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Unit 9 Questions, Answers, Negatives

Exercise 89

1. Does he translate many letters into English? 2. Did you have an early morning call at seven o'clock in the morning? " 3- Do little children like to ask many questions? 4 Will their classes last till four o'clock tomorrow? 5* Have you already done this task? 6. Does she spend much time on her English? 7. Are your children at college? 8 Did they have supper at 7 o'clock? 9. Are you going to play tennis in the evening? 10. Were they writing when you came? 11. Can she play the guitar very well? 12. Are there many people in the library now? 13. Did Brazil win the football World Cup in 1994? 14. Has he already read many English books? 15. Do they have classes at 9 every day?

Exercise 90. (Possible variants.)

I. Was the film or the show exciting? Was the film exciting or boring? 2. Did thousands or hundreds of people visit " the exhibition? Did thousands of people visit the exhibition or the gallery? 3. Does he or she watch TV every day? Does he watch TV or VCR every day? Does he watch TV every day or every week? 4. Can they or she go to the country on Friday? Can they go to the country or abroad on Friday? Can they go to the country on Friday or Monday? 5. Has she or he painted the walls? Has she painted or washed the walls? Has she painted the walls or the ceiling?

Exercise 91. (Possible variants.)

1. Do you know if it is common to give a waiter a tip? 2. Do you know whether he wants to come round this evening? 3. Tell me please whether you went out last night. 4.1 wonder if single-parent families are becoming more common in Russia. 5. Tell me please if there is anything you are very proud of. 6.1 wonder whether she lives in the flat above you. 7. Do you know if they watch satellite TV or cable TV? 8.1 wonder if Internet influences our daily lives. 9. Tell me please whether you went to a nursery school. 10.1 wonder if the police have questioned a number of people about the crime. 11.1 wonder whether trains are more reliable than buses, 12. Do you know if he has arranged his meeting for tonight, 13. Tell me please if there are lots of historical monuments in Vienna. 14. I wonder if there is a great mix of people in Paris. 15. Do you know whether he booked a room at the hotel?

Exercise 92

1. Didn't you go to the cinema with your friends? 2. Don't they go to bed very early? 3. Hadn't they finished work by 5 o'clock? 4. Won't she be studying at this time tomorrow? 5. Wasn't there an old bridge here? 6. Didn't he come home very late? 7. Doesn't she understand Spanish a little? 8. Don't they have a three-room flat? 9. Hasn't he been to the USA lately? 10. Aren't they going to build a new house? 11. Doesn't your son love music? 12. Aren't you going to the theatre today? 13. Won't there be a lot of people at the lecture today? 14. Didn't we study at college together? 15. Didn't his friends like the film very much?

Exercise 93

1) won't they; 2) shall we; 3) will you; 4) aren't I; 5) isn't there; 6) has she; 7) aren't I; 8) will you; 9) don't they; 10) did he; 11) shall we; 12) were there; 13) will she; 14) can they; 15) doesn't she

Exercise 94

1) will you; 2) are there; 3) isn't he; 4) shall we; 5) is it; 6) didn't we; 7) will he; 8) has she; 9) haven't they; 10) do they; 11) aren't I; 12) don't we; 13) have they; 14) will you; 15) has he

Exercise 95

1. Who is always in time for his lessons? 2. What is are going to write to her about in a week? 3. What did you speak about in class last week? 4. How many books have you read this month? 5. Why do people sometimes prefer to study at the library? 6. How many times has he been to France? 7. What kind of people do we call brave? 8 Which of them draws well? 9. What news have you heard on the radio today? 10. How many states are there in the USA?

Exercise 96

Questions 6, 8, 9 are correct.

l. How often do you have your English classes? 2. What do you do at English lessons? 3. What did you prepare for your lesson? 4. Who was absent from the previous lesson? 5. How many points have you got for your exam? 7. What countries does the USA border upon? 10» Who phoned yesterday? 11. How long have you been studying English?

