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UNITS 1 -14                                                                              Progress Test I

A   Choose the correct answer.


The development of writing (1) ________ a huge difference to the world and we might see it as the

beginning of the (2) ________ Pieces of pottery with marks on that are probably numbers have been

(3) ________ in China that date from around 4000 ВС. Hieroglyphics and other forms of'picture writing' developed in the (4) ________ around Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), where the (5) ________ Sumerian civilization was based, from around 3300 ВС onwards. However, the first (6) ________ alphabet was used by the Phoenicians around 1050 ВС. Their alphabet had 22 letters and it is (7) ________ that it lasted for 1000 years. The first two signs were called 'aleph'and 'beth', which in Greek became 'alpha'and'beta', which gave us the (8) ________ word'alphabet'.

The modern European alphabet is based on the Greek and (9) ________ to other European countries under the Romans. A number of changes took (10) as time (11) ________ The Romans added the letter G, and the letters J and V were (12) ________ to people in Shakespeare's time.

If we (13) ________ the history of punctuation, we also find some interesting facts. The Romans used to write quaesto at the end of a sentence in (14) ________ to show that it was a question.They started to write Qo in (15) ________ of the whole word, and then put the Q above the o. In the end, that became the question mark'?'.

1. A did            В had                С made             D took

2. A media        В bulletin          С programme        D journalism

3. A invented        В displayed        С discovered        D appeared

4. A distance        В area                    С length            D earth

5. A antique        В old-fashioned    С ancient          D dated

6. A true           В accurate         С exact             D precise

7. A observed        В measured        С counted         D estimated

8. A new           В trendy           С modern          D fashionable

9. A spread        В appeared        С was                    D occurred

10. A place        В part                    С control           D account

11. A spent        В passed           С went                          D developed

12. A infamous      B unpopular        С unknown        D hidden

13. A look into      B bring on         С make off        D hold up

14. A turn         B fact                    С order             D intention

15. A position        B space             С spot                    D place

(1 mark per answer)

В   Choose the correct answer.

16. I was disappointed that the restaurant had ….. flowers on the table.

A false                    С artificial

В untrue            D forged

17. Sarah and Michael's ….. seems to make both of them unhappy.

A connection         С relationship

В bond                              D link

18. Anybody found stealing from this shop will be

A prosecuted         С provoked

В persuaded          D persecuted

19. Grace thinks she's very ….. but I don't think many people like her, really.

A famous          С recognisable

В known           D popular

20. I glanced at the newspaper and saw that the ….. said 'President Resigns'.

A headline             С heading

В subtitle          D chapter

21. If our flight is delayed, will we ….. our connection in Los Angeles?

A drop                    С lose

В miss                    D lack

22. The doctor told Bill that he needed ….. on his arm.

A operation           С remedy

В surgery          D cure

23. The judge looked at the ….. and reminded him that he had to tell the whole truth.

A bystander           С witness

В onlooker             D viewer

24. I think my favourite ….. is probably table tennis.

A athletics             С sport

В exercise              D gym

25. The actor, Michael Read, was today ….. with robbery.

A charged              С arrested

В accused              D suspected

(1 mark per answer)

С   Write one word in each gap.


Many people look up at (26) _______ night sky and become fascinated by the wonders of the universe. (27) _______     that sounds like you, then perhaps it's time you got your own telescope. Astronomy (28) _______ be a great hobby and we've provided this simple guide for those of you thinking of (29) _______ it up.

What if I don't have much money?

Try a pair of binoculars. You can still see a lot, as (30) _______ as you don't expect to see so detail. Explore the Moon and the stars - and who knows? You might (32) _______ discover a comet! Remember, though, that you (33) _______never look at the Sun directly through binoculars or a telescope.

What kind of telescope do I need?

Depending on what you want to do, you need to choose (34) _______ a refracting and a reflecting telescope. A refracting telescope (with two glass lenses) is (35) _______ great way of quickly (36) _______ your way around the heavens. As well as more stars you can imagine, there are the planets to explore! You should have no difficulty (38) _______ finding Mars and even Saturn, with its fantastic rings. Ifyou want to really explore the universe, then you (39) _______ need a reflecting telescope (with a mirror).

These telescopes are much (40) _______ at collecting light and allow you to see things in amazing detail!

Whatever you decide, welcome to the wonderful world of astronomy!

(1 mark per answer)

D   Choose the correct answer.

41. I think the discussion has gone on ….. and we should make a decision.

A enough long       В such long        С long enough              D so long

42. 'Did you call John?' – 'No, because I go out. I'll try him later today.'

