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Фразы и сравните их узуальные значения в английском

И русском языках.

1. Wild flowers 2. A coffee table 3. Touchwood! 4. A flying saucer 5. A good excuse 6. Dear Betty... Love, Kate. 7. Wall units 8. Take-1 (Film shooting) 9. Pull (sign on the door) 10. Push (sign on the door) 11. Candid camera (TV programme) 12. A spy-hole 13. Big-foot 14.Viola tricolor (pansy) 15. Middle East 16. Intensive care 17. As like as two peas in a pod 18. An alarm-clock 19. A ball pen 20. Touch typist 21. Red-headed 22. Ice-cream 23. Draft (rough) copy 24. Fair copy 25. A footnote 26. Hen-flesh 27. A second cousin 28. High blood (Blue blood) 29. To call spade a spade 30. To dance on a volcano 31. Nothing new under the sun 32. To kill two birds with one stone 33. My heart sank into my boot. 34. Thin as a rake  

V. Переведите следующие предложения,

Используя изучаемый прием.


1. You see, my great-aunt, she wasn’t very respectful to the kind of history that does get into the books. What she liked was the queer corners of it and the tales that get handed down in families. (S.V.Bené t)

2. A warm April breeze ruffled her white hair. He stood at the bottom of the porch steps and saw her framed in morning glories. “Son, son, you can forgive her now. Time is a great healer, Ben boy.” (Upshaw)

3. You know how Laura is. So quite but – still water runs deep! She notices things and I think she broods about them. (Williams) [14]

4. I had never heard about marked cards until he told me about them and showed me his. It was one rainy afternoon, after he had played seven-up[15] with Mrs.Willoughby and old Mr. Peiffer, another roomer of hers. (J.Thurber)

5. Beginners get swimming lessons but once they’ve passed the test, they’re on their own. We ought to have graded classes, not only by age but by skill, so that eventually the dog-paddlers could graduate to the butterfly. It would mean getting lifeguards who’ll do more than loll around showing off their muscles and other possessions to the girls. (L.Tushnet)


VI. Переведите поздравления и пожелания.


1. With all Good Wishes for Christmas and Every Happiness in the Coming Year! Love from ____

2. May the Spirit of Christmas bring you Peace. The Gladness of Christmas give you Hope. The warmth of Christmas grant you Love.

3. Wishing that your Christmas will glow with love and laughter.

4. Season’s Greetings and warm wishes for the New Year.

5. Joyous Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year.

6. Just a little card to say Hello with love to you today!

7. Wishing you the special things a really happy Christmas brings!

8. May your Christmas be bright and beautiful and your new year be filled with warmth and happiness.

9. Hope your Birthday’s touched with magic!

10. I wish you clear cut success.

11. The light of your friendship lingers in my heart. Some things are better left unsaid…’goodbye is one of them!

12. Thinking of you at the Holiday season and wishing you every happiness.

13. Success Wishes

A special prayer at examination time for you –


May the Saviour protect and bless you, too,

May He enfold you in His love and hear each prayer that you pray

Not only at this exam time.

But always, day by day.



I. Прокомментируйте параллельные тексты. При необходимости предложите свой вариант перевода.


“My word! ” said Sir Нenry. “It is hot” echoed Good. — Честное слово…— промолвил сэр Генри. — Да, жарковато! – перебил его Гуд.

(H.R.Haggard. King Solomon’s Mines. Tr. by Markovich)


‘Ah! My boy, ’ I said, you wait till the pale old man” gets a grip of your yellow throat, and then we shall hear what sort of a tune you sing. «Вот что, дружище! — сказал я. — Подожди-ка, пока «бледнолицый старик» не схватит тебя за твою желтую глотку, тогда мы послушаем, какую ты запоешь песенку».

(H.R.Haggard. King Solomon’s Mines. Tr. by Markovich)


As usual, he was beautifully shaved, his eye-glass and his false teeth appeared to be in perfect order, and altogether he was the neatest man I ever had to do with in the wilderness. Вообще говоря, мне никогда не приходилось видеть в дикой африканской пустыне такого великолепно выбритого, безукоризненно изящного и опрятного джентльмена. Его фальшивые зубы были в полном порядке, а в правом глазу, как обычно, красовался монокль.  

(H.R.Haggard. King Solomon’s Mines. Tr. by Markovich)


“Phew, ” said I, grabbing at the halo of flies, which buzzed cheerfully round my head. The heat did not affect them. — Убирайтесь вон! — воскликнул я в изнеможении, разгоняя тучу мух, неутомимо и звонко жужжащих над моей головой. Счастливые! Они не чувствовали жары.  

(H.R.Haggard. King Solomon’s Mines. Tr. by Markovich)


‘Long live Edward of England! ’ It seemed as if the earth shook with the explosion; but there was no response from the king. — Да здравствует Эдуард, король Англии! Казалось, вся земля дрожала от этих возгласов, но король не отвечал.

(M.Twain. The Prince and the Pauper. Tr. By K.I.Chukovsky, N.K.Chukovsky)


This after-dinner note had a splotch on it not yet quite dry. He looked at Winifred — the splotch had clearly come from her; and he checked the words: ‘Good riddance! ’ На этом письме, написанном, по-видимому, после хорошего обеда, красовалось еще не совсем высохшее пятно, Сомс взглянул на Уинифрид—пятно от слез, ясно, — и он подавил готовые было вырваться слова: «Скатертью дорожка! »  

(J.Galsworthy. The Forsyte Saga. In Chancery. Tr. by M. Bogoslovskaya-Bobrova)


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