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In which churches can women become priests?

1. Church of Scotland

2. Orthodox

3. Roman Catholic Church

4. Church of England

2. Which is the smallest?

1. a diocese

2. a county

3. a province

4. a parish

3. Who is the senior official of the Church of England?
1. the Archbishop of York

2 the Queen

3. the Archbishop of Canterbury

4. the Prime Minister

How is the Church of Scotland governed?

1. by its priests and elected members

2. by the Pope

3. by the archbishop

4. by the Queen


What statement is wrong?


1. 2/3 of the population of Britain believe in God.

2. 10% of the population of Britain are Roman Catholics.

3. 8O % of the Northern Irish belong to a church.

4. the population of Britain consists mostly of atheists.





Прочитайте текст.

In ancient times the most important examinations were (1)..., not written. In the schools of ancient Greece and Rome, testing usually consisted of saying poetry aloud or giving speeches. Modern examinations, however, are written. Two types of tests are commonly used in modern schools. The first type is sometimes called an " objective" test. It is meant to deal with facts, not personal opinions. To make up an objective test the teacher (2)... a series of questions each of which has only one correct answer. Along with each question the teacher writes the correct answer and also three three statements that look like answers to students who have not learned the material properly.

For testing some kinds of learning, however, such a test is not very satisfactory. A lucky student may guess the correct answer without really (3)... the material. For a clearer picture of what the student knows, most teachers use " essay" tests which require students to write long answers to broad general questions.

One (4)... of the essay test is that it reduces the element of luck. Another advantage is that it shows the examiner more about the student's ability to put facts together into a meaningful whole. It should show how deeply he has thought about the subject. Sometimes, though, essay tests have disadvantages too. Some students are able to write rather good answers without really knowing about the subject, while other students who actually know the material have trouble (5)... their thoughts in essay form.

1. Выберите верный вариант ответа, чтобы заполнить пропуск (1) в тексте:

1. spokesman

2. spoken

3. speaker

4. speaking

2. Выберите верный вариант ответа, чтобы заполнить пропуск (2) в тексте:

1. writ

2. writes

3. writing

4. written

3. Выберите верный вариант ответа, чтобы заполнить пропуск (3) в тексте:

1. know

2. knowledge

3. knowing

4. knowingly

4. Выберите верный вариант ответа, чтобы заполнить пропуск (4) в тексте:

1. advance

2. advantageous

3. advanced

4. advantage

5. Выберите верный вариант ответа, чтобы заполнить пропуск (5) в тексте:

1. expressive

2. expressing

3. expression

4. express



Прочитайте текст:

Charlie Yates was seventeen years old, and although he had left school, he preferred living in the comfort and convenience of his parents home to living alone. He said that he was trying to find a job, but there never seemed to be one that he thought good enough for him. His father wanted him to leave home and earn some money, but his mother loved Charlie very much and wanted him to stay, so she never interfered with what he might want to do.

Charlie did not wash his hair very often, he shaved once a week, and he could not bear wearing shoes, so his feet were nearly always dirty.

His father did not see him very frequently, because he worked quite a distance from home and was in the habit of leaving the house early, before Charlie got up; and when he got home in the evenings, Charlie was usually somewhere else, amusing himself with a few of his friends, or playing the drums in a band. Also, Charlie's father often had to go abroad on business.

But Mr Yates sometimes saw his son at weekends, and then he was always angry with him. He used to say to him: " Why ever don't you shave every day? Who ever would give you a job with your dirty hair? Where ever are your shoes? " and so on.

" But Father, " Charlie always said, " I don't care about those things. All my friends are like me nowadays, and if I changed, I wouldn't be popular with them any more."

One Saturday morning, while Charlie and his father were having their usual argument, his father said to him, " You should be ashamed to live like that. I was brought up quite differently. When I was seventeen, my father never allowed me to do any of the things that you do all the time. I was forbidden to stay out till three o'clock in the morning, and come down to breakfast at ten, and walk about the house with dirty feet, and grow a beard, and wear gold chains, and behave like a..."

He went on and on until Charlie said kindly, " Poor Father. My grandfather died before I was born, so I never met him, but he must have been a terrible old gentleman."

" Not at all! " Mr Yates objected angrily. " For your infor­mation, I had a much nicer father than you'll ever have! "

Выберите верный вариант ответа на вопросы:

What job did he do?

1. He was a businesman.

2. He did not do anything.

3. He played the drums in a band.

4. He taught in a school.

2. Did Charlie and his father have an amusing time together
when they met?

1. Yes, they did. Sometimes.

2. Yes, they did. Always.

3. They rarely had an amusing time together.

4. No, they did not. Never.

Вопрос № 2.

2. He did not do anything.


Вопрос № 3.

4. No, they did not. Never.


Прочитайте текст.

Today Hermes has a very successful and promising business. It continuous to strive its traditional excellence in fourteen product divisions such as Leather, Scarves, Ties, Menswear, Women fashion, Perfume, Watches, Stationery, Footwear, Gloves, etc. The use of high quality materials and appraised time-consuming handcraftsmanship is well known.

Professional craftsmanship, originated from the creation of meticulous leather saddles, has been spread into every branch of product making. General Hermes sales are made up of around 30% leather goods, 15% clothes, and 12% scarves. Every Hermes leather bound datebook, porcelain teapot, silk waistcoat is made under the company’s watchful eyes.

Whether it is a jacket of meltingly soft leather or a Kelly bag, Hermes purchase will be stylish and appropriate for a lifetime.

Hermes is also highly recognized for its handmade luggage and handbag collections. Hermes does not use assembly lines; only one craftsman may work on one handbag at a time. Due to the labor intensive nature of Hermes production methods and the use of rare materials (sometimes including exotic skins as well as precious metals), one bag can take 18 to 24 hours to create. The construction of any Kelly bag, for example, requires 18 hours of work by a single artisan. Used for all Hermes leathercrafting, the finest leather animal skins reside in the leather storage facility in Paris. Such leathers include those of alligator from Florida, buffalo from Pakistan, crocodile from Australia, shark from Thailand, lizard from Malaysia, and oxen, deer, calf, goat, and ostrich from all over the world. The leathers are professionally treated (dyed in every color, pattern, and texture imaginable) and handcrafted into stylish accessories in the end. When Hermes leather goods require repair, owners can bring the item back to any Hermes store where it can be shipped to the factory in Paris for repair.

Bags made popular through high-profile clientele include the “Kelly Bag” named after Grace Kelly for her many appearances with it (first introduced in the 1930s), and the Constance shoulder bag (with a double strap and large H clasp) and the Trim shoulder bag preferred by Jacqueline Bouvier Onassis. Both Kelly and Constance bags remain in consistent demand and there is generally one year waiting list for these bags.

Another famous handbag, the Birkin, was named for actress Jane Birkin, who co-designed the bag with company president Jean-Louis Dumas after complaining that her Kelly bag was not practical for everyday use. The bag remains the most requested. The wait of a special order Birkin can be up to six years, based on the type of leather or skin requested.

Выполните задания к тексту.

1. Выберите наиболее подходящий заголовок текста

a. Hermes Business

b. Hermes Advertisement

c. Hermes Sales


Выберите правильный ответ на вопросы:


2. What has been spread into every branch of product making?

a. professional craftsmanship.

b. strict management.

c. everyday control.




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