Exercise 97

1. Whose working day lasts eight hours? What lasts eight hours? How many hours does your working day last? 2. Who discussed a lot of articles on economics last Weekend? What did they do? How many articles on economics did they discuss? What did they discuss? What subject did they discuss articles on? When did they discuss a lot of articles on economics? 3. Who has read this book in the original? What have you done (with the book)? What have you read? 4. Who was watching TV when I came? What were they doing when I came? What were they watching when I, came? When were they watching TV? 5. Who was absent? Why were you absent? 6. Who(m) did it take two hours to get there? How long did it take you to get there? 7. Who is going to travel by car? What are they going to do? How are they going to travel? 8. Who always speaks English to him? What language do you speak to him? Who do you always speak English to? 9. Who will do the work in two days' time? What will she do in two days' time? When will she do the work? 10. Who taught him to swim? Who did you teach to swim? What did you teach him?

Exercise 98. (Possible variants.)

1.1 wonder how long it takes him to get there.

2. Tell me please when he met her for the first time.

3. Do you know who objects to Sunday work? 4.1 wonder what his date of birth is. 5. Do you know whose book it is? 6. Tell me please when the next conference will take place. 7.1 wonder how well she plays the piano. 8. Do you know why they are buying a new house? 9. Tell me please how long the interview will last. 10. Do you know what kind of chocolate tastes best? 11.1 wonder where they spent their vacation. 12. Tell me please who he knows from Group 302. 13.1 wonder how much it costs to repair a bicycle. 14. Tell me please how long you have known the Browns. 15. Do you know whose bag is on the table?

Exercise 99

1. So are we. 2. So am I. 3. Neither can mine. 4. So will they. 5. So does mine. 6. Neither did he. 7. So has ours. 8. So will we. 9. Neither am I. 10. So did we. 11. Neither do I. 12. So does he. 13. Neither has she. 14. So are we. 15. So can Ann.

Exercise 100

1. Do you? I don't. 2. Is he? I am not. 3. Hasn't she? I have. 4. Don't you? I do. 5. Are you? I am not. 6. Is he? I am not. 7. Do you? I don't. 8. Hasn't he? I have. 9. Can you? I can't. 10. Can't you? I can.

Unit 10 The Verb

Verb and Subject Agreement

Exercise 101

1) was; 2) were; 3) was; 4) is; 5) are/were; 6) was; 7) is; 8) move; 9) was; 10) is; 11) is; 12) is; 13) takes; 14) is; 15) is; 16) has been; 17) were; 18) is; 19) are; 20) are; 21) was; 22) believes; 23) believe; 24) is; 25) are

Verbs be, have, do

Exercise 102

If, 2h, 3e, 4i, 5c, 6j, 7b, 8k, 9d, 10g, lla

Exercise 103

1. Are they to meet at 9 o'clock sharp? They are not to meet at 9 o'clock sharp. 2. Was she to arrive at five o'clock in the afternoon? She was not to arrive at five o'clock in the afternoon. 3. Were we to meet under the Big Clock at the station? We were not to meet under the fiig Clock at the station. 4. Is the luggage to be examined at the customs office? The luggage is not to be examined at the customs office. 5. Are the traffic regulations to be observed? The traffic regulations are not to be observed. 6. Is he to do the work tomorrow? He is not to do the work tomorrow. 7. Is he to leave for Washington one of these days? He is not to leave for Washington one of these days. 8. Is Jack to speak to the top manager tonight? Jack is not to speak to the top 'manager tonight. 9. Is the delegation to arrive in Moscow in a week? The delegation is not to arrive in Moscow in a week. 10. Is Mr. Black to take part in the talks? Mr. Black is not to take part in the talks.

Exercise 104

1) have met; 2) come; 3)have left; 4) have phoned; 5) speak; 6) take; 7) have arrived

Exercise 105

1= She is to solve a very difficult problem. 2.1 don't know what I am to do. 3. She is to have an interview today. She is excited. 4. What time are they to have talks? 5. What are we to do? We don't have any money. &, She was to take a serious step. 7. We were to have met at seven, but he did not come for some reason. 8.1 wag to leave home for the first time. 9.1 was to have begun work last week but then I changed my mind. 10. We are to organize a meeting.

