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Ex.1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя условные предложения.

1. If I (open) a firm I ( be ) rich last year.

2. If you open a window it ( be) noisy here.

3. If I ( have) time yesterday I ( join) you.

4. If I( get) a visa next week I( fly) to Finland.

5. If the ticket prices ( go) up next year I ( sell) my house.

6. If the government ( give) me a month’s holiday last year I ( go) to my granny to Kiev.

7. If she ( go) shopping next weekend she( buy) a new dress for the trip.

Ex.2. Продолжите предложения.

1. If people could fly….

2. If my cat could open a fridge…

3. If you boss asked you to work on Sunday…

4. If you read people’s thoughts…

5. If people had 3 legs…

Ex.3. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в корректной форме.

1. If it (rain), we will have the party inside.

2. Next year Sue (study) Chinese if she (live) in China.

3. If we (talk) to Boss very politely, he (listen) to us.

4. Henry says that he (work) as a taxi-driver if he (need) money.

5. I (be) happy if I (pass) the exam.

6. If he (marry) her, he (not have) a happy life.

7. If you (leave) the hotel now you (catch) the train.

8. I (drive) you to the station if I (find) my car keys.

9. If I (be) free tomorrow evening I would take your invitation to go to the Opera.

10. If there aren’t any shows at the hotel tonight we (go) to bed early.

Ex.4.Составьте предложения, начиная с “IF”, употребляя условные конструкции.

I’m afraid the bus will be late.

· get to work late again

If the bus is late I’ll get to work late again.

· lose my work

If I get to work late again I will lose my work.

· not find another job

· lose my flat

· move back to my parents’ house

· get very bored

· go swimming every day

· look very good

· meet interesting people

· go to lots of parties

· have a wonderful time

Ex. 5. Переведите предложения на английский.

1.Если бы нас предупредили заранее об отмене рейса, мы бы остались дома.

2.Если бы я не был рассеянным, то не забыл бы в гостиничном номере свои фамильные часы.

3. Если бы не плохая погода, нам не пришлось провести весь медовый месяц в гостинице.

4. Мы бы с удовольствием присоединились к вам в ресторане, если бы вы не были против.

5. Если мне расскажут о всех условиях работы в отеле, я приму ваше приглашение.

6. Если бы кокос не упал мне на голову, я бы никогда не попробовал его сока.

7. Если бы она приняла мое предложение выйти замуж, мы бы были самой красивой парой.

8. Я бы вам посоветовал отдохнуть на пляжах Лазурного побережья во Франции.

9. Я бы на вашем месте не ел столько восточных сладостей здесь, вы рискуете получить расстройство желудка.

10. Если бы Джон меньше пил вчера в баре, то не выглядел бы так плохо сегодня на совещании.

Ex. 6. Переведите текст на русский язык, составьте вопросительные предложения к выделенным словам:

Los Locos

It is situated in South London and is an old music hall situated on Kennington Lane. To get there take the tube to Vauxhall and take the south-eastern underpass or walk across Vauxhall Bridge from Victoria. It is not in the most picturesque of areas but you know you are in the right place when Terry Farrells ziggurat-like M.I.6. Headquarters looms over everything, as featured in the last Bond film "The World is Not Enough". In fact the area is on the up and The Royal Vauxhall Tavern is under constant threat from demolition leading to lots of final parties. In fact, I have been to three final parties in the last year. It's that living on the edge of oblivion which gives the tavern its kudos.

During the week it holds entertainment (this was the pub which started the career of Lily Savage (probably not known outside the UK, but a dragqueen known as the 'blonde bombsite'). In fact you must have a sense of the ridiculous for the RVT which is a club that doesn't take itself too seriously and expects its patrons to enter in the fun. Upon entry there is a main club area with stage and a bar. You can see its oldmusic hall roots by ascending tiers and wooden pillars. The toilets are fun, usually covered in white paper with pens inviting patrons to scrawl on them with questions like "Margaret Thatcher: woman or android? Discuss."

But its best night is Saturday night for the famous "Duckie" hosted by larger-than-life American lesbian Amy Lame. The music is indie,retro and alternative with the The Smiths, Sex Pistols, Blur and Blondie featuring heavily but it is the cabaretthat brings in the punters. And what a weird and wonderful bunch they are? There is Lorraine Bowen who describes herself as a sexy, modern, socialist, bicycle enthusiast, 'Delightful Delores - a lesbian belly-dancer from Cricklewood, 'The Divine David' a scary, mascara covered comedian and 'Helena Goldwater' who is billed as 3 parts Shirley Bassey and 7 parts Auntie Margy. To quote Helena "Auntie Margy had offers from Hollywood but decided to stay with her knicker shop behind Walthamstow market" It's that kind of place and that kind of humor - very strange, very British and very peculiar...

