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Make dialogues using the suggested situations. Use words and expressions you’ve studied in this unit.

a) You are in a shop buying a souvenir for your friend. Ask the shop assistant to show you several things before you buy the right one.

b) You are in a Mobile phone store. You want to buy a new mobile phone. Ask the shop assistant to show you the latest models. It should be reliable, and not very expensive. Ask the shop assistant how to operate the model you like best.

c) You are going to buy the scarf and gloves for your sister (girlfriend, mother …). Ask the salesgirl to show you different colours. Tell her the size.

d) You want to buy a bathing suit. Tell the salesgirl what kind of it you need. Try it on. Ask for a larger\smaller size. Ask about the prize.

e) You are going to organize a party. That’s why you go to a supermarket and buy everything necessary: clothes or fancy dress, accessories and food.




1. Give answers to the following questions:

· What are your favourite dishes?

· What’s in them? How are they prepared?

· Is there any food you really hate or can’t eat?

· Is there anything you’ve never eaten?

· Can you recommend any good restaurant \ café \ bar?

· What did you have last time you went there?

Study the following words and word combinations. Learn them by heart.

Hors-d’oeuvres [o: ׳ dә: vz] /appetizers/starters

Russian salad салат «Оливье»
herring сельдь
cheese сыр
liver pâ té [׳ pæ tei] печеночный паштет
pickled/marinated mushrooms/tomatoes/cucumbers соленые/ маринованные грибы/помидоры/огурцы

First course dishes

cabbage soup щи
red-beet soup борщ
mushroom soup грибной суп
pea soup гороховый суп
fish soup суп-уха
noodle soup суп-лапша
broth бульон


Second course dishes

roast/stewed/boiled meat жареное/тушеное/отварное мясо
mutton баранина
beef говядина
pork свинина
veal телятина
fried/boiled/mashed potatoes жареный картофель/отварной картофель/пюре
stewed cabbage тушеная капуста
chop отбивная


pastry выпечка, мучные кондитерские изделия
biscuits сухое печенье
cookies домашнее печенье, булочка
pie пирог
cake кекс, торт
fancy cake пирожное
pancakes блинчики
jam варенье
marmalade джем, конфитюр, повидло


salt соль
pepper перец
mustard горчица
parsley петрушка
dill укроп
onion лук
spring onion зеленый лук
garlic чеснок


Drinks/beverages [׳ bevә ridʒ iz]

juice сок
stewed fruit компот
(non-)carbonated water (не)газированная минеральная вода
soft/strong drink безалкогольные/алкогольные напитки


apple яблоко
pear груша
peach персик
grapes виноград
apricot абрикос
melon дыня
water-melon арбуз
pineapple ананас


strawberry клубника, земляника
raspberry малина
bilberry черника
red bilberry брусника
cranberry клюква
cherry вишня
sweet cherry черешня


cucumber огурец
tomato помидор
potatoes картофель
cabbage капуста
carrot морковь
green peas зеленый горошек

Places to eat

café /cafeteria кафе
snack bar бар
pizzeria пиццерия
pub трактир
canteen столовая (в учебном заведении)

Dishes and covers

cup чашка
glass бокал
plate тарелка
saucer блюдце
(table-/tea-)spoon столовая/чайная ложка
fork вилка
knife нож
pan кастрюля
frying pan сковорода


3. Study the table of calories in food and write a menu for a day for:

a) a person who wants to lose weight;

b) a person who wants to gain weight.

Food Calories per 100g edible portion Food Calories per 100g edible portion Food Calories per 100g edible portion
Diary Food Vegetables Fruit
milk cabbage apples
milk skimmed cauliflower apricots
cheese carrots bananas
butter cucumber cherries
Meat and Poultry beans currents  
mutton beetroots grapes
chicken lettuce leaves lemon
duck onions melon
beef green peas (fresh) orange
pork potatoes peaches
ham (cooked) radish pineapple
egg (hen) spinach plums
kidney (sheep) tomato pomegranate
liver (sheep) Cereal and Cereal Food raisins
Fish and Sea Food oatmeal pears
salmon (canned) rice strawberries
tuna noodles grape-fruit
shrimps wheat flour Alcoholic Beverages
mackerel bread (white) beer
lobster bread (brown) whisky
Sole corn flakes vodka
Miscellaneous biscuits (sweet) brandy
honey biscuits (salted) wine (dry)
jam Non-Alcoholic Beverages wine (sweet)
chocolate carbonated drinks    
coffee cola drinks (sweetened)    

Complete the list with names of food and drink. Skip the letters X and Z.

A – apple pie B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O – P – Q – R – S – T – U – V – W – X – Y – Z –

Study the following word combinations and learn them by heart.

speciality of the house – фирменное блюдо заведения

to eat out – есть в ресторане, кафе

to taste something – попробовать

to pay a bill – оплатить по счету

to be hungry – хотеть есть, испытывать голод

to be thirsty – хотеть пить, испытывать жажду

to lay the table – накрывать на стол

I am a hearty [`ha: ti] eater. – Я люблю хорошо поесть.