A had to           В must               С might             D need

43. There ….. be a lot more open space around here before they built the new underground station.

A would           В used to          С used                    D got used to

44. If you hadn't lost the pieces, we ….. a game of chess.

A couldn't have had В can't have        С may have           D could have

Progress test Units 1-14

45. 'Why are you taking your PlayStation games?' 'Oh, just ….. Tommy wants to borrow them.'

A as long as        В in case           С provided that     D unless

46. I suppose we really     to book our ferry tickets in advance.

A should           В can                    С must                    D ought

47. I'm afraid we've run out of ….. this week, so we'll see you at the same time tomorrow for It's Worth a Million!

A the time         В sometime           С time                    D a time

48. The man might have got away with the crime if the policeman ….. him.

A wasn't seeing     В hadn't seen         С didn't see        D wouldn't have seen

49. 'I've been reading a great book.' – 'I seem to be ….. busy to find the time for reading these days.'

A so                    В too                    С such                    D enough

50. The hotel has a poor reputation and ….. people want to stay there.

A little                    В a few             С a little            D few

(1 mark per answer)

E   Match to make sentences. There is one extra letter you will not use.

51. The Pattersons have decided to pull 52. Mr Greene seems to find it difficult to get 53. We haven't made a final decision, but we've, narrowed it… 54. Dad thought it might be a good idea to look… 55. It seems that Matt has fallen… 56. I think it was Bob who came… 57. The holiday started okay and then turned… A down to France or Spain for this summer's holiday. В up the train times on the Internet С up with the idea of going to Poland. D out with Dave over their holiday plans. E on with our holiday as if nothing had happened. F out of our trip together because Angie's got a fever. G into a bit of a nightmare when our luggage got lost. H on with people from other countries.

 (1 mark per answer)


F   Complete the second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

58. I lost my keys once before this month.                                                         second

This is the ________________ my keys this month.

59. I started playing squash six years ago.                                                          for

I ________________ six years.

60. I can't wait until I'm old enough to go to a match on my own.                    forward

I'm really ________________ old enough to go to a match on my own.

61. Accidents are often caused by careless driving.                                           results

Careless driving ________________ accidents.

62. It's a waste of time denying that you did it when we've got proof.             point

There ________________ that you did it when we've got proof.

63. Don't you wish you could travel into space?                                                able

Wouldn't you love ________________ into space?

64. I called the travel agent to check that I had the right timetable.                              make

I called the travel agent to ________________ I had the right timetable.

65. I'm afraid you're too young to go down the water slide.                                         old

I'm afraid you ________________ to go down the water slide.

66. My mum says doctors weren't so expensive in the past.                               used

My mum says doctors ________________ so expensive.

(2 marks per answer)


G  If a line is correct, put a tick (/) next to the number. If there is an extra word in a line, write it next to the number.


67 __________ I had a great week at school! We were been having a media

68 __________ studies lesson when our teacher told to us that we were going

69 __________ to make a radio advert for the school! I was really keen on

70 __________ to be involved because I've always had been interested in a

71 __________ career in the television. She asked us to plan our advert in

72 __________ detail and to write a script. Most people found it out difficult

73 __________ to come up with ideas, but I didn't. I decided that I would have

74 __________ interviews with people who were used to go to the school,

75 __________ commenting on how they had benefited them from going to that

76 __________ school. My teacher thought it was a great idea and said I should

77 __________ to see 'f' c°uld find some ex-students. I asked the head and

78 __________ she gave me a few phone numbers. When I called them and

79 __________ explained them what I wanted to do, they were all happy to

80 __________ help. I am going to visit them with a tape recorder and record

81 __________ that what they say. Media studies is definitely turning out to be

                      my favourite subject!

(1 mark per answer)


H   Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


Some (82) __________ become known for their intelligence and avoid being         CRIME

caught for years. Others are just so stupid that it seems (83) __________                    RIDICULE

Take,for instance, one (84) __________ , who decided that he was feeling a          ROB

little tired half-way through burgling a house. Seeing the (85) __________            COMFORT

bed, he decided to take a nap. It may seem (86) __________ but he was still         BELIEF

asleep when the owners got home! They (87) __________ called the police,           NERVOUS

who came to arrest Sleeping Beauty right away! Another (88) __________            HUMOUR

story is that of the man who stole a (89) __________ camera. He managed to        SECURE

steal the camera (90) __________ but left the tape behind. It was used as                    EQUIP

(91) __________ jn court because, of course, it showed him taking the camera!        EVIDENT

(1 mark per answer)

Total mark: ….. / 100

Unit 15                Grammar

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