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V. Translate the Russian fragment into English.

1. She went running ( из ) the room.

2.1 didn't enjoy the party, because I was ( скучала ).

3. ( За обедом ) they kept silent.

4. Do you have enough money ( при себе ) to pay for the meal? 5.1 can buy some food ( после работы ).

6. I'll be (скучать по тебе).

7. This is very nice material. It feels ( как ) silk.

VI. Complete the sentences using the appropriate derivatives of the words in capitals.

1. ... a second-hand car is a ... business. BUY, RISK

2. The front row is......for the family of the bride. FULL, RESERVE

3. Eric has a ... interest in ... cuisine. LIVE, EAST

4. Simple ... measures will reduce the risk of... PREVENT, INFECT

5.1 can ... afford to rent a house on my ... income HARD. MISERY

6. His arguments sounded very .... PERSUADE

VII- Spot the errors and correct them.

1.1 very like going to parties.

2.1 didn't let him to know what I was thinking about.

3. Why not to invite them to the party?

4. Could you explain me the way of doing this?

VIII- Supply an appropriate stimulus-utterance.

1.__________________ - Not in the least.

2.__________________ - Nor have I.


Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1.1 (go) to Bristol tomorrow to visit my aunt. I already (book) a seat on the train. It (leave) Manchester at 10.

2. It was the first time he (participate) in the tournament.

3.1 (travel) round Europe by tram when I first (meet) Cristian.

4. The baby-sitter (tell) the children that after they (choose) the story they (want), she (read) it to them.

5. Since 1782, the bald eagle, which (signify) power and courage, (be) the national emblem of the United States.

6. By the time we (get) to the auction the painting (sell).

II. Use the right article.

1. When I leave ... school. I want to go to ... university to study ... natural history. I'm very fond of ... animals, and I would like to study them in their natural surroundings.

2. ... coffee contains more caffeine than ... tea.

3. He took ... great deal of trouble to make ... party success.

4. I can't give you ... decision immediately. I've got few things to do before I can look at... project.

5. ... accidents are generally caused by ... people driving too fast. This is certainly true of... accident I had last year.

III. Fill in a suitable preposition or postposition.

1. I sat uneasily ... the edge ... the chair, while she poured tea ... the cups.

2. We are sick and tired ... listening ... her excuses.

3. The building was badly damaged ... the fire.

4. Thousands... people are living... misery... the earthquake.

5. He promised to pick me......the station, but he didn't. That's the second time he has let me ... this week.

6. If you are not satisfied ... the service ... this hotel, you should complain ... the manager.

IV. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. him/times/leaving/off/I/thousands/have/a/turn/to/told/ light/before/the.

2. destroyed/century/fire/the/in/London/much/was/by/ seventeenth/the.

3. heard/then/he/been/since/has/from?

4. doctor/letters/grateful/the/received/of/the/from/has/ hundreds/parents.

V. Translate the Russian fragments into English.

1. If a story is ( волнующая ), you are ( взволнован ) when you read it.

2. She did nothing ( кроме ) complain the whole time she was here.

3. Where ( еще ) did you go ( кроме ) Rome?

4. If her nose were ( немного ) shorter she would be ( довольно ) prettv.

5 What time did Jim say he would ( придет ) ? 6 ( В конце концов ) I got the job I wanted. 7.1 have ( нет ) wish to change my decision.

Yi. Complete the sentences using the appropriate derivatives of the words in capitals.

1. ... theory isn t easy to understand. RELATE

2. He wasn't ... a stranger - I had met him once before. EXACT

3. You ought to get some antibiotics for that ear ... INFECT

4. Please, state your name, address and .... OCCUPY

5. I'm sure I wouldn't have the ... to sit sewing all day. PATIENT

6. Her illness was caused ... by the worry and stress. MAIN

7. ... of consumer goods has increased ... the world ....PRODUCE, THROUGH, LATE

VII. Spot the errors and correct them.

1. Nick was late for two hours yesterday.

2. None of his parents realized the danger.

3. It is no time to lose.

4. As soon as I'll get home I'll have a shower.

VIII. Supply an appropriate stimulus-utterance.

1.__________________ - Neither would I.

2.__________________- No, I don't.


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