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Local academic causes a stir

An academic from Davington University has caused controversy by claiming that (11) global / worldwide warming is not caused by human disregard for the (12) weather / environment. In her new book entitled Are We to Blame?, Professor Angela Lucini argues that large-scale changes in the Mediterranean (13) land / climate, for example, have taken place ever since the world was formed. 'People weren't responsible for the Ice Ages, or their coming to an end, I and we certainly weren't responsible for the fact the dinosaurs became (14) extinct / endangered so it's a bit presumptuous of us to think we're responsible for all the problems we’re facing now, isn't it?' she said.

Councillor calls for an end to the fireplace

Local councillor Davina Forrest is calling for a ban on the use of coal fires at home. 'There's no doubt that if domestic chimneys stopped pumping out (15) smoke / fog into the atmosphere, the (16) air / wind we'd all be breathing would be much (17) cleaner / clearer,' she said.


Phrasal verbs

В   Complete using the correct form of the phrasal verbs in the box.

call for • call off • clear up • cutoff • die down • do up • face up to • put out

1. The weather should have cleared up by this evening, shouldn't it?

2. Do you think the wind has ……. enough for us to go sailing without any danger?

3. Environmentalists are ……. stricter controls on the use of leaded petrol.

4. Why can't they ……. the fact that their products are bad for the environment?

5 Firefighters managed to ……. the forest fire before it destroyed any houses.

6. We'll have to ……. the demonstration if the weather's really bad, won't we?

7. The town was totally ....... for three days because of the floods.

8. It didn't take us long to ……. the old barn, did it?


С   Write one word in each gap.

1. Don't throw those batteries away/out . They're not biodegradable!

2. Rainy days always ……. me down.

3. Could you tell me what the letters'CJD'stand ……. ?

4. They're planning to tear ……. the old cinema and build a new shopping centre on the land.

5. I think the rain's set       ……. for the day, don't you?

6. Some scientists put the extinction of the dinosaurs down ……. changes in the world's climate.


Phrases and collocations

D Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

1. Josh isn't feeling very well today.                                                                   weather

Josh is feeling a bit under the weather  today.

2. CFC's have badly affected the ozone layer.                                                   effect

CFC's have ……. the ozone layer.

3. Would you mind quickly looking at the engine?                                            look

Would you mind ……. the engine?

4. Cleaning the beach took ages.                                                                         long

It ……. clean the beach.

5. It's Carl's job to read the barometer every morning.                                       responsibility

Carl ……. the barometer every morning.

6. There's no point trying to persuade him to recycle bottles and paper.            waste

It ……. trying to persuade him to recycle bottles and paper.

7. We'll soon be able to see land, won't we?                                                       sight

We'll soon be ……. land, won't we?

8. I couldn't steer the boat because the waves were so high.                                         control

I ……. the boat because the waves were so high.


E   Circle the correct word.

1. The days of Athens being one of the most polluted cities in the world have come / gone to an end.

2. Their office is at / on the fifteenth floor.

3. The government's made / done a complete mess of its environmental policy.

4. It's so hot, I think I'm going to do / have a cold shower to cool down.

5. As usual, so-called nature lovers are making / taking a fuss about nothing.

6. I can't believe there's anyone in the complete / whole world who wants the hole in the ozone layer to get any bigger.

7. It looks like / as a large number of species will become extinct over the next decade.

8. You used to believe there really was a pot of gold at / in the end of every rainbow, didn't you?


Word patterns

F   Write one word in each gap.


Tourists to San Francisco are rarely disappointed (1) with/by the famous range of cultural and artistic attractions the city has to offer. But San Francisco is more famous (2) ……. being on the San Andreas fault, a notorious source of earthquakes. Over seven hundred people died in San Francisco in the great earthquake of 1906, and more than 70 perished in another large quake in 1989. It's hard (3) ……. imagine why anyone would want to live in such a dangerous area, but millions of people choose to do so.They are all familiar (4) ……. the faultline, and are aware (5) ……. the potential danger if there's another powerful quake. Yet nothing, it seems, will prevent people (6) ……. building in San Francisco. A quick glance (7) ……. a photo of the city shows a large number of modern skyscrapers, many of them completely covered (8) ……. glass.

Seismologists are constantly warning residents (9) ……. the possibility of 'the next big quake'. They expect it (10) ……. happen sooner rather than later. But San Franciscans are not short (11) ……. courage. Except (12) ……. making doubly sure that their buildings are built to the highest safety standards, they carry on with their daily lives as if nothing could ever disrupt them.


Word formation

G   Each of the words in bold is in the wrong form. Rewrite them correctly.

