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How do you think why the reasons mentioned above worry the American professors?

Express your opinion using the following phrases: I think, to my mind, first of all, on the other hand, I firmly believe that, there are plenty of proofs to the fact that.


Give arguments to the following:

1. Is it good or bad to have no core curriculum?

2. Can all the skills and knowledge got by the student be evaluated by written tests?

3. Is it good when a lecturer chooses the textbook for studying and creates the course of study according to his likes and dislikes?

4. What are the disadvantages and advantages of studying in groups and individually?


Making requests and refusing politely

Task 1

Practice the following phrases and use them in the dialogue below


Making requests Would you mind my V-ing? Вы не против, если я     I was wondering if you could… Интересно, не могли бы вы   Could you possibly… Не могли бы вы…..   I am terribly sorry to bother you, but I wonder if you could Извиняюсь за беспокойство, но не могли бы вы   Can you please…? Не могли бы вы…? Refusing politely Well, actually, I’m a bit busy at the moment… На самом деле, я немного занят сейчас   I’m afraid I can’t… Боюсь, что не могу вам помочь   I’m really sorry, but… Мне очень жаль, но


A: ______________lend me your textbook on Maths. I want to prepare for the Friday seminar.

B: _______________I’ll be using it myself. You can have it tomorrow if you like.
A: Thanks. I’ll collect it tomorrow then.


Task 2

In pairs, take it in turns to make requests and refuse politely in the following situations

1. You ask your tutor to read over a report you have written.

2. You ask your fellow student to help you with a report.

3. You ask your sister to type out a report for you.


Task 1

Open the brackets choosing one of the modal verbs: can, may, must

1. In any research on order to introduce something new you ____ know the history of the question.

2. Students are our future scientists. To be in the know of the modern technological advances they ____ read a lot.

3. You ___ do this work tomorrow for me. I don’t need it to be done now.

4. Any student ___ improve his abilities if he studies hard.

5. Education ____ serve the needs of human society.

6. I know that you ___ solve this problem alone. You are clever enough to do it.

7. You ____ always keep in mind that your life depends on you, in particular, on the decisions you take.

8. You ____ take my dictionary. I don’t need it at the moment.

9. You ____ always remember that innovation is the engine of educational development.

10. Teachers ____ deliver ready–made knowledge but they ____ also make students think and exercise their mind constantly which is more effective but more difficult to provide.


Task 2

Match the discoveries and works of art with the famous scientists, writers enumerated below. Make up sentences as in the model

Model : “War and Peace” was written by Lev Tolstoy.


1. Assembly line 2. Theory of Relativity 3. Telescope 4. Electric light 5. Ball-point pen 6. Matches 7. Microcsope 8. Automobile 9. Telephone 10. Washing machine
  1. Alexander Graham Bell
b. Albert Einstein c. Galileo Galilei d. Karl Benz e. Henry Ford f. Zacharias Janssen g. William Blackstone h. Ladislo Biro i. Thomas Edison j. John Walker

If you don’t know the answers you may use the Internet site http: //inventors.about.com to find them.


Task 3

Choose one of the inventions and present the story of its development for your classmates


1. Name of the inventor

2. Invention

3. Reasons for making such an invention

4. Benefits for a society


Start with the following phrase:

Dear friends I am here to tell you a story of one of the greatest inventions in the mankind.


Task 4

Translate the sentences from Russian into English using the Active vocabulary of the lesson

1. От студентов требуется выбрать специализацию к концу второго года обучения в университете.

2. Степень бакалавра присуждается студенту, который успешно окончил 4-х летний курс обучения в университете.

3. Диссертация – это оригинальное научное исследование, которое должен провести студент для получения степени Доктора наук.

4. Я хочу учится в Американском университете, потому что у меня будет возможность самому выбирать предметы для изучения.

5. Университеты в США управляются президентом или ректором.

6. Каждому учебному курсу обучения в университете приписывается определенная ценность, которая выражается в кредитных единицах.

7. Лекции этого профессора посещаются многими студентами.

8. По окончании семестра студенты сдают письменные экзамены.

9. Американское высшее образование ценится во всем мире.

10. В США 1964 университета и 1416 двухгодичных колледжей.


Discussion. Study abroad

Task 1

Answer the following questions. The phrases given below may be of some help to you.

What are the reasons people go away to study?

to see the world,

to seek for better education,

to have an international diploma,

to change the place of living,

to have fluency in English,

to advance one’s career, etc.


What problems can someone who is studying abroad face?

level of English language is not enough to study for a degree program,

large fees to pay,

unknown cultural environment,

another system of Higher education,

to be homesick, etc.

Would you like to study in a foreign country? Why (not)?

Task 2

Present your opinion in the form of an essay. The beginning is given to you but you may think of your own first sentence

Study abroad

It is common knowledge that more and more overseas students are seeking a university education in an English–speaking country. What are the reasons people go away to study?


Task 3

Find the information in the Internet and prepare an opinion essay on one of the topics

1. Education as the means of a successful career.

2. The art of studying at college.

3. Obsolete features of “modern” system of education.

4. Education as the process of acquiring knowledge.

Smile with us

Given the task of writing a composition about what they would do if they had a million dol­lars, all children in the class except Willy were busily writing away.

The teacher, becoming aware of his idleness, said severely,

“Willy, don’t you know that you are supposed to tell what you would do if you had a million dol­lars? ”

“Well, ” said the boy, lazily leaning back on his chair, “this is exactly what I would do if I had a mil­lion dollars.”


Lesson 5. Value of Higher Education


Task 1. Brainstorming activity

Discuss the following question and give all the possible answers to it

What can higher education give to the individual and what can an educated individual give to the society he lives in?


Active Vocabulary

Task 1

Pronounce the active vocabulary of the lesson after the teacher

1. value – ценность

2. society – общество

3. to make a choice – делать выбор

4. to be based on – основываться на

5. needs – потребности

6. wants – желания

7. to take into account – принимать во внимание

8. foundation – фундамент, основание

9. to recognize – осознавать

10. to participate – принимать участие

11. properly – надлежащим образом

12. an asset – капитал, имущество

13. to open up – сделать доступным

14. job market – рынок труда

15. to be restricted to – быть ограниченным

16. occupation – профессия

17. confidence – уверенность

18. life situation – жизненная ситуация

19. to express oneself – выразить себя

20. to deal with – иметь дело с

21. to gather knowledge – накапливать знания

22. ambiguous – двусмысленный

23. material possessions – материальное имущество

24. to measure – измерять

25. to pursue – искать, добиваться

Task 2

Match the Russian word combinations with their English equivalents.

1. принимать участие 2. делать выбор 3. воспользоваться преимуществом 4. рынок труда 5. выразить себя 6. накапливать знания 7. иметь дело с 8. основываться на 9. искать, добиваться 10. принимать во внимание a. to make a choice b. to take into account c. to pursue d. to be based on e. to gather knowledge f. job market j. to participate h. to take full advantage of i. to express oneself j. to deal with


Task 3

Read and translate the sentences. Try to explain the meaning of the words and word combinations in bold

1. What kind of person can be called a confident one?

2. Can we measure the value of education?

3. It often happens in life that our needs do not correspond to our abilities.

4. He has a lot to show but it is very difficult for him to express himself.

5. She doesn’t take into account people differences. It results in her loneliness.



Task 1



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