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Topic vocabulary in contrast

A Complete using the correct form of the words in the box.

1. In our school, most classes have about 35 ……. in them. 2. Every year, two new ……. are chosen from the best students in each class. 3. The university accepts around 2000 new ……. every year. prefec pupil student
4. When he finally graduated, Victor felt he had ……. everything he set out to do. 5. The work we're doing now will make more sense when you ……. the sixth level. achieve reach
6. Who ……. you how to play the drums like that? 7. I would love to ……. a new language I don't know anything about; like Swedish. teach learn
8. Children in England go to ……. school from the ages of five to eleven. 9. In Britain, grammar schools, public schools and comprehensives are often referred to as ……. schools. 10. Americans usually refer to their secondary school as a ……. schoolf and there are often separate junior and senior schools. high primary secondary
11. The exam ……. come out today and I'm really nervous. I hope I've passed. 12. I was so proud when my exam ……. finally arrived in the post. 13. I would prefer to go to university and do a ……. in astronomy, rather than start work. degree certificate results


В   Circle the correct word.

1. I made a few mistakes in the exam and I don't think I passed / took it.

2. It's not always easy to count / measure how intelligent someone is.

3. Did you know that our French teacher can speak / talk four languages?

4. My qualifications / qualities include a degree and an MA in chemistry.

5. Our headteacher had had her hair cut and I didn't know / recognise her at first.

6. In design and technology we were given the effort / task of designing a stadium.

7. You'll find plenty of books on the subject / lesson of business studies in the library.

8. You have to read / study hard in order to do well at university.

9. Look at what we did in today's lesson and we'll have a quick exam / test tomorrow morning.

10. Our teacher asked us to choose one of our colleagues / classmates to be our partner for the next exercise.


Phrasal verbs

С   Write one word in each gap.

1. Just get ……. with Exercise С and I'll be back in a minute.

2. My teacher says that I should sail through the exam, but I'm not so sure.

3. Dave didn't understand what Miss Smith was getting ……. so he asked her to explain it again.

4. We all tried to convince our teacher to change his mind about the school trip and he finally came ….

5. If you make a mistake, just cross it ……. with a single line.

6. Belinda missed a few months of school because of illness and found it difficult to keep ……. with her classmates.

7. The other kids were making fun of me, but I didn't catch ……. until I heard them laughing.


D   Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

1. The ideas in your essay need to be organised better.                                                  set

You need to set out the ideas in your essay better.

2. Why don't you consider the college's offer for a few days and then call them?        over

Why don't you ……. for a few days and then call them?

3. You'll never pass the exam if you just stop trying like that.                                       in

You'll never pass the exam ifyou just ……. like that.

4. When he was at university, Nick just couldn't handle all the work.                           deal

Nick just couldn't ……. at university.

5. I suddenly realised that I had left my homework at home.                                        dawned

It ……. that I had left my homework at home.

6. Ed was very lonely at university and he left after only one month.                           out

Ed ……. after only one month because he was very lonely.


Phrases and collocations

E  Choose the correct answer.

1. If you need to ……. the teacher's attention, just put your hand up.

A pull        В attract  С capture   D draw

2. Make sure you ……. your homework before you go out.

A make      В solve       С write       D do

3. Could I ……. a suggestion? Why not have piano lessons?

A have        В do        С put        D make

4. I really don't ……. the point of taking the exam when you're not ready for it.

A take        В see        С have        D mind

5. I'll meet you at the school gates during the lunch ……. .

A break      В gap        С interval   D pause

6. Do you think you could pass that book ……. to me, please?

A under     В through  С over        D in

7. Mrs Dawson said that we are ……. our lesson in the library next Monday.

A having    В making   С reading   D going

8. In English yesterday, we had a discussion ……. different cultures.

A around   В about      С for        D from

9. ……. my opinion, maths shouldn't be a compulsory subject.

A From      В To        С At        D In

10. When you ……. the exam tomorrow, try to stay calm and relaxed.

A make      В write       С take        D answer

11. My dad wants me to go to university, but I'm in ……. minds about it.

A my        В two        С some       D different

12. I still have a lot ……. about the English language.

A learning  В to learn   С for learning D of learning

13. If the examiner can't ……. sense of your writing, you'll get a low mark.

A make      В bring       С take        D understand

14. I hadn't studied, so when the teacher asked me I had ……. idea.

A none              В no        С even       D not


Word patterns

F   Each of the words in bold is incorrect. Rewrite them correctly.

