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VI. Complete the sentences using the appropriate derivatives of the words in capitals.

1. The ... boy ignored the teacher's request to be quiet. OBEY

2. We were received in a ..., ... furnished room. SPACE,

3. Why on earth should you put on this ... dress! COMFORT

4.1 couldn't make out his.... SHAPE

5. We were ... surprised at his... to help us. SIGN GREAT, REFUSE

6. He arranged all the books ... on the shelf. NEAT

7. The police are investigating a series of bank ... in South Wales. ROB

VII. Spot the errors and correct them.

1.1 know Ann for two years.

2. What a nasty weather it is today!

3. Let's go, can we?

4. Paul has got used to live on his own.

VIII. Supply an appropriate stimulus-utterance.

1.________________- No, you needn't, thank you.

2._________________ - The same to you.


I. Use the correct tense-form of the verbs in brackets.

1.1 have a lorry trip ahead of me tomorrow, so I think I'd better go to bed. But let me say good-bye now because I (not/see) you in the morning. I already (leave) by the time you (get) up.

2. My grandfather never (fly) in an airplane, and he (have) no intention of ever doing so.

3. I (study) English here for the last two months. My English (get) better, but I still (find) it difficult to understand lectures.

4. I'm sorry I (be) late. I (hold) up by the rush hour traffic It (take) me thirty minutes to get here instead of fifteen

5. The animals that (bring) for the zoo (be) so weak from their long journey across the ocean that they could scarcely walk.

II. Use the right article.

1. When he was ... child he went to ... school which was about fifty miles away from ... home, so he stayed there ... whole term.

2. I had ... strange dream ... last night. I dreamed that I was in ... bed when suddenly I heard ... dog barking, then scratching at... front door.

3. Paul, as usual, was ... first to arrive at... party we gave ... last Saturday and ... last to leave. And for ... most of... time he just stood near ... bar drinking ... beer.

4. We spent two days in ... mountains. On one day we went hiking and on ... other we went fishing.

III. Fill in a suitable preposition or postposition.

Mrs. Laura Taylor is a person who really believes ... keeping fit. She is 45 but looks ... least 10 years younger. Now listen ... her story. 'It all started about two years ago.... those days things were very different. I was overweight. I never got any exercise. I used to stay ... home all day. I never went......the fresh air, except to do the shopping. One day I looked ... myself ... the mirror. 'My God' I thought. Т look terrible'. ... that time I've completely changed my life. I started jogging ... the park, doing yoga exercises ... the fitness centre and eating less meat but more vegetables. I've lost weight and feel much healthier than I used to.'

IV. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. I/interview/how/mis/job/dress/should/for?

2. to/to/fast/still/a/me/is/mystery/she/it/how/manages/ work/so.

3. presence/ease/seemed/never/John/at/my/in.

4. funny/help/so/I/Henry/couldn't/looked/thatAaughing.

V. Translate the Russian fragment into English.

1. In cold countries many people ( носят ) fur coats.

2. My new boots don't ( подходят ) me because I hadn't properly tried them on when I bought them.

3. If you study English ( усердно ), you will be able to get a very good ( работу ).

4. Madonna ( сделала ) her first album in 1983.

5. I'll ( сделаю ) my best but I can't promise ( ничего ).

6. You must ( научиться ) to recognize poisonous mush­rooms.

VI. Complete the sentences using the appropriate derivatives of the words in capitals.

1. It's your own ... to check that all doors and windows are .... RESPONSIBLE, LOCK

2.1 won't waste any more of your ... time. VALUE

3. How much ... experience do you have in working with computers? PRACTICE

4. At last we've found good quality fur­niture at... prices. REASON

5. Jane's ... showed in her voice. NERVE

6. This pie looks really ...! TEMPT

7. It's really ... when decent folk are afraid to leave their homes. GRACE

VII. Spot the errors and correct them.

1. The lilac is smelling so good!

2. No sooner he had touched the pillow than he fell asleep.

3. We were received very warmly and friendly there

4. Excuse me, is there a possibility of having meal here? VIII. Supply an appropriate stimulus-utterance.

1.__________________ -Rather!

2.__________________- Don't mention it.


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