This is the ultimate cheese venue. If you want a combination of Madonna, Abba, Take That, Gloria Gaynor,etc, this is the place for you! This isn't a place for your posh, trendy designer gear, the clothing policy here is definitely cheap 'n' cheerful.

It's a fun, cheerfulclub, decorated to look as if it's on a sea bed, with sand, waves, sea life, etc on the wall. It's pretty cheap to get in, and the drinks aren't too bad either. The slogan the staff t-shirts proclaim is that "No-one's ugly after 2am", which says it all, really!



VI Семестр.

Вариант C

Ex.1. Продолжите предложения.

1. If I sell my house…

2. If I were the president…

3. If we had bikes…

4. If you lived on another planet…

5. If people could fly…

6. If you didn’t have to work full-time

7. If we lived in Africa…

Ex.2. Составьте предложения, начиная с “IF”, употребляя условные конструкции.

Get up early >catch the 8:15 train > sit by a beautiful foreign lady > fall in love and marry her > go to live in her country > work in her father’s diamond business > become very rich > go into politics > die in a revolution

Ex.3. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в корректной форме.

1. If I (be) you I would buy a house.

2. If he were really tired he (take) a holiday.

3. If somebody had stolen my car I( go) to the police station immediately.

4. If I (speak) Japanese I could get a job at the Grand Hotel.

5. If it was Sunday we (go) skating.

6. If Joe came he (can) help me with my luggage.

7. If I could sell my car I( buy) a computer.

8. If Alice was here we ( help) her to make a report about ecologic tourism.

9. If John was at home he( watch) TV.

10. If you( can) cook we( be) hungry.

Ex.4. Исправьте предложения, где необходимо, обращая внимание на условные конструкции.

1. You won’t catch the bus unless you don’t run.

2. If you don’t go now I will call the police.

3. Everything would been OK if I hadn’t lost my room keys.

4. If I were you I will join the group.

5. If it didn’t rain I would have played tennis.

6. If I was I princess I would live in a palace.

7. If they won’t study hard they won’t pass their exams.

Ex.5. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык.

1. Если бы не моя жена, а она против этой поездки, я бы с удовольствием отправился в путешествие.

2. Если бы мы знали о проведении ярмарки туристических путевок, то не упустили бы возможность купить завтра путевки в санаторий.

3. Если бы Гид не заболел, мы бы сейчас осматривали замки Луары.

4. Все бы было великолепно, если бы у нас не спустила шина.

5. Если пойдет снег, нам придется отложить поход в горы.

6. Если у меня не будет визы, можно и не мечтать о Франции.

7. Если вы не знаете Китайский, могу быть вашим гидом.

8. Если те сможешь уснуть, прими снотворное.

9. Если бы водитель экскурсионного автобуса был более внимательным, мы бы не попали в аварию.

10. Если она из Греции, то говорит по-гречески.

Ex.6. Переведите текст на русский язык, составьте вопросительные предложения к выделенным словам.


Tourist information offices are also called tourist information centers. Sometimes they are called visitor information centers.

There are tourist information offices at major airports, railway station, hotels, holiday or leisure centers and many tourist attractions.

Tourist information offices have got office clerks who give advice to customers on ear hire, sightseeing and other coach tours, accommodations, flights and so on. The clerks also give city orientations to guests.

Tourist information office clerks answer a lot of phone calls and give information on passport and visas, the Customs and luggage, weather and climate, city public transport and food service.

The office clerks speak foreignlanguages fluently because they deal with many international travelers.

There are usually racks foil of city maps and guide books, booklets and folders, travelogues and timetables in tourist information offices. Travelers get most of them free of charge.


There are people in tourism who work for themselves. They are called free-lancers. They don't work full-time for any tourist company. They work part-time or in high season only. They don't work in low and off-season.

Among free-lancers there are guides, guides-interpreters, escorts, animators, travel writers. Tourist companies employ them for seasonal work. Cruising companies, resort hotels and holiday centers employ animators for summer high season. Travel agencies which deal with in-coming tourism employ guides, guides-interpreters, escorts. Travel writers offer their articles to magazines and newspapers when they wish to.

Free-lancers are registered. It means that, on the one hand, they have got licenses. Licenses prove their qualifications and give them work. On the other hand, if they are registered, they pay taxes.

Free-lancers are as a rule members of professional associations.

In high season free-lancers earn a lot of money. In low and off-season they don't earn any money at all or do some other Job. Teachers work as free-lancer guides, students work as escorts, actors work as animators. Travel writers are often permanent free-lancers.



VI Семестр.

Вариант D

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