1. I've always admired our music teacher from being so patient. for

2. My new school is quite similar with my old one. ______

3. Mr Wilkins congratulated me for passing the exam. ______

4. I'd better go home and study on tomorrow's test. ______

5. Ian is capable for doing very well this year if he works hard. ______

6. This course is suitable to students who are considering a career in the media. ______

7. If you don't get into university, you'll have to settle with art college. ______

8. After six attempts, Bill finally succeeded with passing his driving test. ______


G   Water has damaged part of this text from a diary. Read it and decide what you think each of the original words was. Write the words in the blank spaces.

Dear Diary

Well, my first day at the new school is over. I was able ……. make     1 ______

a few friends, although I hope ……. I meet more people tomorrow.     2 ______

I met one girl I didn't like, who just boasted ……. her exam results     3 about/of

and succeeded ……. annoying everyone. The teacher asked me           4 ______

what I'd been learning ……. at my other school and when I told        5 ______

her she said she failed ……. see how I would be able to catch up        6 ______

with the others. I'll show her! I'm just as capable ……. doing the        7 ______

work as the others. I'm really going to study hard ……. the test.        8 ______


Word formation

H   Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.

1. I wonder if you could tell me who was awarded the ……. (SCHOLAR)?

2. Do you think that you pay enough ……. (ATTEND) in class?

3. Could you tell me what the ……. (SOLVE) to number seven is?

4. My dad said I'd better spend more time on my ……. (STUDY).

5. I would like to know what qualifications ……. (TEACH) require in your country.

6. Joshua was suspended from school for a week for bad ……. (BEHAVE).

7. I did six hours of ……. (REVISE) for the test, and I still failed!

8. Please send photocopies of all your ……. (CERTIFY) to us at the address below.


I   Complete the text by changing the form of the word in capitals.


It seems (1) ……. (THINK) today not to provide children with a decent (2) ……. (EDUCATE). There is such an emphasis on (3) ……. (ACADEMY) achievement these days that it's easy to forget what a problem (4) ……. (LITERATE) used to be. Being unable to read can be (5) ……. (INTENSE) embarrassing and can make someone feel like a complete (6) ……. (FAIL). Someone who can't read is often (7) ……. (UNDERSTAND) afraid of certain situations. The problem can seem (8) ……. (SOLVE). However, given the right teacher, a lot of hard work and a (9) ……. (REASON) amount of time, anyone can learn. Being able to read can lead to an (10) ……. (IMPROVE) quality of life.



Units 17 and 18                                   Review 9


A   Write one word in each gap.


It may sound strange, but Ben was looking forward to the English exam. Now, don't imagine that Ben was a great student. He was always slow to catch (1) ……. in class and couldn't really keep (2) ……. with the other students. And he hadn't even studied (3) ……. The exam. The real reason he thought he was going to sail (4) ……. was that he had all the answers!

Two days before, he had found a piece of paper with all the questions and answers on it on his teacher's desk. It suddenly (5) ……. his mind that maybe for once he could pass the exam. 'What's the point (6) ……. studying?' he asked himself. After thinking it (7) ……. for a second, he (8) ……. his mind up. He copied the piece of paper and his teacher (9) ……. no idea what had happened.

When the exam started, Ben sat down and turned the question paper over. He looked, and then looked again. It was the wrong paper! It dawned (10) ……. Ben that he had copied the wrong exam paper! His teacher was looking at him, so Ben thought he'd better get (11) ……. with it. He knew he would never succeed (12) ……. passing the exam. Not all of it (13) ……. sense to him, but he did his best.

The next day, his teacher gave him his paper back and said: 'Well done, Ben. Much better.' Ben

couldn't believe it! He had passed with a B! He realised he had (14) ……. an important lesson. With a little work, who knew what he would be capable (15) …….?

(1 mark per answer)

В   Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.

