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Weather and the environment

Topic vocabulary in contrast                                              see page 193-4 for definitions

urban / suburban / rural clean/clear thunder / lightning
smog / fog / smoke / mist pour / drizzle / flood global/worldwide
weather / climate environment / surroundings plain / land / field / desert
forecast / prediction wind/air extinct / endangered
waste / litter / rubbish reservoir / lake / puddle / pond recycle / reuse


Phrasal verbs

call for require; need; demand get (sb) down make sb feel sad or lose hope
call off cancel put down to suggest that sth is the result of
clear up become brighter and better (for weather) put out make something stop burning
cut off make a place difficult or impossible to enter, leave or communicate with; disconnect set in start and be likely to continue for a while (for rain, winter, an economic depression, etc)
die down become less noisy, powerful or active stand for represent (for abbreviations and symbols); put up with
do up repair, paint or improve tear down destroy or remove (for buildings, statues, etc)
face up to accept sth and try to deal with it throw away get rid of, discard


Phrases and collocations

control lose/take/have control (of sth); in control; out of control
effect have an effect (on sth/sb); take effect
end in the end; at the end (of sth); come to an end; come to/reach the end (of sth); happy ending
floor on the floor; on the ground/first/second/etc floor
fuss make/cause a fuss (about sth/doing)
long (for) as long as; (for) a long time; take a long time (to do); long to do; long for sth (to do)
look have/take a look at sth/sb; look like sth/sb; look at/for sth/sb
mess make a mess (of sth); in a mess
responsibility have/take (the) responsibility for sth/doing
shower take/have a shower; a rain shower; a light/heavy shower of rain
sight catch/lose sight of sth/sb; in sight of sth; at first sight
waste a waste of time; waste your time; industrial/household waste
weather weather forecast; under the weather
world all over the world; around the world; throughout the world; the whole world; in the world; world record


Word patterns

aware of sth; aware that expect sth/sb (to do); expect that hard to do; hard doing
covered in/with sth familiar with sth; familiar to sb prevent sth; prevent sb from doing; prevent sth from happening
disappointed with/by sth; in sb famous for sth/doing short of sth; short on sth
except (for) sth/doing glance at sth/sb warn sb about/against sth/doing; warn sb of sth; warn sb not to do; warn (sb) that


Word formation

accurate accurately, inaccurate(ly), (in)accuracy globe global(ly) nature (un)natural(ly)
danger dangerous(ly); endanger; endangered great greatly, greatness neighbour neighbourly, neighbouring, neighbourhood
develop (un)developed, developing, developer, development harm harmful(ly), harmless(ly), (un)harmed pollute (un)polluted, pollution, pollutant
environment environmental(ly), environmentalist likely unlikely, likelihood reside residential, resident, residence
extreme extremely, extremity, extremist low lower, lowness sun sunny, sunshine
freeze froze, frozen, freezing, freezer



Topic vocabulary in contrast

A  Circle the correct word.


Thresham Valley under water?

Plans to turn much of the Thresham Valley into a large (1) puddle / reservoir to provide drinking water for the local area have received mixed reactions. Local councillors have praised the scheme, arguing that the environmental I and economic benefits of (2) flooding / pouring the valley will far outweigh the disadvantages. Several small (3) rural / urban communities - two villages, three hamlets and two farms – in the valley will disappear, however.

Lucky escape for farmer

A farmer was struck by (4) lightning / thunder on Thursday evening, while mending a fence in one of his (5) plains / fields. The farmer, Jack Dobson, received treatment for slight burns at Meldew Hospital. Talking about the incident later, he said: 'It was (6) drizzling / showering slightly when I went out, but I'd checked the weather (7) prediction / forecast and it hadn't said there was going to be a thunderstorm. It was lucky I was wearing my Wellington boots!'

Save bags and save money

Shoppers at a local supermarket are being urged notto throw away the supermarket's plastic shopping bags. Aspokesperson for Asdo said: 'For every new bag we make, the factory has to pump out industrial (8) waste / litter and that's increasing pollution in the (9) suburban / surrounding area. We want to reduce the number of bags we make each year. We're offering a financial incentive to our customers to (10) reuse / repeat their bags by bringing them with them every time J they shop with us rather than getting new ones each time.'

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