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(1) ....... you think you understand the weather? For early humans, the weather was a constant source of questions. (2) ……. is it raining? What (3) ……. this storm mean? Where (4) ……. the wind go when it blows? People came up with many explanations for the weather, usually involving gods or ancestors. (5) ……. you explain what a rainbow is? The Cherokee people of America believed that it was the hem of the sun god's coat.

The weather has also been used to explain other things. What would you say if someone asked you (6) ……. kangaroos come from? You'd probably say Australia, but (7) ……. Did the Aborigines explain these strange animals? They told a story about a great storm. A group of Aboriginal hunters watched in amazement as the wind blew large creatures over their heads.

(8) ……. could they be? Finally, the wind died down and the kangaroos landed on the ground. The storm had brought them a new animal to hunt.


F  Match to make sentences.

1. You've sent that letter I gave you,                          A. don't you?

2. You catch the bus to school,                                   В. didn't you?

3. You won't tell anyone about this,                           С. will you?

4. You're a friend of Charlie's,                                    D. haven't you?

5. You were living in Hong Kong then,                      E. do you?

6. You never work more than you have to,                 F. did you?

7. You made no effort to make friends with Darren,                  G. weren't you?

8. You got Jimmy a cap for his birthday,                    H. aren't you?


G   Complete the question tags.

1. Get me some chewing gum when you go to the shop,  will  you?

2. Let's watch that new DVD you bought today, ……. we?

3. There's not really much point waiting, ……. there?

4. Tonia will put us up for the weekend, ……. she?

5. Nobody seems to like Jessica, ……. they?

6. I'm not making much sense now, ……. I?

7. Let's go because it's getting late, ……. it?

8. If you borrow my coat, don't get it dirty, ……. you?

9. Bill should be here by now, ……. he?

10. I'm making you feel uncomfortable, ……. I?

11. Someone left the door open, ……. they?

12. Nobody knows about this, ……. they?


H   Rewrite the sentences correctly.

1. I wonder if you could tell me what time does the plane from Frankfurt arrive?

I wonder if you could tell me what time the plane from Frankfurt arrives.

2. Could you let me know when would you like me to come for an interview.

3. I wonder if you know what bus should I catch for the town centre.

4. Do you think you could tell me how do you work this ticket machine?

5. I wonder you have seen George?

6. I would like to know do you have any double rooms?

7. Can you tell me what were you doing in my office?

8. Do you know where is this address?


I Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

1. When does Tina get back from Berlin?                                          know

Do ……. back from Berlin?

2. What time does the film start tonight?                                          starts

Could you tell me ……. tonight?

3. Is service included in the price?                                                     know

I would like to ……. in the price.

4. What is the salary?                                                                         let

Could you ……. the salary is?

5. Have you been to Brussels before?                                                wonder

I ……. to Brussels before.

6. Did Gail pass her exam?                                                                passed

Do you know ……. her exam?

7. I wonder if you know where Mary went after the party last night.    go

Where ……. after the party last night?

8. I would like to know how many days holiday we get each year.                   given

How many days holiday ……. each year?


J   Circle the extra word in each sentence.

1. Do you have much free time these days or are you be quite busy?

2. I would like to know it when I can expect my order to be delivered.

3. Do you think whether you could possibly let me know how soon you will have the work finished?

4. I wonder if you know who it is responsible for cleaning the building.

5. Tell Roger who did you saw when you were at the police station the other day.

6. Did Dad mention who he sold him the car to?

7. You shouldn't leave your homework to the very last minute if you want to get a good mark, should not you?

8. I wonder it if you know where I can buy something to eat.



Unit 20                            Vocabulary

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