16. I passed the exam, but I'm still waiting to get my ……. (CERTIFY).

17. Have you done any ……. (REVISE) for the test?

18. Please pay ……. (ATTEND), Rita, when I'm explaining what your homework is.

19. I spent a long time on the maths problem but I still came up with the wrong ……. (SOLVE).

20. One of my classmates was suspended for a week for bad ……. (BEHAVE).

21. Well, Mrs Turner, you'll be pleased to hear that Georgia has made a big ……. (IMPROVE) in geography.

22. I'm hoping to study English ……. (LITERATE) at university.

(1 mark per answer)


С Complete the second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

23. The headmaster made the pupil wait outside his door.                                            made

The pupil ……. outside the headmaster's door.

24. Please don't leave your books on my desk.                                                              rather

I ……. leave your books on my desk.

25. I didn't understand what my teacher was trying to express so I asked her again.   getting

I didn't understand what my teacher ……. so I asked her again.

26. Counting the words in your composition is a waste of time.                                   point

There ……. the words in your composition.

27. I just can't decide whether to go to university or not.                                              minds

I'm ……. whether to go to university or not.

28. My cousin has decided that he isn't going to finish his engineering course.            drop

My cousin has decided ……. his engineering course.

29. All Emma's teachers say that she is able to do much more.                                      capable

All Emma's teachers say that she ……. much more.

30. I was really pleased that I managed to pass the exam.                                             succeeded

I was really pleased that I ……. the exam.

(2 marks per answer)


D Choose the correct answer.

31. I didn't expect our history teacher ……. us so much homework.

A giving            С to give

В give                    D to giving

32. Do you remember ……. to school for the very first time?

A go                    С of going

В to go                          D going

33. I started doing my homework when I got home from school but I stopped …... my favourite show.

A watch            С watching

В to watch             D from watching

34. Please don't forget ……. your essays during Friday's lesson.

A handing in         С hand in

В to hand in          D to handing in

35. Our teacher made the whole class ……. after the lesson because we had been so noisy.

A staying          С for staying

В to stay           D stay

36. 'What was Derek's reaction to the accusation?'

'Well, he denied ……. anywhere near the house at the time.'

A being             С be

В to be                          D of being

(1 mark per answer)


E Choose the correct answer.

37. I was very proud when I was told that I'd been made into a ……. .

A pupil              С prefect

В student          D classmate

38. With a little hard work, I'm sure you'll ……. a lot this year.

A reach             С achieve

В succeed              D qualify

39. Who ……. you how to cook so well?

A taught           С made

В learned          D explained

40. Lee didn't do so well in the test because he hadn't ……. .

A written          С read

В studied          D learned

41. I think you need to ……. your ideas more clearly so that the reader doesn't get confused.

A dawn on            С set out

В get on with        D give in

42. Oh, no! We've got a double maths ……. next!

A subject          С lesson

В interval          D task

(1 mark per answer)

Total mark: ……/ 50


Unit 19                Grammar

•   Questions / question tags / indirect questions

 ( Questions )


With be as a main verb Am/Was I on time? Are/Were you/we/they tired? Is/Was he/she/it cold?
With be as an auxiliary verb Am/Was I interrupting you? Are/Were you/we/they going on a picnic? Is/Was he/she/it working?
With have as an auxiliary verb Have/Had I/you/we/they got any money? Has/Had he/she/it finished?
With have as a main verb and with all other verbs Do/Did l/you/we/they have enough time? Does/Did he/she/it need anything?
With modals Should I wait? Could you help me? Will she be here soon? Might they be lost?
With who, whose, whom, what, which, where, when, why and how Who is taking the rubbish out? Whose book is this? To whom did you speak? What is the weather like? Which do you want? Where did you go on holiday? When is Terry starting work? Why did they leave? How do you spell 'environment'?


•        With the question words who and what, whether we use do or not depends on whether the question word refers to the subject or object of the verb.

Subject: Who saw you? (= Someone saw you. Who?)

Object: Who did you see? (= You saw someone. Who?)

•        Remember that after do or does, we use the bare infinitive.

 Did you go to the talk on the environment?

X    Did you went to the talk on the environment?

Does Tom want a glass of orange juice?

X    Docs Tom wants a glass of orange juice?

•        Remember that the verb mean forms questions just like other main verbs.

What does'environmental'mean?

X   What means 'environmental'?


