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Exercise 3 - Team-building




This is an exercise in which the following capabilities are assessed:


• planning and thinking ahead


• explaining a personal point of view in a simple and concise manner


• working as part of the group


• respecting the boundaries of your position in a group


• accepting opinions from the group members


• agreeing and disagreeing in a constructive manner


• respecting the set timing


Your group needs to build a construction from the materials provided.




Your goal is to build the tallest structure that you can with


the materials provided.




The structure you build must be self-standing.


You must use all the materials in the set.


You cannot use any other materials.


You can do anything you want with the materials.


Materials are:


8 sheets of paper, 3 crayons, 1 roll of tape, 10 paper clips, 1 stick glue, 10 playing cards, 3 chopsticks.


You will be judged based on the height, design and stability of your construction.


You have 20 minutes to complete the task.


©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant




This exercise requires the group to be organized and be able to build a complex structure. As not all the group members will be able to build in the same time, the best approach is that the group is divided into smaller groups, each responsible for one part of the task.


It is important that your group talks about how you will be able to achieve a tall, free standing construction using the materials provided. You need a plan!


Once again, the group leader will take charge and suggest away to start the exercise. This is done verbally, by saying 'Should we first discuss how are we going to handle the construction before we actually start the work?'


The team should be divided into the following groups: the time-keeper, the planning team, the actual construction team and the person who will make the presentation at the end.


If you are the group leader, ask volunteers for different tasks: 'Who would like to keep the time?', 'Who would like to be part of the construction team?' or 'Who would like to prepare the materials?'


If you are not the group leader, then volunteer for that part of the project that interests you the most and will be good at. There is no position more important than the other.




"Do not take over the exercise.


" Stick to what you volunteered or what you have been assigned.



"Voice your opinion but do not be the only one talking. "Do not be silent and reserved.


"Make sure that you present your point of view, but then allow other people to debate it.



©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant

"If there is somebody else who is taking charge and does not allow other people to participate, just make sure your voice is heard at least once.


"Do not talk just for the sake of talking. Make sure you have a point.


"Be realistic.


"Smile at your team members, but don't overdo it.


"Do not look at the assessors to read from their faces how you are doing.




Guide yourself from the following examples as to the type of language to use:

• When expressing an opinion


I believe we should start by thinking about what we can do with each material. For example, we can keep the chopsticks and crayons at the end to add height to our construction. What do you think?


• When not agreeing with a team member


I see how using a$ the paper clips to make the base wi$ make it sturdy, but we get a higher score if our construction has a good height. Can we find a way to save some of the paper clips to use for adding elements to make the construction higher?


• When keeping the time


Everybody, I just want remind you that we have 5 minutes le%.


• When being a part of the planning team


So we agreed that we wi$ build a base +om the glued playing cards and we wi$ add height with ro$ ed sheets of paper, crayons and chopsticks. Should we hand it over to the construction team?


• When being part of the construction team


The base made out of playing cards is not stable enough. We should use 2 crayons to stabilize it. What do you think?



©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant




The construction that you make will be a unique piece. 100 different teams will have 100 different constructions, so there is no right or wrong way to build the tower.


What is extremely important when participating in this exercise is how you deal with your team members and what can be achieved by team effort.


Have a plan before you start building and make sure that everybody in the team has something to do. Even if you are not the team leader, if you see that somebody has been left out, then just try to get them involved. You will score great points with that.


How you communicate with each other is also a critical point to consider. Can you make yourself understood by the rest of the group? Do you have a good point when starting up a conversation? Are you able to let go when your opinion is not well received by the group?


The key word for this exercise is COLLABORATION. The task can only be achieved by joint effort. Work together!




You are divided into two groups. Each group is given a bag of materials. You can exchange the materials with the other team. Your task is to build a free standing construction of at least 1m in height.


When the group exercise is over, you will go on a break while the assessors decide which candidates will go though to the next stage of the Assessment Day.



©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant


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