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Chair of age pedagogics and psychology


on discipline: Professional oriented foreign language

for specialty 5В010300 «Pedagogics and psychology»


study format: full time

course: 2

semester: 4

the number of credits: 2

totalcontact hours: 90, including:

lectures: 15

practical lessons: 15

SIW( including SIWwT): 60

Current control: 2

examination: 4 semester



Taldykorgan, 2015

Data on the teacher:

Orynbaeva Ulserik Kydyrbaevna – senior teacher of the department of Foreign philology and translation study.

Contact phone – 87011245986

School hours – according to the schedule

Time of consultations – Tuesday 12.00 – 14.00

Pre –requisites: foreign language

Post –requisites: methods of teaching pedagogy

The explanatory note

The discipline “Profession oriented foreign language”, provided by the curriculum for second-year students, is a component of a graduate’s three-cycle foreign language training.The discipline “Profession oriented foreign language” is a formation of a basic level of the professional communicative competence.

The requirement for “Profession oriented foreign language” cycle is the first cycle of training, as well as the disciplines of the educational program of the specialty. “Profession oriented foreign language” in its turn, develops fundamentals and motivation for further learning and application of the professional foreign language in the educational process. The contents of the discipline is structured in the form of two modules interconnected on the principle of hierarchy and integrity.Training is based on innovation educational technologies.The discipline program is made on the basis of component, context-active and communicative approaches.

Process of discipline learning is directed on formation and development of competences:

- abilities to use knowledge of various other- theories of training, education and development, and also educational programs for the students of different education levels;

- possession of ways of the organization of professional activity in the other cultural environment, considering features of sociocultural structure of society;

- abilities to participate in interdisciplinary and interdepartmental interaction of experts in the solution of professional tasks;

- abilities to use in professional activity the main international and domestic documents.

As a result of studying the discipline students should get the following competences:

Be aware of:

- about a place, a role, kinds of oal and written communications in professional activity;

- about main sources of the professional foreign language information speaking;

- about world tendencies of development of science and technologies on the specialty;


- the terms connected with the subjects of the chapters studied and appropriate situations of the professional –business communications;

- requirements for designing and maintaining documentation conducting, accepted in its professional –business communication

- regulations of communicative behavior in situations of international professional-business communication.

Be able to:

- to apply the grammar material typical for professional foreign language;

- to apply the terminological units studied;

- to understand the information, to distinguish main and minor, essence and details in professional business texts within the subject studied;

- to retrieve some information from professional business texts;

- to cause a discourse, using communicative strategies appropriate the profession oriented situations studied;

- to produce written texts of the genres studied;

- to annotate special professional texts;

- to translate special professional texts from one language into another within topic studied;

- to prepare presentations and speak on the topics given;

Have experience:

- in using dictionaries, including terminological ones;

- in preparing presentations and introducing them;

- in debating on the topics connected with professional activity;

- in working as written and oral texts of the genres and formats studied;

- in effective application of the communicative strategies specific for professional-business situations;

Evaluation policy

A point-gradingletter system of evaluation


Evaluation by letter system Digital equivalent Percentage Evaluation by traditional system
A 4, 0 95-100 Excellent
A- 3, 67 90-94
B+ 3, 33 85-89 Good
B 3, 0 80-84
B- 2, 67 75-79
C+ 2, 33 70-74 Satisfactory
C 2, 0 65-69
C- 1, 67 60-64
D+ 1, 33 55-59
D 50-54
F 0-49 Unsatisfactory

General point system of evaluation

Evaluating position Number of assessments for 1-8 weeks Number of assessmentsfor 9-15weeks Maximum number of points Termsofexhibitingof points in the electronic journal
Current control 100 points for each evaluation Weekly (except the first week)
SIW 100 points for eachIW 4, 7, 11, 14 weeks
Midterm 100 points for each рубежный контроль 8 and 15 weeks
Admission rating R 1 8 week
Admission rating R2 15 week
Admission rating foracademic period R = (R1+R2)/2 15week
Examination E 16-19 weeks
Final grade I = R*0.6+E*0.4  



Criteria of evaluation (approximate option

For discipline in 4 credits)

Type of control Maximumgrade Termsofexhibitingof points in the teacher’s journal
Current control: attendance: 1 hour – 5 points homework performance performance of laboratory lessons activity (answers at lectures...) performance of SIWwT tasks   Oneachweek  
SIW 1 Task1 Task2     According to the schedule of SIW tasks delivery
SIW 2 Task1 Task2     According to the schedule of SIW tasks delivery
SIW 3 Task1 Task2     According to the schedule of SIW tasks delivery
SIW 4 Task1 Task2     According to the schedule of SIW tasks delivery
Midterm1: Defense of the project Project idea Project description Project presentation   3 week 6 week 8 week
Midterm2: Colloquium 1 Question – 1 grade 2 Question – 2 grade 3 Question – 3 grade Final grade: (1 grade + 2 grade + 3 grade)/3   15 week


Calendar-thematic plan




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