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D Use the information from the recording and complete the definitions.

1 A smart phone is a kind of phone which…

2 GPS is the abbreviation for the global positioning system which…

3 A spellchecker is a very useful piece of software which…

Computer pioneers & Pioneer computers

 13 Look at these pictures and match them to the dates and information.                    5.2

Then make up sentences in full.

 Example: Picture one shows the first portable computer the Osborne 1 created in 1980

1 ___________________     2___________________  3___________________

4____________________   5 ___________________  6 __________________

1971          1976          1980       1981       1985        1989


   a) Microsoft announced the first Windows 1.0 operating system                 

b) Intel introduced the first commercial microprocessor

 c) The first Apple computer came out                                                          

 d) The first portable computer was created by Adam Osborne                        

e) IBM introduced its first personal computer (PC)

f) Apple created the first laptop


14 Watch the video What is inside your computer? (2:30). Then answer the questions.

1What are the main components of a computer?

2 What does the abbreviation RAM stand for?

3 What acts as a short-term / long-term memory in your computer?

4 What is the function of the motherboard?

5 What does the processor determine?

6 What is the video card responsible for?


Write complete definitions. Make use of the prompts.


1 Computer is an… / advance / electron / data / process / device / which

                        - accept / store / input data,

                        - process / data / input,

                        - generate / the output in the required format.

 2 Hardware – machinery / electronic / part / computer / system /

 3 Software - program / use / operate / computer


Read the information.


Relative clauses provide important information about what or who we are talking about.

A relative clause is introduced by a pronoun. The most common relative pronouns are:

who: to refer to people

which: to refer to things

that: to refer to either people or things

whose: the possessive of who and which

when: used after nouns referring to time

where: used after nouns referring to place.

16 Match sentences 1-8 with appropriate relative clauses a)-h)

1 The case or system unit contains the electronic brain of the computer...

2 Laptop computers are small lightweight machines …

3 Probably the simplest type of hardware…is the mouse

4 Quantum computers…are fundamentally different

5 A man … gave commands.

6 It is the hour…

7 Charles Babbage is the person …

8 A library is a place…


a) which are being developed in labs right now

b) that we have

c) that can run on batteries

d) which processes and sends information between all of the other parts

e) where they keep books.                                                                                                                                       

f) whose voice seemed familiar to me                                                                                                                                         

g) when we sleep                                                                                                                             

h) who introduced the idea of storing and reading the information before processing.                                                                                                                                  


17 Match words 1-6 with definitions a)-f). Then join the sentences with which, whose, whereandthat.


1a iPod                                                                                        

iPod is an electronic device which you use to listen to music.

2 ____ laboratory                                                                               

3 ____ engineer

4 ____ processor

5 ____ device

6 ____ monitor

a) An electronic device. You use it to listen to music.

b) A part of a computer. It controls all the other parts of a computer.

c) An object or machine. It has been invented to fulfill a particular purpose.

d) A person. His or her job involves designing and building engines, machines, roads, etc.

e) A device with a screen. It shows information from a computer.

f) A place, Chemicals or medicines are produced there.


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