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Define parts of speech of the underlined words. Translate the sentences.

1. We had a long wait for the bus. If wewaitany longer, we may miss the train.

2. Could we have another bottle ofwater, please? I asked her towaterthe flower.

3. I gave him an interesting book. Did you book the table in the restaurant?

4. They always take a break after an hour’s work. Did he break his arm?

5. I go for a run most mornings. I was late so I had to run to get to university on time.

6. His dream is to pilot modern airplanes. He wants to become a pilot.

7. He has a deep cut on his head. The knife doesn’t cut.

8. The office complex can house 25000 people. In summer we’re going to build a new house.

9. I had a dream about you last night. My friend dreams about a computer.

10. She replied to me in a very rude manner. I wrote a reply to his letter yesterday.

11. The cost of the holiday was about 1000 $. How much does it cost?

12. He made an outstanding contribution to the study of microbiology. She studies at Moscow State University. My study is quite spacious.


6.2 Fill in the gaps.

use – to use, abuse – to abuse, excuse – to excuse, house – to house, visit – to visit, cover – to cover, heat-to heat

a) It is my personal... that this man is innocent.

b) Drug... is a terrible problem all over the world.

c) Grandmother always … the table with a lace cloth.

d) I can … up some soup if you like.

e) Can you show me how to... this new coffee machine?

f) The refugees are... in temporary accommodation.

g) She apologizes for her behavior, and said it was because she’d had a busy day, but that’s no... for breaking all the plates.

h) Please … my delay, there’s a traffic jam in the centre.

i) In cases of urgent necessity, patients will be … at their own houses.

j) Don’t judge a book by its ….

Unit 7


Словосложение (word-composition) - это образование новой (производной) основы путем соединения двух уже существующих основ, обычно без изменения их формы.

Так, например, существительное steamship (пароход) было образовано путем словосложения из двух существительных: steam (пар) и ship (корабль). Словосложение употребляется и в русском языке, где в отличие от английского для соединения производящих основ обычно используются особые соединительные гласные: пар- о -ход.


Составные существительные (Compound Nouns)

Образование существительных при помощи словосложения. Сложные существительные образуются чаще всего из двух основ cуществительных:


rail (рельс) + way (путь) = railway (железная дорога)
text (текст) + book (книга) = textbook (учебник)


Подобных сложных существительных в английском языке очень много: apple-tree (яблоня), steamship (пароход), airport (аэропорт), rainbow (радуга), ice-cream (мороженое), arm-chair (кресло), seashore (берег моря) и др. Сложные существительные пишутся слитно или через дефис.

При раздельном написании двух существительных подряд первое из них обычно является определением ко второму, а все вместе - словосочетанием, а не сложным словом.


a gold watch золотые часы словосочетание
a goldsmith ювелир сложное слово


Сложные существительные образуются также путем соединения основ прилагательного и существительного: black + board = blackboard; holiday, grandfather, gentleman, sweetheart.


N + N heart attack сердечный приступ
N + ADJ washing-machine стиральная машина
N + PREP passer-by прохожий
N + V hairdo причёска
V + Prep break-out побег


Match the words to form compound nouns and translate them.

sports centre
ball game
walking by
passer up
runner stick
fruit juice

Fill in the gaps with the words given in the box.

alarm clock baby-sitter traffic jam sunglasses income tax science fiction waiting room film star


1. I'm late because there was a terrible ……. in the centre of town.

2. Humphrey Bogart was a famous …… in the forties and fifties.

3. My...................... didn't ring this morning and I didn't wake up until 9.30.

4. When I got to the surgery, I had to sit in the ….. for forty minutes before I could see the dentist.

5. Mary really wanted to see the film but she couldn't find a ….. for the children, so she had to stay at home.

6. When I'm driving I always wear ….. if it's very bright and sunny.

7. You have to pay............. on your salary in Britain; the amount depends on how much you earn.

8. My brother loves …, but I prefer true stories about the present or the past.


State the difference in meaning of the given compounds.

boathouse – houseboat; play-boy – boy-play; pot-flower – flowerpot; life-boat – boat-life; board-school – school-board; dog-house – house-dog; pot-pie – pie-pot; boy-toy – toy-boy; plant-house – house-plant.


