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Make the words from given letters. Mind the synonyms given in brackets.

neregy (power)

ronenvirmetn (surroundings)

ateh (warmth)

fyieficenc (productivity)

ateoper (work)

rateneg (produce)

useder (diminish)

rovepim (make better)


Change the underlined prepositions for the correct ones.

1) We develop power stations under direct transformation of solar energy.

2) Wind energy is actually the movement with the atmosphere driven by the heat to the sun.

3) Photosynthesis is carried from plants that lived hundreds of million years before.

4) The efficiency of a solar power station is reduced on limited time of its work.

5) At present engineers are working with the problem of developing electric power stations above the use of a thermal-chemical cycle.

. 6) In some projects water will be heated during the warmth of mountains on a depth of four- five km.


Complete the sentences.

1. Almost all energy……….

2. The energy stored in natural resources is the result of……….

3. Wind energy is actually………….

4. Solar energy is used to in two ways: ……..

5. It is possible to improve the efficiency of……..

6. A thermal-chemical cycle will operate on……….

7. In Kamchatka there are geothermal power stations……..

8. All these advances in developing new sources of energy and improving the old ones………..

Write the questions using the prompts. Match them to the answers a-h

1) Where / all energy / come / from?

2) What / the result /photosynthesis?

3) What /the first country / to develop /a photoelectric battery?

4) How / solar energy / used?

5) Why /the efficiency of solar power stations/ reduced?

6) What /the solar chemical reactor / use?

7) What / power stations / in Kamchatka?

8) What / the purpose of developing new sources of energy?


a) In two ways: thermal and photovoltaic.

b) Russia

c) Solving the energy problem.

d) Because of limited time of its work.

e) The energy stored in coal, oil, and natural gas.

f) From the Sun.

g) Geothermal power stations operating on hot water-steam mixture.

h) CO2 and water steam of the thermal power station.

4.2.13 Choose the correct alternative. (Infinitive/gerund)

1) We need to improve /improving the efficiency of solar power stations.

2) The scientists suggested to develop/ developing different combinations of solar power stations and traditional ones.

3) They plan to work / working with energy of the solar heat.

4) It is worth pointing out / to point out why large hydroelectric stations are not good for use.

5) The World Energy Council refused to use / using traditional biomass because of environmental problems it can cause.

6) We expect to solve /solving the energy problem in the nearest future.

4.2.14 Read Energy jokes based on pun (игра слов). Find the meanings of underlined words in the dictionary to understand the puns.

1. - Why is wind energy so popular?

- Because it has a lot of fans.

2. - Did you hear about the foolish gardener? He planted a light bulband thought he would get a power plant.

3. – What do cars driven late at night burn for fuel?

- Midnight oil.


Study these Energy idioms, and then put them in the sentences below

Change the verb if necessary.

1. all steamed up: to be angry or worried

2. burn the midnight oil: to work late at night

3. burn the candles at both ends: to work too hard without enough rest

4. burn out: to lose one’s interest or desire, often due to overuse

5. get wind of: to discover or find out

6. hot air: meaningless or unimportant things


a) People who_________often have accidents because they are tired.

b) The presenter promised his workshop would be very informative and exciting, but I left because he was full of________

c) After the 2004 season, Nick Jordan was________ on basketball. He wanted to play baseball instead.

d) Once the students________ free light drinks, there was a line at the restaurant.

e) Don’t get_______and start an argument.

f) Because she had a term paper due to the next morning, Mary was_______ to finish it on time.

4.2.16 Number the lines of the dialogue in the correct order. Then try to reproduce it.

- 1) Hello, glad to meet you, Alex, haven’t seen you for ages, since we graduated from the University.

- Oh, your work is very important nowadays. Mankind needs energy for producing light, heat and transportation.

- Sure, that’s so. And as the population grows, so does the demand for better quality of life. Energy consumption increases daily.

- Well, let’s go to the seminar and listen to the presenter speaking aboutalternatives to non-renewable fossil fuels.

