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III. Fill in a suitable preposition or adverb.

The population ... Oxford is about 115,000,... whom appro­ximately 14,400 are university students. The University consists ... 36 independent colleges. The colleges choose their own students and provide them ... tutors (known as

'dons' ... the Latin dominus). The basis of tuition is the. tutorial, ... which students meet... their tutor once or twice a week. ... every tutorial a student will prepare a written essay ... which this or that problem must be argued. the system ... Oxford education relies ... strong motivation and encourages independent thought and work.

IV. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. Japanese/wa^ay/after/rums/the/in/the/economy.

2. best/and/all/do/can/is/we/hope/wait/the/for.

3. tonight's/going/concert/you/are/record/to?

4. contract/signing/must/detail/he/the/in/study/before/it.

V. Translate the Russian fragment into English.

1. The rain was ( такой ) heavy that it ( сделал ) our picnic impossible.

2. She's ( единственный ) person ( кто ) understands me.

3. Where's the money I have ( дал взаймы ) you?

4. That's the best film that's ever been ( сделан ) on this subject.

5. He tore up my photo, ( что ) upset me greatly.

6. She's warned me that the box ( пахнет ) faintly of fish.

VI. Complete the sentences using the appropriate

Derivatives of the words in capitals.

1. Ann read the letter with a ... expression on her face. PUZZLE

2. You will find science lessons active and___ VARY

3. You will work in small groups and be taught how to use the....... EQUIP, SAFE

4. The Art Department at our school aims at... the interests and skills of all pupils, to the best of their .... DEVELOP ABLE

5. She walked with ... ease after the .... RELATE, OPERATE

6. Whether you stay or leave is a matter of total... to me. DIFFER

VII- Spot the errors an d correct them.

1 Have we got enough of bread?

2.1 stayed in bed all day instead of go to work.

3. Were you at the meeting on last Monday morning?

4. In the past week I worked extremely hardly.

VIII- Supply an appropriate stimulus-utterance.

I.___________________- Me, too.

2.___________________ - That's all right.


I. Use the correct tense-form of the verbs in brackets.

1. It was a nice example of team work. While I (paint) in the sweat of my face, Ricky (sit) in an armchair giving directions - until Jane (come) in and the roles (reverse).

2. We (not/deliver) you any further goods until your debts (pay).

3. Mr. Davis! It (be) the third time I (try) to get you on the phone this morning. Where you (be)!

4. 'Everyone (know) what a large proportion of British cars (produce) in the Midlands but not everyone (realize) what a difficult time the industry (go) through at the moment', the manager said.

5. Her face was red as she (forget) the sun cream.

II. Use the right article.

Peter ... Great started building St.Petersburg in 1703. He imported ... Italian architects to make its buildings bigger and better than anywhere else in ... Europe.... grandiose and colourful architecture with its surprising blues, greens and pinks, would look tasteless in more southern climates, but here ... colours go beautifully with ... snow and ... pale winter light.

III. Fill in the suitable preposition or postposition.

1. Last year we went... a package tour. Everything was organized ... us: the flight, the hotels and the entertain-ments. It was all included ... the price.

2. Drunkenness is responsible ... many road accidents.

3. I suppose his early age must be taken ... consideration

4. We had to come back early ... holiday because we had run......money.

5. I'm really not used ... being treated like that!

6. As you see, we were not to blame ... the delay ... your

flight taking......Gatwick. The delay was due ....

circumstances......our control.

IV. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. desperate/took/along/I/so/that/I/was/that/the/job/first/ came.

2. most/even/reasons/what/wouldn't/him/to/annoyed/was/ that/she/his/listen.

3. advance/you/reserve/do/have/tickets/in/to?

4. apple/me/would/for/to/you/peel/like/me/you?

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