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II. Прокомментируйте параллельные переводы и объясните необходимость использования приема конкретизации.


  “I have heard a foolish story, Jim.”     «Я слышал какую-то дурацкую болтовню об этом, Джим».  

(H.R.Haggard. King Solomon’s Mines. Tr. by N. Markovich)


When I like people immensely I never tell their names to anyone. Когда я очень люблю кого-нибудь, я никогда никому не называю его имени.  

(O.Wilde. The Portrait of Dorian Grey. Tr. by M.Abkina)



Now as to the men who were to go with us.     Теперь перехожу к прислуге, которая должна была нас сопровождать.    

(H.R.Haggard. King Solomon’s Mines. Tr. by N. Markovich)


  And now let’s turn in, for we ought to be off by dawn, and then perhaps we may catch them feeding before they move on.”       A теперь ляжем спать, так как нам надо встать до восхода солнца. Тогда, может быть, нам удастся захватить стадо, когда оно будет пастись, перед тем как двинуться дальше.    

(H.R.Haggard. King Solomon’s Mines. Tr. by N. Markovich)



It’s a stiff place, and I feel as though I were bogged up to the axle.     Почва тут трудная, и мне кажется, будто я увяз в трясине по самую ось.    

(H.R.Haggard. King Solomon’s Mines. Tr. by N. Markovich)


III. Переведите предложения, применяя прием




1. What are those things on the table? (A.S.Hornby)

2. There wasn’t a thing to eat. (A.S.Hornby)

3. She is too fond of sweet things. (A.S.Hornby)

4. Bring your swimming things with you. (A.S.Hornby)

5. Have you packed your things? (A.S.Hornby)

6. Put your things on and let’s leave. (A.S.Hornby)

7. There’s another thing I want to ask you about. (A.S.Hornby)

8. He values things of mind more than things of the body. (A.S.Hornby)

9. That only makes things worse. (A.S.Hornby)

10. You take things too seriously. (A.S.Hornby)

11. What’s the next thing to do? (A.S.Hornby)

12. Things are getting worse. (A.S.Hornby)







I. Приведите свои примеры для иллюстрации приема


II. Найдите фрагменты из британских или американских



а) при переводе текста которых необходимо использовать данный прием;


б) в тексте перевода которых использовался анализируемый прием; приведите наиболее и наименее удачные на Ваш взгляд варианты перевода фильма.

III. Прокомментируйте параллельные переводы и объясните необходимость использования приема конкретизации.


1.I have killed many men in my time, yet I have never slain wantonly or stained my hand in innocent blood, but only in self-defence. На своем веку мне пришлось убить много людей, однако я никогда не запятнал свои руки невинной кровью и убивал, только защищаясь.

(H.R.Haggard.King Solomon’s Mines.Tr. by N. Markovich)


The commonest thing is delightful if one only hides it. Самая обыкновенная безделица приобретает удивительный интерес, как только начинаешь скрывать ее от людей.

(O.Wilde.The Portrait of Dorian Gray.Tr. by M.Abkina)


I wonder now, supposing Harris, say, turned over a new leaf, and become a great and good man, and got to be Prime Minister, and died, if they would put up signs over the public-houses that he had patronized: “Harris had a glass of bitter in this house”, “Harris had two of Scotch cold here in the summer of “88; ” Harris was chucked from here in December, 1886.” Я часто спрашиваю себя: если, допустим, Гаррис начнет новую жизнь, станет достойным и знаменитым человеком, попадет в премьер-министры и умрет, прибьют ли на трактирах, которые он почтилсвоим посещением, доски с надписью: «В этом доме Гаррис выпил стакан пива»; «Здесь Гаррис выпил две рюмки холодного шотландского летом 88 года»; «Отсюда Гарриса вытолкали в декабре 1886 года»?