What would you like for the first (second) course? – Что бы вы хотели на первое (второе)?

Anything for the dessert? – Что будете на десерт?

What do you usually have for breakfast? – Что у тебя обычно на завтрак?

What about having a bite [bait]? – Как насчет того, чтобы перекусить?

Let’s drop into this small café. – Давайте заглянем в это маленькое кафе.

Read and learn the following dialogues by heart.



A. What do you usually have for breakfast?
B. Well, as a rule, I don’t feel hungry early in the morning, so I usually have a light breakfast: just a sandwich with cheese or sausage and a cup of strong tea with lemon. What about you?
A. Oh, I am a hearty eater, and I always have a big breakfast. I begin with a plate of porridge, then I eat bacon and eggs, after which I have a cup of tea with a piece of cake or some cookies. I like my tea with a lot of sugar.




Rachel: I am hungry.What about having a bite?
Sam: Good idea. Let’s drop into this small café.
Rachel: О.K. Oh, it’s very nice here. Let’s sit at that table.
Sam: All right.
Waiter: Hello. Here’s the menu. What will you order?
Sam: Thank you. Rachel, what would you like?
Rachel: My supper is usually a very simple meal, so I’d like some roast chicken, salad and coffee.
Waiter: I can offer you sliced cucumbers with sour cream.
Rachel: I prefer tomatoes to cucumbers.
Sam: As for me, I would take cabbage salad. And I will have roast beef and smashed potatoes. And coffee, of course.
Waiter: Any wine?
Sam: Oh, yes, a bottle of port wine and non-carbonated water.
Waiter: Yes, sir.



Waiter: Good evening, sir, madam. Here’s the menu. May I have your order?
John: Now, let’s see. Let’s start from the appetizers. I would take a herring and some pickled cucumbers. For the first course I’d like a red-beet soup. And for the second course I’d take a beefsteak in mushroom sauce and baked potatoes.
Waiter: How do you prefer the beefsteak, sir? Rare, medium-rare or well-done?
John: Medium, I think.
Waiter: O. K. What about you madam?
Lora: What would you recommend for the first course?
Waiter: Well, I should say that fish soup is the speciality of the house.
Lora: I think I’ll take it. And for the second course I can’t decide between the veal and roast beef. What do you recommend?
Waiter: I would have the veal with the special white sauce. It comes with French fried potatoes.
Lora: O. K. I’ll take it. As to the vegetables, would you bring me some green peas?
Waiter: Of course. Would you like something to drink?
Lora: Orange juice for me, I think. What about you John?
John: I’ll have the same.
Waiter: Anything for the dessert?
John: Yes, please. Two fruit salads. And give us the bill please.
Waiter: Do you need separate bills?
John: No, thank you.



Bob: Hello, Ted. Hello, Helen. Come in. Dinner is nearly ready.
Helen: Where’s Ann?
Bob: Oh, she’s in the kitchen. She’ll be here in a minute. Go into the dining room, please. How about a drink before dinner?
Ted: That’s a good idea!
Ann: Dinner is ready. Let’s start with salad.
Helen: Thank you, Ann. It looks wonderful and it smells delicious.
Ann: Shall I serve some roast meat?
Helen: No, it’s all right. I can help myself.
Ann: Bob, will you pour the wine, please? Ted, help yourself to vegetables.
Bob: Would you like some more brandy, Ted?
Ted: Oh, no thanks… no more for me. I’m driving tonight.
Ann: Now I want to treat you to a dessert.
Ted: Oh, that’s great. What is it?
Ann: I’ve cooked a delicious chocolate pudding.
Ted: The pudding is really great. Will you give a receipt to Helen?
Ann: With pleasure. Take another helping of the pudding.
Helen: Everything is so tasty. Thank you for the dinner.



Chief manager: Hello. Restaurant “Europe”. The chief manager is speaking. Can I help you?
Mr. Sanders Yes, I’d like to order a table for tomorrow’s evening.
Chief manager: Yes, sir. What time?
Mr. Sanders For six o’clock.
Chief manager: Certainly, sir. For how many people?
Mr. Sanders There will be eleven of us.
Chief manager: Eleven of you? I’m sorry sir, but we don’t usually accept large parties.
Mr. Sanders I know this, but I’m a patron. I dine at your place every day. Besides I regularly arrange business meetings at your restaurant. Last time there were fifteen of us.
Chief manager: What’s your name, sir?
Mr. Sanders Mike Sanders.
Chief manager: Oh, Mr. Sanders. Of course that’ll be all right. We’ll put two tables together then.
Mr. Sanders That’s great. Thank you.




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