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Listen how later that morning Mr. Martin dealt with a telephone call. Try to complete the gaps, using no more than three words in each case.

John Martin: Hello. What? Desks? Oh, Mr.Van Eyck... Yes... But they … days ago. Yes, of course they were... wait, I'll give you …. Fenella, quick!
Fenella: Yes, Mr. Martin.
John: See if you can find … of the … for the thirty M-type … sent to …. They'll be in the outer … in the file under …. Hello... hold on... we're trying to find it. I'm sorry about this, Mr. Van Eyck, I can't understand ….
Fenella: Is this it, Mr. Martin?
John: Yes, that's it. Here we are, Mr. Van Eyck, yes, … Kelpie, … London Docks, 12th September. You should have them by now. I'll get on to … and call you back. O.K. Good-bye. Fenella! Get me the Globe … - Mr. Alan Smith. The number's … by the phone. Something has happened to our … for Rotterdam. Our agent … promised … would get … on Friday. When you've got him, ring through to Mr. Best, …, and ask him to bring up … and … for the month. Be as quick as you can.
John: (An hour later) Hello, oh, Mr. Smith. Any luck? What! Oh, no. Left …. Why weren't …? Well, surely … responsible. Look, I'll try and … cleared. O.K. I'll ring you back. Fenella! Get me Mr. Van Eyck ….
Fenella: Oh, Mr. Martin, how … to Holland?
John: You can … direct, it's on I.S.D.* Oh, heavens! It's … already. … I've got through, I'll have to go and …. I shan't be long.


Exercise 3

Act as an interpreter.

Grant: Come in, John. Well, you seem to have covered a lot of ground in Abraca. What about an agent?
John Martin: Думаю, что я нашел хорошего (агента). Думаю, что он будет вести наши дела хорошо.
Grant: What's his financial position?
John: Когда я был в Джемзе, я навел справки в Национальном Банке Абраки, и они считают его (агента) надежным.
Grant: Did you agree a commission if we decide to employ him?
John: Да. Десять процентов, как обычно.
Grant: How are we going to arrange payment from Abraca? I'm against sight draft.
John: Да, я согласен. Это должен быть безотзывный аккредитив. Расчеты будут осуществляться через лондонское отделение Национального Банка Абраки, по получении ими наших коносаментов и всех прочих документов.
Grant: Well, I'd like a more detailed report from you on paper, plus your long-term assessment.

Exercise 4

Listen to the following conversation between John Martin and Fenella. Look at their remarks given below at random. Put them in the order they appear in the Unit. Supply the remarks with the name of their authors.

A... Oh, Fenella! Don’t weep all over my letters, they’re so nicely set out. You can easily correct the spelling mistakes. Do cheer up. I’m sorry. I expect I’m a bit tired too. It’s been a hectic day for both of us.
B... Yes, of course. I shouldn’t be able to manage without you.
C... Look. I really am sorry. I shouldn’t have expected so much from you. You’ve done splendidly. I know … pass me my brief case. I bought this ash-tray in the souk in Djemsa. Would you like it?
D... Fenella, these letters are full of spelling mistakes.
E... Oh, yes, Mr. Martin. Thank you ever so much … and can I work for you tomorrow if Sally is still away?
F … Oh, Mr. Martin, I did try to do my best. Honestly I did.
G … Oh, dear!
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Exercise 5

Match each of the phrases on the left with an appropriate explanation on the right. Fill in the grid below.

1. forwarding agent A A form giving relevant information about freight, goods, being shipped. They are made out in sets of two or three copies. One copy is signed by the captain of, or agent for, a ship to acknowledge that the goods have been placed on board a ship.  
2. to clear B An experienced guess at what the sales or expenditure, etc., will be in the future  
3. irrevocable letter of credit C A note to help memory; or a short note of instructions or information for internal office use  
4. Bill of Lading (B/L) D To consider a person honest: in this case sound financially, i.e. having a good reputation with his bank manager  
5. date of clearance E To get goods through customs. Clearing agent: one who supervises and helps goods through customs, paying duties, etc.  
6. memo (memorandum) F A Bill of Exchange attached to shipping documents. The goods are only released to the buyer when he pays the amount on his bill. The exporter does not receive the money so quickly because it is paid in the buyer’s country.  
7. to rate someone as sound G Anything which checks progress  
8. sight draft H A firm responsible for transporting and delivering goods which are being exported. A forwarding agent is sometimes called a clearing agent. Someone importing speaks of a clearing agent and someone exporting uses the term a forwarding agent.  
9. long-term assessment I This document means that the buyer cannot change his mind if he decides that he does not want the goods.  
10. along the line J Date the goods left docks  
11. a hold-up K Between place of dispatch and place of arrival  
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.




Sum up everything you came to know from the unit.


