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My Specialty is Computer Science

As it is known the success or failure of adult life depends upon the choice made early in life. That’s why every school-leaver faces the problem of choosing his/her future profession. It should not only be interesting to you, but provide a certain standard of living.

I have always been interested in computer science. It is a remarkably young field. The first electronic computers were first developed only fifty years ago. Since then they have become part of our everyday life. We encounter daily a lot of computers, phones and consumer electronics with built-in microchips. They are now part of many machines and devices, which provide safer environment, improve energy efficiency in cars, provide call forwarding and call answering in phones. Due to them computer equipment is getting smaller, more sophisticated and more intelligent.

I’ve chosen the Faculty of Electronics at the South Ural State University, because graduates of the faculty are highly demanded everywhere. The faculty aims at giving the students the top level education and to enable them to carry out scientific research work. You can study at one of the following departments of the faculty: automation and control; radio equipment design and manufacture; information measuring instruments; control systems; radio engineering systems; digital radio engineering systems; electronic computers; automatic systems of information. On graduating from the university you can be qualified as a Specialist in IT, a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.); a Master of Science (M. Sc). You can also continue your studies and research at the post-graduate course and get a scientific degree in computer science.

There are a lot of jobs in computing. A Webmaster administrates a Web server, a security specialist tests the security of networks systems and advises customers and software users how to introduce and maintain security policies; a systems programmer specializes in writing systems software; an IT support engineer provides help for computer users by designing, building and maintaining information technology systems; an IT systems manager is responsible for developing and implementing computer software that supports the operations of the business; a systems analyst studies systems in an organization and decides how to computerize them; an application programmer writes application programs.

Graduates of the faculty of Electronics are expected to work at state and municipal systems of management, in different corporations and firms dealing with application of modern administrative and information analytical technologies. In general, you can work in the fields of management, industry and production, medicine, business and entertainment, etc.

As to me, I haven’t made my mind yet what field to specialize in. I am going to make my final decision when I am in my fifth year. It is really difficult to become a highly skilled specialist in any field of computer science. One should be well-educated and broad-minded. I am sure I’ll do my best to become a good specialist whatever field I choose.

Task 3

Look through the text again and answer the questions:

1. When a person leaves High School, he understands that the time to choose his future profession has come.

2. As for me, I am a future systems analyst.

3. I have always been interested in computer science.

4. I haven’t made up my mind yet to choose a field of computer science to specialize in.

5. After graduation from the SUSU graduates may have many options to consider in terms of pursuing their interest in the field.

6. Many students are attracted to the computer science major because it is likely to be closely connected with their future job.

7. At present I would like to be a good specialist whatever field I choose.

Task 4

Look through each paragraph once again and name the key words, make up sentences of your own with them

Vocabulary exercises

Exercise 1

Match the phrase and its translation

1. as to me a. интересоваться
2. failure b. область знаний
3. to specialize in c. средняя школа
4. environment d. безусловно, несомненно
5. encounter e. развлечение
6. to be interested in f. (окружающая) среда
7. school leaver g. специализироваться в
  h. что касается меня
8. standard of living 9. maintain i. управление j. обслуживать k. сложный
10. sophisticated l. сталкиваться
11. management m.уровень жизни
12. entertainment n. неудача


Exercise 2

Match the words to make up correct phrases, translate them into Russian

1.computer a. programs
2.security b. design
3.application c. software
4.adult d. policy
5.support 6.call e. engineer f. science
7.scientific g. degree
8.radio equipment h. life
9.software i. forwarding
Exercise 3  

Match the words with the proper prepositions

1. in terms ___ a. with
2. to be in demand __ b. of
3. with the aid ___ c. in
4. to specialize ___ d. from
5. to cope ___ e. in
6. to graduate ___ f. of


Exercise 4

Make up sentences of your own using the vocabulary of exercises 2, 3 and 4.

Exercise 5

Translate into Russian

1. Undoubtedly a strong character is in demand in many companies.

2. A would–be specialist should improve his abilities in the course of five years.

3. It’s important to cope with stress before and after the entrance competitive exams.

4. One has to defend his thesis to get a degree in computer science.

5. Software theory is likely to develop over the time.

6. A freshman is a student in his own right.


Grammar exercises

Exercise 1

Read the sentences and identify the types of conditionals. Which refers to the


1. If I didn’t know how to handle a firm, I would go bankrupt.

2. If Tom had studied hard he would have passed all the exams.

Exercise 2

Read the sentences. Which expresses an unreal situation in the present? Which expresses regret about the past event?

1. I wish I hadn’t left school (but I did)

2. I wish I earned more money. (but I don’t’)

Exercise 3

Make wishes for the following situations

Example: You lied to your best friend. – I wish I hadn’t lied to my best friend.

1. You failed your exams.

2. You were not patient enough with your mother.

3. You don’t have a well-paid job.

4. You can’t cope with the stressful situation.

5. You are too impressionable.

6. You can’t take control of the situation.

7. Your teacher doesn’t treat all the students equally.

8. You didn’t do your best to perform the task.


Exercise 4

Fill in the correct tense

1. If I hadn’t lied to my boss, he __________ (not/fire) me.

2. I wish I ___________ (not/spend) so much money on clothes. Now, I can’t pay the phone bill.

3. If he ___________ (have), he would give us a lift.

4. If she were qualified, she _________ (find) a goof job.

5. If he _________ (find) a job, he wouldn’t ask the money.

6. I wish I _________ (not/have to) work such long hours. Then, I could spend more time with my son.

7. If you keep coming to work late, you __________ (lose) your job.

8. If he had left on time, he ________ (not/be) late for the meeting.

9. If you stopped smoking, you ________ (be) in better health.

10. I wish you _________ (follow) her advice. If you had followed it, you _________ (not/lose) all your money.


Exercise 5

Complete the sentences. What would you do in the following situations?

1. If I won one million dollars I would …

2. If I had a magic stick I would …

3. If I were the rector of the SUSU I would....

4. If I had a possibility to study abroad I would...

5. If I were the ruler of the world I would …

6. If I had chosen another speciality I would (wouldn’t) have Ved …

7. If I hadn’t finished school successfully, I would (wouldn’t) have Ved…



Discuss the following questions in groups of three

1. Which is more exciting to be a freshman or a school leaver?

2. When did you choose your future profession? Was it an easy endeavour to cope with?

3. What is your major?

4. What subjects are you likely to study in the course of five years at the University?

5. What do you think are the main character traits for a highly qualified computer specialist?

6. Do you know any programming languages? Name them.

7. Do you think it is necessary to get a scientific degree?


Task 1



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