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Then answer the questions.

  Which adjective …

                         … is not gradable?

                         … has the same noun/adjective form?

                         … forms the related noun form with the help of the suffix –ty?

                         … is the opposite of the adjective slight ?     

                         … has two related nouns?

                         … forms the negative form with the help of the prefix im-?

C Use the adjectives from the previous exercise to complete the sentences.

1 The cost of the new facility has not been revealed.

2 The wire has to be enough to go around corners of the room.

3 The equipment can be to install.

4 The boiler uses fuel.

5 Years of doing this research had made her… in her working methods.

6 They sold it easily and made a profit.


Write the noun form of the adjectives.

1 available      _______   5 entire    ___________   9 strong    ________

2 capable        ________ 6 reliable       ___________  10 portable     ________

3 dense           ________ 7 basic      ___________  11 potential _________

4 dependent         ________ 8 intelligent ___________  12 flexible _________


Read the sentences below. Give Russian equivalents to word combinations in bold.

Find relative clauses in the sentences.

1 The researchers’ experimental chip uses two materials with very different lattice sizes: molibybdenum disulfide and grapheme, which is a single-atom-thick layer of carbon.

It’s the strongest known material, but it also has the highest known electron mobility, a measure of how rapidly electrons move through it. As such, it’s an excellent candidate for use in thin-filmelectronics or, indeed, in any nanoscale electronic devices.

2 The layers of material in the researchers’ experimental chip are extremely thin – between one and three atoms thick. Consequently, this work could abet efforts to manufacture thin, flexible, transparent computing devices, which could be laminated onto other materials.

3 The technique also has implications for the development of the ultralow-power, high-speedcomputing devices known as tunneling transistors and, potentially, for integration of optical components into computer chips.



34A Work in pairs. Write a definition for each of the collocations below. Use a dictionary if necessary but write the definitions in your own words.


Student A:                                        Student B:

·    enter a password                  restart a computer

·    forward an email                      run software

·    a password expires               install software

·    delete a file                           print out a document



B Swap your definitions and collocations with a pair and match the collocations to the definitions.


C Role play the situations below.

The user (Student A) should begin the conversation, and the helpdesk (Student B) should respond. Both students should wait to give the information in brackets until later in the conversation.


1 User                                                                   Helpdesk

 You’ve entered your password, but the system     Ask them if they’ve got ‘Caps Lock’ pressed

 won’t let you in. ( You are worried because you down, (if they haven’t, tell them that their

 should forward an email to your colleague.)    password has probably expired, Offer to

                                                                              help them set up a new password.)


 2 User                                                                  Helpdesk

 You’ve accidentally deleted a file with all the   Tell them not to worry because it should still

 company’s sales figures on it.(You are very       be in their ‘trash’ folder. (Ask them to look

 embarrassed.)                                                       there and see if they can find it.)


User                                                                   Helpdesk

You ran some new software and since then        Ask them if they have tried restarting their

nothing seems to work properly. (You apologize computer. (Ask them where they got the

to the helpdesk, because this is third time you’ve software from. Tell them that they should

called them today.)                                                check with you before installing any new

                                                                               software on a company computer.)


User                                                                    Helpdesk

You are trying to print out a document but the   Tell them that you’ll need to install some

symbols have come out all wrong. (You really         software that will allow them to print these

need the document immediately for a meeting.)   symbols correctly. (Tell them that you are

                                                                               really busy and you can’t do it until



35 Match each sentence 1-6 with a suitable response a)-f)

1 Do you think you could send me a copy?           a) Sure, what’s up?   

2 Oh dear, I’m having trouble opening this file     b) Just a minute I’ll see if it’s done

3 Can I have a quick word?                                    c) What version of the soft are you using?

4 How about if we run an anti-virus scan?             d) Here, let me help you

5 I’m calling about the repair to my laptop            e) Certainly, I’ll do it right now

6 I can’t print anything                                           f) That’s an idea! I’ll try that



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