Exercise 106

1) were; 2) is; 3) is being; 4) was being; 5)is; 6) was being; 7) is; 8) is being

Exercise 107

1. Does he have much experience? He doesn't have much experience. 2. Does she have a bath every day? She does not have a bath every day. 3. Has she got much jewelry? She has not got much jewelry. 4. Do they have many rare plants in their garden? They do not have many rare plants in their garden. 5. Does she usually have a rest after dinner? She does not usually have a rest after dinner. 6. Did they have late supper tonight? They did not have late supper tonight. 7. Have we got many problems now? We have not got many problems now. 8. Did they have a pleasant voyage last summer? They did not have a pleasant voyage last summer. 9. Does her mother have a flat in the High Street? Her mother does not have a flat in the High Street. 10. Does the president have a bad cold? The president does not have a bad cold.

Exercise 108

" 3. She is having a shower now. 4. Helen is having a chat with Robert. 5. We are having a good time this weekend. 9. He is having a swim now. 10, We are having a lot of fun now.

Exercise 109

1. Do they have to go there? They don't have to go there. 2. Has Bess got to stay here till late at night? Bess hasn't got to stay here till late at night. 3. Do you often have to travel on business? I don't often have to travel on business. 4. Did they have to buy tickets for the next train? They didn't have to buy tickets for the next train. g. Do they have to work a lot to earn money? They don't have to work a lot to earn money. 6. Does she have to take another exam? 6, She doesn't have to take another exam. T. Have you got to leave the party because of your baby? We have not got to leave the party because of our baby. 8. Do I have to get permission to go there? You don't have to get permission to go there. 9. Does she have to go shopping after work? She doesn't have to go shopping after work. 10. Does he have to see the dentist tomorrow? He doesn't have to see the dentist tomorrow. 11. Did you have to change your plans? We didn't have to change our plans. 12. Did he have to revise the rule to write the test Well? He didn't have to revise the rule to write the test well. 13. Has she got to work at the weekend? She has not got to work at the weekend. 14. Did they have to spend more money on this trip? They didn't have to spend more money on this trip. 15. Does he have to goby underground? He doesn't have to go by underground. 16. Does she have to keep to a diet? She doesn't have to keep to a diet.

Exercise 110. (Possible variants.) 1) had; 2) are having; 3) had to; 4) had (has); 5) have; 6) is having; 7) have; 8) has; 9) has; 10) has, has to

Exercise 111

1) won't she; 2) doesn't he; 3) don't we; 4) didn't they; 5) haven't you; 6) doesn't she; 7) didn't he; 8) didn't he; 9) do they; 10) didn't they

Exercise 112

1) am; 2) is/was; 3) had; 4) are; 5) is; 6) had; 7) had;

8) is; 9) had; 10) is

Exercise 113

1. He'll have to work instead of her. 2. Did they have to work till late? 3.1 have to leave now. I am to have important talks. 4.1 don't have to work tomorrow, I have got a day off. 5. We were to meet at 5; as I could be late, I had to take a taxi. 6. You have to work much at the computer, don't you? 7. She was hurrying home. She was to cook supper for her guests. 8. She was to have called yesterday, but she had to leave urgently. 9.1 am sorry, I am late. Did you have to wait long? 10.1 don't have to translate this article.

Exercise 114

1) does; 2) did; 3) do; 4) did; 5) does; 6) do; 7) do; 8) did; 9) does; 10) does; 11) did; 12) do; 13) does

Exercise 115

1. He does love her. 2. Do say something! 3.1 do want you to believe me. 4. She did want to get an excellent mark. 5. Do listen to her. 6.1 did want to leave. 7. " But I do mean it! " she cried. 8. Do treat him more trustingly. 9. They did have to find the way out. 10. Do stop playing • the fool, please. 11. At last he did receive the job he had wanted for such a long time. 12. Do come, Ann; I'm waiting. I really must ask you to be reasonable and listen to what I did say and do say. 13.1 do want to show you my house today. 14. Life did change for them.

Unit 11



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