1. Suppose you are the Chief Clerk in the General Office. Brief the audience of the activities you are responsible for.

2. Recount the situation when Elisabeth Corby gives a few helpful hints to Fenella in John Martin’s office. Report the situation as if you were Fenella. Prove that you will be able to manage.

3. At the end of this hectic day John had cleared up some of his work, but poor Fenella was nearly at her wits' end. Explain why she still wanted to work for John Martin while Sally was away.

4. Act on behalf of Mr. Van Eyck and state the reason for his telephone call to Harper & Grant Ltd.

5. Report to H. Grant as if you were John Martin and say who was responsible for the hold up with the thirty M-type desks.

6. Act out the dialogue between:

a) John Martin and Peter Wiles in which John informs Peter of prospective activities in Abraca

b) John Martin and Mr. Best, the Sales Clerk about the emergency in the Sales Office after the mess has been cleared.



Unit 4 Trouble with a Special Order

Phrase list

Listen to the tape and practise the pronunciation of the following words and word combinations, quote the sentences in which they are used in the unit. Consult a dictionary and translate them into Russian.

the delivery delay (on the console control desks)

steel sheets

to be a special order

a penalty clause

to stand to do something

overdue delivery

the Buying Department

the production line

to handle something

to be a dreadful nuisance

to meet the delivery date

to claim compensation (for failure to deliver on time)

to offset the penalty clause

plastic coated sheets

the time limit (in the contract)

to be ordered against a special job

to be wanted for stock

to honour the delivery (contract)

annealing oven

to be on the line

to put somebody in a mess

to be due to deliver something by some date

to share the extra cost of doing something

to have half the items ready ex works

to try somebody on the public address

to involve rescheduling production line

to pay double time


Task 1

Consider the introduction to the unit. Answer the following questions and be ready to give a story line. Use the word combinations in brackets.

What are Peter Wiles’ plans for the day in question?

(to be the Production Manager; to have a very hectic day; to dictate a report into a dictating machine; to type something back later)

Why is John Martin very worried when he comes into Peter's office?

(to receive a memo from the Production Department; a delay in delivery; special plastic coated steel sheets)

What are these sheets wanted for?

(an important order; to form part of a console for a computerised control system; to sit and be responsible for the production; a large fully-automatic chemical plant)

4. What will happen if Harper & Grant fail to deliver the sheets on time?

(to get the order; to promise to deliver something before a certain date; to fail to deliver on time; to lose money; a penalty clause in the contract)

Who is guilty in the delay?

(to need steel sheets which are covered with plastic; plastic coating; to be finished in a heat-treatment oven; an annealing oven; to supply the sheets; to be able to deliver; to promise the date; to honour the contract with somebody)

6. Will Harper & Grant Ltd. lose money in this case?

(to have a penalty clause; the contract with the suppliers; to lose money; to do something about something pretty quickly)


Task 2

Give the English equivalents for the following word combinations:

· пункт о штрафных санкциях (неустойка) · потребовать компенсации за несвоевременную поставку
· отдел снабжения · стальные листы
· требоваться по спецзаказу · уложиться в сроки поставки
· задержка поставки пультов управления · предельные сроки поставки в контракте
· требоваться для запасов · производственная линия
· разделить дополнительные расходы · компенсировать штрафные санкции
· являться спецзаказом · стоять перед каким-либо фактом
· включать в себя перестройку производственной линии · уложиться в сроки поставки · иметь половину продукции готовой к отправке с предприятия (франко-склад)


Exercise 1

You are going to hear a talk between Peter Wiles and John Martin. Before you listen to the conversation look at these statements. After you have listened to the tape determine whether these statements are true (T) or false (F). Explain why.

1. Peter Wiles decided not to borrow John Martin’s tape recorder because he came to his office in person and dictated a long report to Jane.
2. The reason why Peter asked John to spare him a second was a memo Peter sent him about the delivery delay on the console control desks.
3. Peter thinks that everything has gone wrong with the steel sheets, which they need for the desks from new suppliers. These suppliers have got some trouble or other. They say they’ll be a bit late with delivery.
4. It's a very important contract because those console control desks are a special order and are wanted for one of the big computer companies.
5. The new suppliers promised delivery on Thursday week.
6. What is worse there's a penalty clause in the contract with the computer company and Harper & Grant Ltd stand to lose ten per cent of their price for each day of overdue delivery.
7. Sales people have to accept penalty clauses, otherwise they don't get the contracts.
8. Peter only heard about the delay yesterday because they kept the production line clear to handle the special sheets.
9. If Harper & Grant don't meet their delivery date it won’t cost them a lot of money because they can claim compensation from the steel suppliers for failure to deliver on time and that will offset the penalty clause.

Exercise 2



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