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Study the rules of word formation.

Think of examples of your own.


Prefix micro – very small

Example words: microcircuit - микросхема

Prefix mini – smaller than others of the same type 

Example words: minicomputer, minibus- микроавтобус

Prefix superextremely or more than usual

Example words: superconductor – cверхпроводник, supersonic – сверхзвуковой


37A Match words 1-8 to definitions a)- h)


1 according to prep           a) able to work with something else; being suitable or right for

2 design n                             b) to form something soft into the shape of a ball or tube

3 roll v                               c) as stated by; in a way that agrees with

4 compatible a                  d) amount; space; sound level; book

5 volume n                        e) well-developed (skill or quality); fully grown (of a living being)

6 mature a                         f) to finish doing something

7 even adv                         g) the unexpected characteristic of something or emphasis

8 complete v                      h) the way in which something is arranged or shaped; the skill of

                                          making plans or drawings

B Complete the sentences with the words from the exercise above in the correct form.

1 She is an expert in software

2 The computer software isn’t with your operating system.

3 The new service is one of the most useful and popular on the Web. better, it’s free to use.

4 She three years of college, and then took a year off.

5 The system couldn’t handle the of email.

6 I a string into a ball.

7 some researchers, the future of electronic devices is centered on flexibility.

8 A … student is an adult student who goes to college or university some years after leaving school.


Study the information. Use these idioms in your own sentences.

IDIOMS with even

· even if  whether or not  

   Even if you apologize, she still may not forgive you.

· even though despite the fact that

Even though he never completed college, he runs a successful software company.

· evenso although it is true  

There are a lot of spelling mistakes; even so, it’s quite a good essay.


IDIOMS with roll

· roll up your sleeves to prepare for hard work

We’ve planned everything- - now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get started.


· roll out something to make something available or known to people for the first time

The company has rolled out new services faster than any other in the field.

· roll back something to reduce something to an earlier level or standard

The governor plans to roll property taxes back.



39A Watch the video What is stopping Flexible Displays From Taking Over?

Then answer the questions.

Useful notes:


fold v –свёртывать. складывать

semiconductors n - полупроводники

conductors n  – проводники

insulators n  -  непроводник

film – плёнка


1 Have you seen flexible displays?

2 Have they already appeared as a complete commercial product?

3 Why do you think they haven’t been put into a product yet?

4 Are manufactures interested in flexible displays?

5 When can we expect to see a smart phone with a truly flexible display?

6 What are the uses for flexible and foldable displays?


B Work in pairs and complete the sentences using the information from the video.

1 Dr. Ling told us that it’s quite a high investment area and no one has experienced out in products for flexible displays yet because …

2 There are many different materials: semiconductors, conductors, insulators and barriers that you have to

3 If you change a single material you probably have to

4 So it is not just a single innovation that makes sense and, but he also claims that it is not only the materials. it is the corresponding processes:

5 We’ve seen flexible displays floating around the tradeshow for two years now. Why is no one put into a product yet? In one word it is

6 We’ve had discussions with different manufactures and they’ve all been reallybut if you don’t have large even if the technology is very interesting they can’t

7 Folding and unfolding is just the first step. In the future you will be able ….

7 Once we’ve get larger volumes …

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