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Listen to the following extract from the conversation between Elizabeth Corby and George Duncan. Fill in the spaces in the sentences below with the words actually used.

Elizabeth: Good afternoon, Mr. Duncan, I’m … …, … … ….Would you like … … … … … …?
Duncan: Yes, I would ….
Elizabeth: Now this is our … …. We have all the … departments here: …, …, Personnel, … … and so on.
Duncan: What … … opposite us?
Elizabeth: That’s the warehouse, where … … … … … are stored. We try and keep … … … … … so the urgent orders can be met … … … ….
Duncan: If I ordered a desk today, how long would it be before … … … …?
Elizabeth: I think perhaps … … … … … … … …, Mr. Fielding. You’ll meet him … … … over … … ….We’ll go there now.

Exercise 4

Act as an interpreter.

Grant: Now Mr. Duncan, what can I do for you? I understand that you’re a friend of Jock Macpherson’s.
Дункан: Да, м-р Грант. Он сказал мне, что вы делаете самую лучшую и самую дешевую мебель на рынке.
Grant: I think we make the best.
Дункан: Но действительно ли она самая дешевая? Вот что меня интересует.
Grant: We have a wide range of prices, Mr. Duncan. Here is our catalogue. We think our prices compare favourably with anything on the market today.
Дункан: Если бы я хотел, чтобы вы оборудовали вашей мебелью мой офис, во что бы мне это обошлось?
Grant: It would largely depend on the line you chose.
Дункан: Моя проблема в том, что у меня очень мало времени. Вы могли бы продать мне мебель прямо со склада?
Grant: If you could give me some idea of your requirements, Mr. Duncan, I might be able to help you. Unfortunately, I have someone coming to see me shortly and I …
Дункан: Я скажу вам, что мне нужно. Вот моя визитная карточка. Я – Директор-распорядитель фирмы «Дж. П. Дункан и Компания». Мы производим химические удобрения. Я хочу оборудовать новый административный корпус. Я бы хотел, чтобы вы как можно скорее предоставили мне котировки, включая расходы на доставку.
Grant: How many offices are there?
Дункан: Двадцать восемь.
Grant: Twenty eight offices. Oh, I see. Well, how much time can you give us?
Дункан: Мой предел – два месяца.
Grant: I’d like to send a man up to Glasgow to get details. I never like promising a date until I know we can honour it.

Exercise 5

Match the phrases on the left with an appropriate explanation on the right. Fill in the grid below.

1. office block A To increase production, make it twice what it was before
2. Administrative departments B Price of goods and delivery conditions, offered before a sale, quoted
3. Personnel Department C Office buildings
4. Market Research D Details, measurements, etc., of goods required or offered for sale
5. stock E Cost of delivering goods from factory to buyer
6. to double one’s output F The department which deals with employees
7. line G The goods are available for dispatch
8. quotation H Offices where the business side of a firm (sales, advertising, etc.) is carried out
9. delivery charges I Products made by a firm. Often used to mean a series or type of goods. (E.g. a new design for an office desk would be referred to as the new line.
10. deadline J Last possible moment when an event, e.g. delivery of goods, may take place
11. specifications K The investigation of present and future market requirements
12. in stock L There are no more goods for sale until the factory produces (or delivers) further supplies.
13. out of stock M Goods ready for sale



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.



Sum up everything you came to know from the unit about

· Elizabeth Corby

· George Duncan

· Jock Macpherson

· H.G.’s appointment with a Mr. George Duncan

· Mr.Duncan’s visit round the factory

· the information on the company performance H.G. supplied George Duncan with

· the reason why H.G. changed his opinion about George Duncan


Make Company Profile* of

· Harper & Grant Ltd.

· G.P. Duncan & Co.


Unit 3 An Emergency in the Sales Office

Phrase list

Listen to the tape and practise the pronunciation of the following words and word combinations, quote the sentences in which they are used in the unit. Consult a dictionary and translate them into Russian.

to be due back from somewhere

to do shorthand

to set letters out

to sort the letter and to stamp it with today’s date

an ‘’in’’/ ‘out’ tray

to take action



the file under Bills of Lading

Hold on!

the hold-up

a consigned vessel

date of clearance

to get on to forwarding agents

to be on the list

the invoiced sales

order intake for the month

to be cleared

to dial the number direct

to handle business

to check up with a bank

to rate somebody as sound

to agree a commission

(to pay by) sight draft

irrevocable letter of credit

bills of lading

long-term assessment


Task 1

Consider the introduction to the unit. Answer the following questions and be ready to give a story line. Use the word combinations in brackets.


