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There are 2 options to consider when starting this exercise:



Option 1


The group already has an established leader. You will be able to recognize this person because they are the ones who start talking and take charge in getting the task solved.


If this is the case, your role is to be as active as possible and volunteer for little tasks, such as keeping the time or writing the answers on the provided piece of paper.



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Option 2


There is complete silence when the task is being handed to you. Ask first if anybody wants to read the task. If nobody wants to do it or they nominate you, read the task to the rest of the group. Do not keep the paper to yourself, but put it in the middle of the table where everybody else can see it.


Regardless if there is already a leader or not, please keep in mind that the correct approach to a group exercise for the cabin crew position requires you, above all, to show that you are capable to work well in a team.




"Take the text and highlight the key information. It will be easier to find the important key points of the task.


"Do not be overbearing.


"Do not talk too much.

"Voice your opinion but do not try to impose it over your colleagues, even when you are 100% convinced that you are right.


"Do not be completely silent.


"Do not raise your tone.

"Make sure that you say one or two things and then allow other people to participate as well.


"Stick to your own task. If you are not in charge of keeping the time, do not double check with the time-keeper how much time you have available. That is their job. Trust your colleagues.


"If there is somebody else who is overbearing and taking charge, do not get frustrated, just make sure your voice is heard at least couple of times.


"Have an open body posture.


"Smile at your team members, but don't overdo it.



©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant

"Do not look at the assessors to get a clue of how you are doing.


" The interviewers will take a lot of notes, do not get intimidated by it. This is just so they can have all the information to make a hiring decision later.




Guide yourself from the following examples as to the type of language to use:


• When expressing an opinion


I believe we should consider first what we need to survive in that environment. What do you think?


• When not agreeing with a team member


I understand what you are saying about the parachute silk being a great tool for protection, however we should also consider that maybe the water should get a higher position. We wi$ need it to replenish the water loss.


• When keeping the time


I just want remind you that we have 5 minutes le% and 10 more items to agree upon.


• When making a group decision if you are the one writing the answers


So we agreed that the box of matches wi$ be on the last position. Are we a$ ok with this?



©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant




Item Item NASA Reasoning
Box of matches 15 Virtually worthless -- there's no oxygen on the
    moon to sustain combustion
Food concentrate 4 Efficient means of supplying energy
50 feet of nylon rope 6 Useful in scaling cliffs and tying injured
Parachute silk 8 Protection from the sun's rays
Portable heating unit 13 Not needed unless on the dark side
Two .45 calibre pistols 11 Possible means of self-propulsion
One case of dehydrated 12 Bulkier duplication of food concentrate
Two 100 lb. tanks of 1 Most pressing survival need (weight is not a
oxygen   factor since gravity is one-sixth of the Earth's --
    each tank would weigh only about 17 lbs. on the
Stellar map 3 Primary means of navigation - star patterns
    appear essentially identical on the moon as on
Self-inflating life raft 9 CO2 bottle in military raft may be used for
Magnetic compass 14 The magnetic field on the moon is not
    polarized, so it's worthless for navigation
20 liters of water 2 Needed for replacement of tremendous liquid
    loss on the light side
Signal flares 10 Use as distress signal when the mother ship is
First aid kit, including 7 Needles connected to vials of vitamins,
injection needle   medicines, etc. will fit special aperture in
    NASA space suit
Solar-powered FM 5 For communication with mother ship (but FM
receiver-transmitter   requires line-of-sight transmission and can only
    be used over short ranges)




©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant





For each item, mark the number of points that your score differs from the NASA ranking, then add up all the points. Disregard plus or minus differences. The lower the total, the better your score.

0 - 25 excellent

26 - 32 good

33 - 45 average

46 - 55 fair

56 - 70 poor -- suggests use of Earth-bound logic


71 - 112 very poor – you’re one of the casualties of the space program!


***This was published in the July 1999 issue of the NightTimes




Unless you work for NASA and you have been trained in Moon survival skills, there is a very high chance that you and your team members will not be able to fulfill the task and give all the correct answers. That is absolutely fine and normal. How you worked together with your team and how you managed to come up with the answers are the most important aspects. This will establish if you and your team members are going to continue the Assessment Day or be sent home.


Be a good sport, encourage each other, collaborate well and learn to let go for the better of the group.




You are part of the cabin crew when your aircraft had a technical difficulty and had an emergency landing in the jungle. You have people who are hurt and you need to get back in the aircraft to take the necessary things. You are given a list of equipment that you must sort in order of importance.


©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant

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