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Who is in charge of public relations work in the company?

(to cope with the public relations work; to involve contacts with the public at large; to give information about the company and its products)

5. In what way were the spheres of responsibility concerning advertising rearranged in Harper & Grant Ltd?

(to appoint an advertising manager; to relieve somebody of the work; to be ultimately responsible to somebody for something; to be branch of some Department; to be interested in public relations; to be responsible to somebody for something)

How did the company invite and select applicants for the job of the advertising manager?

(to insert an advertisement in the “situations vасаnt” column; to give details of the appointment; to invite applications for the job; to go through the applications; to have the right qualifications for the post; to interview the selected applicants from the short list; the final interview)

Task 2

Give the English equivalents for the following word combinations:

· зд. обсудить оригинал-макет (рекламы); схему расположения (размещения); компановку; структуру чего-либо · быть ответственным исполнителем (консультантом) рекламного агентства или агентства по связям с общественностью, отвечающим за ведение дел с клиентом
· поддерживать отношения с (рекламным) агентством · вести рекламные дела нескольких фирм
· быть в первых строках списка · освободить, разгрузить кого-либо от чего-либо
· заявление о приеме на работу · назначить менеджера
· управлять (распоряжаться) чем-либо от чьего-либо имени · предпринимать; брать на себя обязательства; гарантировать
· широкая общественность · считывать гранки
· осуществлять надзор за (руководить/контролировать) деятельностью (кампанией) · побеседовать с несколькими претендентами, отобранными из списка окончательных кандидатов



Exercise 1

You are going to hear a talk between John Martin and the first applicant for the job. Before you listen to the conversation look at these statements. After you have listened to the tape determine whether these statements are true (T) or false (F). Explain why.

1. Lately Harper & Grant Ltd. haven't been too pleased with the results of a firm of advertising agents which handles their account and they are thinking of giving their account to another agency.
2. John Martin admitted that they plan to increase advertising quite considerably.
3. The new advertising manager will be responsible to Mr. Grant for all advertising and to John Martin for public relations.
4. The new ad man would be responsible for getting leaflets, brochures and catalogues designed while Hector Grant would brief the advertising agency on the kind of advertising campaign he wants.
5. Harper & Grant Ltd. advertise only in the national Press.
6. John Martin doesn't think television is a suitable medium for his firm because it's much too expensive.
7. Only in the chairs produced by Harper & Grant Ltd. the back is properly supported, and a person feels full of energy.
8. John Martin doesn’t have to tell Mr. Windsmore that Harper & Grant Ltd. are not planning to go into television.
9. Mr. Windsmore has been doing a lot of television work lately and it interests him enormously.
10. The job of an advertising manager in Harper & Grant Ltd. is hardly the right job for Mr. Windsmore.



Exercise 2

Listen to the following conversation between John and Sally. All the remarks are mixed up. Put them in the order they appear in the Unit. Supply the remarks with the name of their authors. Use the grid below.

A … Here's her letter.
B … Where's her letter of application? I can't find it. Has she had any experience? I wonder why I picked her out for an interview?
C … Sally, who's next?
D … Miss.
E … What! Really? There weren't any women applicants.
F … Oh, yes. Well, well. What’s she like, Sally?
G … Yes. It's J. P. Harvey. The 'J' is for Joanna.
H … Thanks. Yes, she signs the letter J. P. Harvey. H'm, let's see. Did I make a mistake? I can't think a woman would be likely to have the right qualifications...
I … There are two more. The rest are coming tomorrow. Ег … one is a woman.
J … Miss or Mrs.?
K … I'll show her in, Mr. Martin, and then you can decide.
L … Why not, Mr. Martin? The letter says that she's been an account executive for a year...


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Exercise 3

Listen to the following extract from the recording which shows how the situation progressed. Try to complete the gaps, using no more than three words in each case.