What unpleasant surprise is waiting for J. Martin after his trip to Abraca?

(to be due back from the trip; a pile of work; to be an efficient secretary; to cope with the emergency by doing something; the Chief clerk, the General Office; to lend a shorthand-typist)

What does the General Office deal with?

(to be a very busy place; to handle printing and duplicating; to open letters and send them round to the appropriate offices; to collect all the outgoing letters; to frank letters; to post letters; an addressing machine; to print addresses on envelopes; to fold the letters, to seal the envelopes)

3. What is the mail, handled by Harper & Grant Ltd., used for?

(to be used for advertising and publicity; to address order acknowledgements; to send delivery notes; monthly statements оf account)

Who did Mr. Baker spare from his department?

(the Chief Clerk; to do something reluctantly; to be inexperienced but willing; to find the stationery; to give a few helpful hints; to leave somebody to his/her fate)

What bigger emergency does Mr. Martin have to cope with?

(to fail to arrive somewhere; to ring somebody in a panic; to be responsible for something; to see that something is done; to be delivered by a certain date; to use forwarding agents; to clear the goods through customs; to transport the goods; to go wrong somewhere along the line)

What do Mr. Martin and Mr. Grant discuss when John reports to H.G. on his trip to Abraca?

(to need attention; to discuss the chances of opening up a new market; to use somebody as an agent; to pay the money for the goods; to transfer the money)

What method of payment does Mr. Grant choose?

(an irrevocable letter of credit; to be sent by a bank to an exporter; to inform somebody that payment for goods is at the bank; to prove that thegoods have left the country; to show a copy of a bill of lading; the signature of the captain; to be loaded on to the ship; to be paid to the exporter; send a letter of credit to the exporter's bank; a promise to pay as soon as the exporter has shown proof that he has sent the goods)

Task 2

Give the English equivalents for the following word combinations:

· контейнер для входящей / исходящей документации · сортировать, штемпелевать письма и оформлять письма
· принять меры · связаться с агентом-экспедитором
· вести дело/руководить фирмой · отнести фирму к разряду надежных
· быть внесенным в список · стенографировать
· Оставайтесь на линии! · счета-фактуры продаж, отфактурó ванная поставка
· долговременный прогноз · задержка
· ожидаться из командировки · бланки / «шапки» на бланках
· договориться о комиссионных · безотзывный аккредитив
· оплатить что-либо векселем на предъявителя · перечень заказов, принятых за месяц
· запросить информацию в банке · отправленное судно
· дата прохождения таможенной очистки в порту · папка под грифом «коносаменты»




Exercise 1

You are going to hear a talk between Elizabeth Corby and Mr. Baker. Before you listen to the conversation look at these statements. After you have listened to the tape determine whether these statements are true (T) or false (F). Explain why.


1. Elizabeth Corby turned to Mr. Baker for help because they got a bit of a crisis on in Mr. Grant's office.
2. Mr. Martin was due back from Abraca that morning, but Sally Langly telephoned to say that she got flu, and that’s why he would need someone to help him.
3. Sally asked Mr. Baker to spare a girl from his department because the other two girls in the Sales Office couldn’t do shorthand.
4. Fenella’s shorthand was reasonable, she set her letters out well, but Mr. Baker didn’t think she was the world's fastest worker and didn’t expect she would manage.
5. That day's post was sorted and stamped the date in the General Office.
6. Elizabeth Corby showed Fenella the “in” tray with all the letters and memos which had come in while Mr. Martin had been away.
7. Elizabeth wrote a note with each letter to show whether she had taken any action or not.
8. Sally kept all the stationery (letterheads, envelopes, flimsy, and so on) in the separate drawer.
9. Elizabeth’s office is not far from Sally’s office, down the corridor.
10. Fenella denies it'll be fun to have a change.
11. Sally made Fenella sure the work at the Sales Office was rather different from the work in the General Office.


Exercise 2



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