(J.K.Jerome. Three Men in a Boat. Tr. by M.Salye)


IV. Переведите предложения, применяя прием




1.For one thing, I don’t have any money, for another… (A.S.Hornby)

2.She is a sweet little thing! (A.S.Hornby)

3.Poor thing! He’s been ill all winter. (A.S.Hornby)

4.That’s not the thing to do. (A.S.Hornby)

5.He always says the right thing. (A.S.Hornby)

6.The thing is – can we get there in time? (A.S.Hornby)

7.I don’t know anything about it. These are things Japanese. (A.S.Hornby)

8. Don’t touch anything. Those are his things personal. (A.S.Hornby)

9.He has gone to China. He went there by plane. (A.S.Hornby)

10. I wish this pain would go. (A.S.Hornby)

11. Where do you want the piano to go? (A.S.Hornby)

12. My clothes won’t go into this small suitcase. (A.S.Hornby)

13. This road goes to London. (A.S.Hornby)

14. The first prize went to Mr. Hill. (A.S.Hornby)

15. He went purple with anger. (A.S.Hornby)

16. Fish soon goes bad in hot weather. (A.S.Hornby)

17. The machine goes by electricity. (A.S.Hornby)

18. “BANG! ” – went the gun. (A.S.Hornby)

19. Ready, steady, go! (A.S.Hornby)

20. More haste, less speed, as the saying goes. (A.S.Hornby)

21. We must find out what stuff he is made of. (A.S.Hornby)

22. We fell into casual conversation yesterday, and both became interested.


23. “I am full of Schubert just now. Oh? Colonel Green, do you know Schubert’s serenade? ”

“Ah! A charming thing. It‘s something like this, I think. Diddledi-dum, deedidledi-dum, deedum, deediddledyday.” (S.Leacock)

24. ”There were two more youngsters in the room but Betty looked much younger than her roommates. She played sports and kept fit, she never went to college by bus, on foot only. She never put on much in cold weather — just a jacket with two side pockets for warming hands.” (J.Turber)



V. Работа со словарём. Научитесь одним движением руки открывать нужную букву в словаре.

  Nn (MN) Rr (PR) Ww (XYZ) Ee (DE)     nixie (mermaid), nun, null (null and void), nostril, name-day reverie, rusty, relish, riot   woe, wig, wicked, wicket   estate, esteem, expiry, exploit, emerald  






I. Переведите предложения, применяя прием




1. There was not very much room and certainly very little comfort for the 22 men who sailed the “Nina” to the New World. (American History)

2. There are two beds in here. (E.Hemingway)

3. You do not know what the cholera is. It is a dreadful thing. (S.Maugham)

4. “But now, Miss Clegg, lunch! ” They had pleasant meal together. (A.Christie)

5. Are you going by land or by sea? (A.S.Hornby)

6. Can you give me a light, please. — Sorry, I don’t smoke. (E.Williams)

7. What does he do for a living? (A.S.Hornby)

8. We are too tired, let’s have a break. (A.S.Hornby)

9. It’s known everywhere in the English speaking world. (A.S.Hornby)

10. You must come home with me and meet my people, darling. (A.S.Hornby)

11. She has 3 huge dogs and a tiny one, 2 months old, her favourite pet. (Elzbieta)

12. That’s enough. Stuff and nonsense! (A.S.Hornby)

13. We had a day by sea. (A.S.Hornby)

14. The rain came in torrents. (A.S.Hornby)

15. The train came puffing into the station. (A.S.Hornby)

16. All the plans came to nothing. (A.S.Hornby)

17. When it comes to helping his wife with the housework, John never grumbles. (A.S.Hornby)

18. The sun came streaming thru’ the windows. (A.S.Hornby)

19. I’m worried about his future. He will never come to much. (A.S.Hornby)

20. We have to go to the marketplace. We are short of green stuff. (A.S.Hornby)

21. “He won’t find the square? ”

“Of course not! He’ll confuse everything. I’m not gonna wait for

him for hours. But the place is in the Downtown. A little one can

easily get there.” (F. Sullivan)

22. “Come up to my office, 007. I want to have a word before you go off duty.”

“Sir”. Bond put the telephone back. He slipped on his coat and ran a hand through his hair, told the switchboard where he would be, took the night log and went up in the lift to the eighth and top floor. (I.Fleming)

23. He goes, “Good to see you, old chap! ”

I go, “Sorry. It’s one of the lousiest weeks I’ve ever had. See you.” (J.J.Marric)



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