Translate into Russian.

sunbeam, housekeeping, saleswoman, mother-in-law, craftsmanship, spokesman, sit-at-home, blacklist, bridesmaid, blacklist, bridesmaid, a businesswoman, an old- timer, a side-track, a go-getter, a looking-glass, a getaway, a mill-owner, door-handle, a buyout, a peace-maker, a scatterbrain, a baby-sitter, a low-brow, heart-beat, make-up, bottle-opener, teach-in, office-management, setback, match-breaker, go-between, go-between, bath-robe.



Match the words to form compound nouns and translate them.

ice paper
note coat
hair house
rain box
custom book
news brush


Form compound nouns, using the following explanations.

Model: A machine for drying hair – hair drier

1. A thing for opening tins -....

2. A machine for playing records -....

3. A machine for mixing food -....

4. A thing that times eggs (when they are boiling) -....

5. Things for warming people’s legs -....

6. Stuff that kills flies -....

7. A liquid that removes paint -....

8. A tool that opens bottles -....

9. A thing for peeling potatoes -....

10. A liquid for removing eye makeup -....

11. Stuff for freshening the air -....


Read and translate the sentences.

goody-goody, fifty-fifty, hush-hush, pooh-pooh, chit-chat, zigzag, sing-song, a walky-talky, helter-skelter.


1. If he refuses, or pooh-poohs your concern, go to a new doctor.

2. He is not what you might call a goody-goody.

3. The matter is so hush-hush I can't talk about it over the phone.

4. Expenses were shared fifty-fifty.

5. Please stop the chitchat there in the back row.

6. " You can't catch me. You can't catch me, " he singsonged.

7. Here the road goes down steeply in a series of zigzags.

8. This is enough claptrap. I'm leaving.

9. Where’s your walky-talky?

Составные прилагательные

(Compound Adjectives)

Number+ N four-star hotel четырехзвездочная гостиница
N + ADJ care-free беззаботный
N + V duty-bound обязанный


Translate into Russian.

age-long, oil-rich, inch-wide, icy-cold, stone-deaf, dog-tired, knee-deep, electromotive, pale-blue, tragicomic, matter-of-fact, wind-driven, oil-rich, heavy-hearted, low-born, ill-mannered, bluish-black, home-made, stone-deaf, safety-tested, three-coloured, sea-going, white-hot, breath-taking, blue-black, dark-purple.


Match words from the box on the left with words from the box on the right to form 12 compound adjectives.

good new
easy written
ten looking
brand hand
part going
first time
well known
north class
short sleeved
badly banded
left east
second pound

Complete the compound adjectives in these sentences.

sleeved, star, hand, new, going, written, behaved, part


1. They were both wearing short-... shirts.

2. We stayed in a five-... hotel.

3. There is a shop in London which sells things for left-... people.

4. He's just bought a brand-... car.

5. One little girl was very badly-...; she kept shouting during lunch and then threw food all over the floor.

6. She's just got a... -time job; she works three hours a day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

7. It was a very badly-... article: I noticed several punctuation mistakes and lots of spelling mistakes.

8. I had a nice time with my cousin – he's good company and very easy -.....

Underline the most suitable compound word.

1. The bus from Glasgow arrives at the central bus station/bus stop.

2. Bob only works half-time/part-time at the moment.

3. Joan has lovely clothes and is always well-dressed/well-worn.

4. Some of Bill's ideas are rather old-axed/old-fashioned.

5. We left our car in the multi-storey car park/car parking.

6. Martin is now a well-known/well-written novelist.

7. Thank you. You gave me a good haircut/haircutting.

8. Excellent. That was a first class/first course lunch!

9. I prefer self-made/homemade jam to the jam you buy in shops.



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