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Read and learn the following dialogues by heart.



Mother: Betty: Mother: Betty: Mother: Betty: Mother: Betty: Mother: Where are you going, Betty? To the post-office, Mom. Shall I do some shopping for you on the way back? Yes, please call at the supermarket and buy a few things for me there. It won’t take you long. The supermarket is next to the post-office. Oh, I don’t mind it a bit. What shall I buy? Tomorrow is Sunday and I’m going to cook something tasty for dinner. Here’s the shopping list: a kilogram of flour, a package of salt, a pound of meat, half a kilo of butter and ten eggs. And call at greengrocer’s to buy a bunch of dill. Should I call at confectioner’s to buy a bar of chocolate for desert? That’s a good idea. How much will it come to? Here’s 40 pounds. Be careful not to lose the money and count the change.



Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Good afternoon, Sir. Can I help you? I'd like to buy a shirt. Size 14 (48). What type of shirt are you looking for? A casual or a dress shirt? I'd like a casual shirt. Here we have a wide selection in your size. What's your sleeve length? I'd like one with short sleeves. What colour would you like? White or light blue. How about this one? Well, I like the colour. May I try it on? Sure. The cabin is right there. Ok. I’ll take it. That’ll be ₤ 15. 95 with tax. May I pay by check? Sure. May I show you something in ties? No, thank you.



Salesgirl: Madam: Salesgirl: Madam: Salesgirl: Madam: Salesgirl: Madam: Salesgirl: Madam: Salesgirl: Madam: Salesgirl: Madam: Salesgirl: Madam: Hello, Madam. What can I do for you? I’d like a summer dress. I can offer you a wide choice of dresses to all tastes. What colour of the dress would you like? Something not too bright. I think something in blue or grey, or maybe light-brown. Yes, Madam. What size do you take in dresses? My size is 46. Just have a look at this dress. M-m … The cut is somewhat strange … Oh, madam, such dresses are just coming in. They are going to be all the fashion in the coming season. Where can I try it on? Just step into this cabin. Does it suit me? Yes, perfectly. Shall I wrap it up for you? Yes, please. Where do I pay? The till is over there. Thank you.



Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Salesman: Customer: Can I help you? Yes. I'd like to buy some casual shoes for summer wear. Oh, I see. I’ll show you some. What size do you wear? Size 41, I guess. How do you like this pair? They are very " in" this season and come in navy, white and brown. Let me see … well, that’s just what I want. I think I’ll take them. You’d better try them on to make sure. Here you are. Do these shoes fit? Well, they seem all right. Just pinch a little bit. Try on a larger pair. These shoes fit perfectly. How much are they? They cost ₤ 48.30. Fine. That’s just the money I was thinking to pay. Where’s the cash-desk? Over there on your right. Thank you.



Salesgirl: Customer: Salesgirl: Customer: Salesgirl: Customer: Salesgirl: Customer: Salesgirl: Customer: Customer: Salesgirl: Customer: Hello. May I help you? No, thanks. I’m just looking. If I can be of any help to you, just let me know. Oh, how much is this bracelet? It costs ₤ 250. Really? It’s quite expensive. What is it made of? It is silver. Such bracelets are just coming in. Well, you see, I’m looking for a birthday present for my sister. I think your sister will be glad to get such a bracelet for her birthday. Ok, I’ll take it. Shall I wrap the box with the bracelet in patterned paper? It would be great. Where should I pay? You can pay right here.

Complete the following dialogues.

A. At the stationery’s

- …

- I’d like some picture postcards.

- …

- I’d like to have a look at them and I need some writing paper too.

- …

- Well, that’s too bad. Do you have stamps?

- …

- I’ll take these two postcards and five stamps.

- …

- No, thanks. That’s all.

- That’ll be ₤ 5.42.

- …


B. At the department store

- Hello, sir. Can I help you?

- …

- I can offer you a very good choice of jeans to all tastes. What colour would you like?

- …

- What is your size?

- …

- I think this pair will fit you perfectly. Besides such jeans are all the fashion nowadays.

- …

- Just step into this cabin.


C. Shopping for food

- …

- Yes, please, Mr. Jones. I’d like some beef.

- …

- I think I’d take this piece. It looks really nice.

- …

- Yes, give me a pound of mince, too.

- …

- How much should I pay?

- …

- Here you are.


Fill in prepositions where necessary.

1. Yesterday mother went … the supermarket and did a lot … shopping. She bought half a kilo … butter, a loaf … white bread, a tin … peas, two bottles … milk and a head … cabbage. Then she went … the cash-desk, paid … the foodstuffs she had bought and left … the supermarket.