John: How did you begin … …, Miss Harvey?
Joanna Harvey: I … … … run by the Palmer & Vincent Agency and stayed with them for ….
John: That was before … … … your present agency?
Joanna: That’s right. And I’ve worked with them for … …. …. Last year I became … ….
John: What exactly is your work at the moment?
Joanna: Well, I handle quite … … …. I plan …. …, co-ordinate the work of the visualiser, the copywriter, … … …. I … … with the clients, … … and, sometimes, have to do the work of the specialists when … … …, as there is usually is.
John: You seem to have had … … …. I think you'd do the work well, but... well, all the executives are men and … еr …
Joanna: And I … … industry was so go-ahead and modern!

Exercise 4

Act as an interpreter.

John: I don't mind telling you you're quite high on my list, but...
Джоанна Харви: Но вы предпочли бы мужчину?
John:   (Later) No. I was going to say... If only I can convince our Managing Director. I'll do my best.
Питер Вайлз: Не могу поверить этому, Джон! Ты имеешь ввиду, что шеф действительно назначил девчонку? Фантастика! Как тебе удалось его убедить?
John: I didn’t, Peter. She persuaded him herself. He saw the two best candidates, and the girl got the job.
Питер: Превосходно! Не могу дождаться встречи с ней. Я бы сказал, фирма становится современнее.

Exercise 5

Match the phrases on the left with an appropriate explanation on the right. Fill in the grid below.

1. to advertise A A person who is in charge of a firm’s campaign to make itself known to the public
2. advertisements B Everything which concerns the contact a firm makes with the general public or with individuals who may promote their business in some way
3. advertising manager C Someone who applies for something, usually a job
4. advertising campaign D A person in an advertising agency who looks after the affairs of one particular firm or client (called an account)
5. public relations E To make known the goods or services you provide
6. applicant F Someone whose job is to invent or visualise an idea for a good advertisement
7. short list G When offering a new job, most firms select from the total number of applicants a small number who they think have the best qualifications on paper. Their names are put on a short list and they are subsequently interviewed.
8. layout H The publicity material
9. visualiser I When anything is to be printed it is customary for the printer to prepare a specimen copy first so that his client may examine it for possible errors. This copy is called a proof.
10. an account executive J The whole plan of advertising for a particular product, usually planned a year in advance
11. to check proofs K The arrangement of material in an advertisement, i.e. where the photograph, or drawing, is put in relation to the words or copy
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.



Consider the following points. Share your ideas with a partner or a small group. Be prepared to explain your answers to the class.

a) the system of advertising used at Harper & Grant Ltd.;

b) John Martin’s steps taken when he realised that he needed an expert to supervise an advertising campaign, to check proofs, to make sure that the company used the appropriate media;

c) the work of an advertising manager entails;

d) Mr. Windsmore’s views on advertising;

e) Joanna Harvey’s skills in advertising.

2. Recount the situation as if you were John Martin. Say who was the highest on your list and why. How did you react upon the news that the next applicant is a woman?

3. Suppose you are Peter Whiles. What makes you think that your firm is looking up?

4. Render the situation as if you were Joanna Harvey.

5. Act out a conversation between

a) John Martin and Hector Grant about the necessity of employing an advertising manager and rearranging the sphere of responsibilities in advertising and public relations

b) Peter Wiles and John Martin after the appointment of a new advertising manager.


Unit 9 Productivity – A Work Study Survey

Phrase list

Listen to the tape and practise the pronunciation of the following words and word combinations, quote the sentences in which they are used in the unit. Consult a dictionary and translate them into Russian.


to engage consultants

work study technique (review)

to improve efficiency and output

to be keen to do something

to suggest improvements and ways of stepping up

to formulate piece rates and incentive bonus schemes

O. & M. (Organisation and Method)

to run something from top to bottom

to do something with a view to doing something

to do something in conjunction with something

to do something under the scheme

to do sample study / survey*

a soluble problem

an incentive payments scheme

to do something as a spur to productivity

group bonus scheme

to agree to piece rates

to change with the times

to have a hand in something

corporate planning

operational research

critical path analysis

to cause delay and confusion

to be to hand

to bargain for something


Task 1

Consider the introduction to the unit. Answer the following questions and be ready to give a story line. Use the word combinations in brackets.




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