if you have sometime to say, and worry that it is not worthwhile, say it anyway.



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