2. They offer … a very good choice … ties … all colours.

3. I’d like to have a look … one … white shirts you have here.

4. What can I do … you?

5. I want a silk dress. Show me something … light blue. Where can I try it …?

6. What size do you take … shoes?

7. I was looking … a new pair … walking shoes, so I went to a shoe shop. I tried … about ten pairs and finally bought very good shoes … my taste.

8. Your winter coat is completely … … fashion.


6. What ‘general’ word describes each group of items below? While doing the task, be sure you know the translation of all the words. Use dictionary if necessary.

Model: Lamb, beef, pork = meat

1. Trousers, jacket, dress = …

2. Potatoes, beans, onions = …

3. Sofa, armchair, table = …

4. Television, washing machine, food processor = …

5. Ring, earrings, necklace = …

6. Teddy bear, plastic gun, Lego = …

7. Writing paper, envelopes = …


Complete the table grouping the words in the correct columns.

Shoes, trousers, pumps, skirt, pair of compasses, DVD-player, tights, paper, antique vase, tie, boots, iron, blouse, picture, vacuum cleaner, statuette [ֽ stæ tju'et], magazine, slippers, newspaper, ruler, shirt.

Women’s wear Men’s wear Shoe department Stationer’s Art shop Book shop Hardware store


Explain the following in English.

Model: Shop assistant is a person who works in a shop and sells goods.

Customer, chemist’s (pharmacy), to be in fashion, sale, cash-desk (till), to shop online, backer’s, butcher’s, greengrocer’s.

Translate the following dialogues into English. Use dictionary if necessary.


- Могу я вам помочь?

- Мне нужна пара джинсов.

- Я могу предложить вам широкий выбор джинсов на любой вкус. Какого размера джинсы вы носите?

- У меня 48 размер.

- Какой цвет вы предпочитаете?

- Я бы хотел темно-синий или черный.

- Вот отличные модные джинсы. Я полагаю, это ваш размер.

- Да, я думаю, они мне подойдут.

- Вам нравится цвет?

- Да. Где я могу их примерить?

- Пройдите в эту примерочную.

- Они отлично сидят. Сколько они стоят?

- Они стоят 25 фунтов.

- Могу я оплатить покупку кредитной картой?

- Конечно, сэр. Касса у выхода.

- Спасибо.


- Добрый день, мадам. Чем я могу помочь?

- Я хочу купить сапоги на осень.

- Вы предпочитаете сапоги из кожи или из замши?

- Мне нравятся кожаные сапоги на среднем каблуке.

- Какой у вас размер?

- 37.

- Какой цвет вы предпочитаете?

- Черный.

- Вот пара отличных сапог.

- Я хочу их примерить. Они мне подходят и очень удобные. Сколько они стоят?

- Всего 45 фунтов.

- Я их покупаю.


- Здравствуйте, чем могу помочь?

- Я ищу сувенир для друга.

- У нас есть сувениры на любой вкус.

- Покажите это портмоне. Оно сделано из кожи или из кожзаменителя?

- Из кожи, конечно. В нем множество отделений для денег, документов и визиток.

- Должно быть, оно дорого стоит.

- Совсем нет. Вам очень повезло, ведь сейчас у нас большие скидки. Его цена всего 50 фунтов.

- Отлично. Я беру его.

- Вам завернуть его в подарочную бумагу?

- Было бы замечательно. Где я могу оплатить покупку?

- Касса находится прямо здесь.

- Спасибо.


- Добрый день. Чем могу вам помочь?

- Сколько стоит эта колбаса?

- 10 фунтов за килограмм.

- Правда? Это довольно дорого. А сколько стоят сосиски?

- 7 фунтов за килограмм.

- Я возьму полкило сосисок.

- Еще что-нибудь?

- Да, пожалуйста. Вы знаете, я бы хотел еще купить сыру, но у вас такой широкий выбор, что я просто не знаю, что предпочесть.

- Вот прекрасный швейцарский сыр. Он очень вкусный.

- Тогда мне 300 грамм сыра.

- Вот, пожалуйста.

- Дайте мне еще пакет молока. Оно обезжиренное (non-fat)?

- У нас, к сожалению, нет обезжиренного молока.

- Хорошо, тогда дайте то, какое у вас есть. Сколько это все стоит?

- Сейчас, минуточку…. Это будет 8 фунтов и 50 пенсов.

- Вот 9 фунтов.

- Ваша сдача.

- Спасибо.




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