 ( Question tags )


With be as a main verb You are Canadian, aren't you? She is beautiful, isn't she?
With auxiliary verbs and modals You haven't lost my CD, have you? We are having the lesson early tomorrow, aren't we? People should recycle things, shouldn't they? There will be lots of people there, won't there?
With have as a main verb Tom has a lovely voice, hasn't/doesn't he?
With other verbs You play the guitar, don't you? Frank lives in Germany now, doesn't he? Your friends really enjoyed themselves at the party, didn't they?
With Let's Let's get a DVD tonight, shall we?
With imperatives Pass me that book, will/would/could you? Don't forget tonight, will you?
Use Example
To ask someone to agree with us (falling intonation) It's really hot, isn't it?
To check whether something is true (rising intonation) You're Spanish, aren’t you?


• In sentences with I am, we use aren't I? as the question tag. In sentences with I am not, we use am I?

I'm the best student in the class, aren't I?

I'm not very tall, am I?

• With everyone, no one and someone, we use questions tags with a plural verb and they.

Everyone’s going to be there, aren't they?

No one wants to come, do they?

Someone's been in here, haven't they?

• Usually, when we have a positive verb in a sentence, we use a negative question tag. When we have a negative verb in a sentence, we use a positive question tag. In sentences with a negative word like no, little, never, nobody, no one, hardly, etc, we use a positive question tag.

You have got no manners, have you?

We never enjoy our holiday, do we?

• In sentences where the subject is there, we repeat there in the question tag.

There's no point calling Tim now, is there?

US vs UK Grammar

• In American English, a question tag with do can be used after a sentence with have got. This is not

usually done in British English.

US: They've got a lot of money, don't they?

UK: They've got a lot of money, haven't they?


 ( Indirect questions )

Form                               introductory phrase or question + clause with normal word order

Use                                  We use indirect questions when we want to ask questions politely.

Some introductory phrases and questions Example
Can/Could you tell me... ? Could you tell me what time it is?
Could you let me know... ? Could you let me know when it starts?
Do you know...? Do you know who that woman is?
I wonder if you could tell me... I wonder if you could tell me how much this costs.
I wonder if you know... I wonder if you know what the starting salary is.
I would like to know... I would like to know what your company is going to do about it.


• We do not use question word order in the second part of the sentence.

I would like to know when the next train to London leaves.

X    I would like to know when does the next train to London leave.

• Some indirect questions, which begin with a question word, need a question mark at the end.

✓ Could you tell me where the library is?

• If a direct question is a'yes/no'question, the equivalent indirect question uses if or whether.

I wonder if/whether you have read this book.



A  Choose the correct answer.

1. Oh, I'm sorry! ……. disturbing you? A Do I                   С Should I В Have I                D Am I 2. Did Dorothy ……. you about the meeting on Friday? A told                    С has told В tell                      D tells 3. ……. hot when you were in Spain? A Was it                С Did it В It was                 D It made 4. Tony, ……. got time to call Mrs Roberts? A do you have                  С are you В you have            D have you 5. When your boss arrived, ……. finished the report? A you had             С had you В did you have      D were you 6. I know Jane's pretty, but ……. seen someone spend so much time in front of the mirror? A do you ever       С have you ever       В you have never   D ever have you 7. It's raining, so ……. cancel the concert? A will they            С do they will В they will             D are they 8. ……. pass me the salt, please? A You could         С You are В Are you              D Could you 9. Sir, ……. repeat what the homework is, please? A do you               С you В are you               D can you 10. ……. the couple you met in France last year staying at the same hotel? A Did                    С Were В Have                  D Could 11. I know how to pronounce 'controversy', but what …….? A does it mean      С is it mean В it means             D means it 12. It's a great idea, but ……. it will work? A are you think     С you think        В do you think      D you do think


В  Write questions.

1. you / wash / your hair / when I rang?

2. Julie / give / you / her e-mail address / yesterday?

3. you / always / have / lunch / this late?

4. Jack and Tom / come / to the party / tonight?

5. you / can / give / me / a hand / later?

6. how / you / spell / your name?

7. why / the government / can't / do / something / about the situation?

8. where / you / go / for your honeymoon / last year?

9. what / your house / look like / when / it is finished?

10. which / flavour of ice cream / your favourite / be?


С   Complete using the words in the box. Use each word only once. There is one extra word you do not need to use.

who • where • which • whose • what • whom • how • when • why

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