- Really? As for me, I am with Bell Telephone Company. It is a global leader in electrical engineering. And I deal with new technologies.

- How do you do, Denis, I haven’t expected to meet you here. Are you also going to attend this seminar?

- Certainly, as you know, I’m interested in energy problems and the speaker will just speak about it. By the way I work at this University.

- But with the threat to clean air and pure water increases too. These natural resources are not unlimited.

- Yes, that’s why we should develop new systems to conserve energy and find alternative sources of energy.

- OK. Let’s go. I want to know much about it.

Make a presentation on “Renewable sources of energy”.




Read new words and translate the examples with them.

robotics (n.) робототехника [rə (ʊ )ˈ bɒ tı ks] The robotics revolution changes the kind of work that people do.
dangerous (adj.) опасный [ˈ deı ndʒ ə rə s] The professor conducted a very dangerous experiment in his lab.
personality (n.) индивидуальность, личность [ˌ pɜ ː sə ˈ næ lı tı ] Your clothes often reflects your personality.
design (v.) проектировать, конструировать [dı ˈ zaı n] Japanese scientists designed a new kind of a service robot last year.
cute (adj.) умный, милый [kju: t] He succeeded in doing the most difficult test. He is so cute.
boring (adj.) скучный [ˈ bɔ ː rı ŋ ] It was boring to sit there without anything to do.
routine (adj.) обычный, рутинный [ru: ˈ ti: n] So many days are routine and uninteresting, especially in winter.
device (n.) устройство, механизм [dı ˈ vaı s] Our laboratories are equipped with modern devices.
react (v.) реагировать [rı ˈ æ kt] Smart materials react to changes in their environment.
environment (n.) окружающая среда [ı nˌ vaı rə nˈ ment] All people should keep the environment in good condition.
sensor (n.) датчик [ˈ sensə ] With the help of sensors robots can operate.
instructions (n.) инструкции, указания [ı nˈ strʌ k∫ (ə )nz] Before carrying out the operation one should study all the instructions.



Match the synonyms.

1. machine a. to behave differently as a result of smth.

2. instructions b. boring

3. to design c. surroundings

4. to react d. device

5. environment e. directions

6. routine f. to project


Match English words with Russian equivalents.

1. robotics a) роботы в) робототехника с) работа


2. personality а) личность в) персона с) персонаж


3.to react а) реагировать в) реакция с) переделать


4. environment а) исследование в) эксперимент

с) окружающая среда

5. to design а) проектировать в) показывать

с) дизайн

6. sensors а) чувства в) сенсация с) датчики


7. cute а) хитрый в) милый с)остроумный


Read the text A again and put the sentences and phrases (a-g)

Below in the correct places (1-7).

a. in factories, laboratories or warehouses

b. In this play machines behave like people

c. like an arm

d. can “see” the environment and

e. like handling nuclear or radioactive metals

f. The reality is less exciting.

g. understand the messages from the sensors and


Text A


A We can thank the world of literature for the words robot and robotics. The word robot was first used by the Czech playwright Karel Capek who in 1921 wrote a drama, RUR (Rossum’s Universal Robots). It was about machines that could move like human beings and do their work. (1)________ Asimov used it in a short story in 1941.
B Robots often star in films too, for example dangerous machines like Terminator or cute ones like R2D2 in “Star Wars”. (2)_______ Industrial robots don’t have personalities and they don’t think like people. Most real robots are designed to save people from dangerous jobs (3)_______ or boring, routine work (4)_______.
C A simple robot is made of: · A mechanical device (5)_______ that can react to its environment. · Sensors that (6)_______ give information to device. · Systems or computer programs that (7)_______ give the device instructions.



Read the text and give each paragraph (A, B, C) the correct heading.


Application Structure Historical facts


Answer the following question:

1. Which title is the best to the whole text? Why?

a. Imaginary robots in film and fiction.

b. Robots: fantasy and reality.




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