1. Most scientists accept that globe warming is a reality. _______

2. The weather was freeze. I was wearing two pairs of gloves and my fingers were still cold! _______

3. What can we do to protect danger species like the giant panda? _______

4. Meteorologists can forecast tomorrow's weather with incredible accurate these days. _______

5. Develop are planning to build a water park on the site of the old airport       . _______

6. All our products are environment friendly. _______

7. Everyone should be extreme worried about the hole in the ozone layer. _______

8. We live in a resident area about twenty minutes from the town centre. _______

9. There's not much likely of environmental groups stopping the building of the new factory, is there?

10. Don't worry! This snake is completely harm. _______

11. Let's go outside and enjoy the sunny while it lasts. _______

12. What kind of neighbour did you grow up in? _______

13. I hope they don't low the price of petrol _______

14. The great of solar power lies in its simplicity. _______

15. A number of different pollute in the river have caused the death of all the fish. _______

16. It's nature dark for this time of day. They didn't say there was going to be an eclipse, did they? ___


Units 19 and 20                       Review 10


A If a line is correct, put a tick (✓) next to the number. If there is an extra word in a line, write it next to the number.

Weather control

1 __________Forecasts might warn to us about threats posed by the weather,

2 __________but imagine if we could take out control of the weather and

3 __________prevent dangerous weather conditions from in the first place.

4 __________Controlling the weather may be the biggest technological

5 __________challenge we face. For a long of time, scientists have dreamed

6 __________of creating artificial clouds to bring rain to areas hit by drought,

7 __________but it's much harder to do than they expected that. The global

8 __________weather system is very complicated, with each part having an

9 __________effect taken on all the others. The scientists may feel they are

10 _________wasting up their time, but success could save millions of lives.

(1 mark per answer)


B Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.

11. The forecast said there was a high ……. (LIKELY) of rain this weekend.

12. We all know that using our cars causes ……. (POLLUTE), but we still do it.

13. Forecasting the weather ……. (ACCURATE) takes a great deal of training.

14. Litter is often a problem in ……. (RESIDENT) areas.

15. According to ……. (ENVIRONMENT), we could be facing a crisis within fifty years.

16. It was a wonderfully ……. (SUN) day, so we decided to go to the beach.

17. The giant panda is ……. (DANGER) because its habitat is being destroyed.

18. We didn't enjoy our walk because it was absolutely ……. (FREEZE)!

(1 mark per answer)


C Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

19. Did you see the documentary about the ozone layer?                                              saw

I wonder ……. the documentary about the ozone layer.

20. I saw a badger for a moment before it disappeared into the woods.                       sight

I ……. a badger before it disappeared into the woods.

21. I hope the weather gets better for our trip to the mountains this weekend.             up

I hope ……. for our trip to the mountains this weekend.

22. Did you hear that the greenhouse in the park had been demolished?                      torn

Did you hear that they ……. the greenhouse in the park?

23. Everything we do affects the environment in one way or another.                          effect

Everything we do ……. the environment in one way or another.

24. I don't really know a lot about the work that Greenpeace does.                                          familiar

I ……. the work that Greenpeace does.

25. The builders have spoiled our garden.                                                                      mess

The builders have ……. our garden.

26. Dr Trent said the problems were caused by rubbish in the streets.                           put

DrTrent ……. rubbish in the streets.

27. Most people know that wasting water causes problems.                                          aware

Most people ……. the problems caused by wasting water.

(2 marks per answer)


D   Choose the correct answer.

28. No one seems to care about the environment, …….?

A does he  В are they              С is he        D do they

29. Do you know where ……. a book about insects?

A can I find В I find                 С I can find D do I find

30. The new law prevents people ……. their rubbish in certain areas.

A to leave  В from leaving      С of leaving D leave

31. Let's walk to the shops instead of taking the car, …….?

A shall we  В don't we             С will we   D won't we

32. There isn't much point in trying to save electricity, …….?

A is it         В isn't there           С isn't it     D is there

33. Don't drop your sweet wrapper on the floor, …….?

A do you   В aren't you           С will you  D won't you

34. 'I went to the exhibition at the natural history museum.'

'Oh, yes? What ……. there?'

A saw you В you did see        С you saw  D did you see

(1 mark per answer)


E  Choose the correct answer.

35. There's been a ……. in Germany and a village was completely destroyed.

A flood             В drizzle                С shower   D smog

36. Do you know what CFC …….?

A sets in            В does up              С stands for D gets down

37. Dinosaurs have been ……. for millions of years.

A endangered        В extinct                С threatened D disappeared

38. It's sunny, but there's a very cold ……. so don't forget your coat.

A blowing             В air                       С wind              D gas

39. If you ask me, ……. waste is a much bigger problem than ordinary household waste.

A industrial           В business             С working  D employer

40. As towns grow, they tend to destroy the surrounding ……. areas.

A urban             В commercial        С land        D rural

41   Jill put her Wellington boots on and, as soon as it stopped raining, went out to play in the …….

A reservoirs           В lakes              С puddles  D ponds

(1 mark per answer)

Total mark: ….. /50


Unit 21                Grammar

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