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Ex.2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в корректной форме.

1. Abba's outstanding contribution to the Disco music (no associate) with "Dancing Queen", but with "Lay All Your Love On Me".

2. This (be) not a definite move toward a more dance-orientated sound.

3. While this was expected with the "Voulez Vous" album, this (be) not only really limited to the title track.

4. Disco was moving into the 80s and (be) not meeting a lot of mainstream opposition.

5. However, as a track it came at the beginning of Hi-NRG.

6. It (be) a point of reference for a lot of European dance music which followed.

7. The fact this track, along with "The Visitors", (be) not remixed shows how important it was.

Ex.3. Выберите правильный вариант предложения.

1. Health is a great wealth for you if you want/will want to live long life.

2. If you go/will go in for sports, make/will make hard your body, follow/will follow a vegetarian diet or physiotherapy you will be healthy.

3. If people prefer/preferred /have preferred to go to a pool where they can enjoy swimming they would be in good form.

4. If skating rinks became /have become popular among our students they would have spent much time there.

5. If Elton John is/was/hadn’t been not one of those artist that changes with time his musical career would have been stopped many years ago..

6. The Disco culture and the music wouldn’t be/ had been made impossible by the contributions of many talented artists, musicians, Disco DJs and music industry execs.

7. It would be/would have been a fun, cheerful club, decorated to look as if it's on a sea bed, with sand, waves, sea life, etc on the wall next year.

8. It would be/been pretty cheap to get in, and the drinks wouldn’t be/wouldn’t been too bad either.

9. SUN-RAY would be/ been a reliable and responsible organization which offered its customers the opportunity to enjoy playing slot machines and casino games but it was closed last year.

10. In 1980 Black Jack would be/been introduced to three international standard hotels in Helsinki.

Ex. 4. Перепишите предложения , используя «unless».

If you don’t give me money, I’m not going to the police.

Unless you give me money, I’m not going to the police.

1. You can’t park here if you don’t live in the street.

2. I don’t drive fast except if I’m really late.

3. If you are not over 18 you can’t see this film.

4. Children can’t go out if they are not with an adult.

5. If I’m not going fishing, I get up late on Sundays.

Ex. 5. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык.

1. Если бы вы заказали экскурсии заранее, вы бы увидели замки Луары уже завтра.

2. Если пойдет снег, мы перенесем наш поход в лес на следующие выходные.

3. Если бы я знала раньше, что вы собираетесь в Таиланд, то присоединилась бы к вам.

4. Если ты собралась жить в Англии, тебе обязательно нужно выучить английский.

5. Сними пальто, если тебе жарко.

6. Если Дик работает в казино, он, возможно, знает Алекса.

7. Если бы вы выиграли миллион, на что бы вы его потратили?

8. Если бы у меня было 4 руки, я бы всегда все успевал.

9. Если тур фирма не сдержит обещания по поводу условий проживания в отеле, я напишу жалобу.

10. Если бы я могла читать мысли других людей, я бы с легкостью сдавала экзамены.

Ex.6. Переведите текст на русский язык, составьте вопросительные предложения к выделенным словам.


Roulette, translated as "small wheel" is the most popular game of chance in Europe. A very primitive version of roulette was introduced in the 17thcentury by the French scientist, Blaise Pascal.

It is said that this was a by-product of his perpetual motion devices. Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc invented the single "0" roulette game in 1842. Because gambling was illegal in France during this time, the game was introduced in Hamburg, Germany where it became very popular and replaced an earlier version that featured higher odds. At a later date, Francois and his son Camille were responsible for bringing the game of roulette back to southern France for the Prince of Monaco, Charles III. As a result, the lavish, world-famous resort of Monte Carlo was developed. When roulette came to the U.S. in the early 1800s, the improvements were deleted, and a double "00" returned. The game became popular in the old west of America during the California Gold Rush.

Casino RAY - Finland’s only international style casino. With its sophisticated international atmosphere, Casino RAY offers a wide choice of games, its own restaurant services, and a range of entertainments from tournaments to corporate events. Casino RAY generates around 3% of RAY’s revenues. Each year these revenues are distributed to support the activities of Finnish health and welfare organizations. RAY’s arcades and clubs offer a special selection of slot machines and games. The Täyspotti and Potti arcades and Club RAYs have their own special selection of games and slot machines. There are 45 arcades and Club RAYs around Finland. Club RAYs, which are incorporated into restaurants, and Täyspotti arcades have both slot machines and casino table games. The Potti arcades have a wide selection of slot machines. Professional staff are on hand at the clubs and arcades to give players help and advice. Each year the revenues generated by the clubs and arcades are distributed to support the activities of Finnish health and welfare organizations.


VI Семестр.

Вариант B

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