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Topic vocabulary in contrast

A   Complete using the correct form of the words in the box.

1. My doctor said I have to stay in bed and gave me a … for some medicine. 2. You must give me the … for that wonderful chocolate cake you made! prescription recipe
3. Many rock stars seem to end up in drug … . 4. Do you think a … for cancer will ever be found? 5. My grandma uses an old-fashioned … for her arthritis. remedy cure therapy
6. I lifted my shirt so the doctor could … my chest. 7. Police have begun to … the break-in at the hospital. examine investigate
8. My mum's thinking of having an … to have her nose straightened. 9. Dr Key told the old man that he needed … on his leg. operation surgery
10. My arm is really … and I can't move it. 11. Mind you don't … yourself! Oh, too late. Sorry. 12. I had a really bad … in my foot so I decided to see a doctor. pain sore hurt


В   Circle the correct word.

1. Tim looks really pale and thin / slim. I'm worried he might be ill.

2. It's important to eat a fit / healthy diet with lots of vegetables.

3. After picking the flowers, I noticed I had a fever / rash all over my hands.

4. When I broke a rib, I had to wear a bandage / plaster around my chest.

5. Make sure you wash your cut properly so that you don't get a/an infection / pollution.

6. Half an hour after taking the pill, I began to feel the results / effects.

7. The doctor walked along the ward / clinic, chatting to all the patients she passed.

8. Two people have been slightly injured / damaged in an accident on the M1.

9. It's good for children to get minor diseases / illnesses, such as colds.

10. The medicine bottle said the recommended dose / fix was two teaspoons twice a day.


Phrasal verbs

С   Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

1. Dan couldn't work because he caught the flu.                                                            down

Dan came down with the flu , which meant he couldn't work.

2. If you smoke, then stopping can really improve your health.                                     up

If you ___________ you'll really improve your health.

3. We asked the vet to kill the dog to stop her suffering any longer.                             put

We asked the vet ___________ to stop her suffering any longer.

4. I don't really have enough energy to play tennis.                                                       up

I don't really ___________ tennis.

5. Is it true that getting wet can cause a cold?                                                               on

Is it true that getting wet can ___________ a cold?

6. The flu epidemic started suddenly in June and lots of people got ill.                        out

Lots of people got ill when the flu epidemic ___________ in June.


D   Write a phrasal verb in the correct form to replace the words in bold.

1. Gill slowly came round/to after the operation. (became conscious)

2. My dad is trying to ___________ on smoking. (do less)

3. I think the medicine is beginning to ___________ (stop being effective)

4. Bill decided that he needed to go on a diet after ___________ weight, (gaining)

5. It was so hot in the stadium that a number of people ___________ . (became unconscious)

6. I finally ___________ the cold that I had had all week. (recover from)

7. We thought we were going to lose our horse when he got ill, but he managed to

 ___________ . (survive)

8. My dentist told me to ___________ my teeth. (take care of)


Phrases and collocations

E  Choose the correct answer.

1. Let me … you a nice warm bath and you'll feel a lot better.

A make             В run          С get        D build

2. When the snake bit Mike in the forest, he knew he was … serious danger.

A to                    В with        С on        D in

3. Being … an injection wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be.

A given             В done              С made      D taken

4. Hello? Yes, I'd like to … an appointment for tomorrow with Dr Fletcher, please.

A form                          В do        С break      D make

5. My grandfather's over 95 and is … pretty poor health these days.

A on                    В to        С with        D in

6. I was told to … the medicine three times a day, before meals.

A take                    В eat        С get        D do

7. I like to … fit by going to the gym at least twice a week.

A continue        В make      С keep        D set

8. Eat your vegetables. They'll … you good.

A make             В get        С have        D do

9. The key to losing weight is to … more exercise.

A get                    В make      С go        D create

10.You should try to … an alternative to all those sugary snacks you eat.

A make             В find        С take        D do

11. I'm going to make a real effort to get … shape for the summer.

A on                    В to        С in        D from

12. Try spreading something low fat … your bread instead of butter.

A in                    В through  С around    D on


Word patterns

F   Match to make sentences.

1. It is said that people who eat poorly are likely… 2. Did you know that you can have your eyes operated… 3. I'm getting really tired of… 4. Why don't you try… 5. It really is worth… A on with lasers these days? В going to the gym more often? С losing a bit of weight. D telling my dad to give up smoking. E to have health problems later in life.


G   Water has damaged part of this text about the drug problem. Read it and decide what you think each of the original words was. Write the words in the blank spaces.


Many people today are worried ________ drugs. ц seems that more           1________

and more people are becoming addicted ________ substances, such as        2________

heroine and cocaine, that damage their health. But what leads ________        3________

people becoming addicts? What makes someone inject a drug ________        4________

their veins? Is it because of their inability to cope ________ problems in        5________

their everyday lives? One thing is for sure. When we complain ________        6________

the problems caused by hard drugs, we need ________ remember that        7________

people suffer ________ all kinds of health problems caused by legal           8________

drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco. We would all benefit ________ more        9________

education and the government should attempt ________ make sure we        10________

all know the risks involved.


Word formation

H  Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.

1. Most people seem to be ___________ of the harmful effects of their diet. (AWARE)

2. I'm ___________ to peanuts so I have to be very careful what I eat. (ALLERGY)

3.Jade's ___________ turned out to be much more serious than anyone imagined. (ILL)

4. Did you know Australia has the highest number of ___________ species of snake? (POISON)

5. After a couple of weeks, the plaster cast on my leg became really ___________ and I couldn't wait to take it off. (COMFORT)

6. I was really impressed by the ___________ levels of all the athletes. (FIT)

7. Luckily,Ted's ___________ weren't serious. (INJURE)

8. Working out can really ___________ your muscles. (STRONG)


I  Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


These days, it seems there's an (1) _________ for everything. Whether you            OPERATE

want something made smaller or you want to (2) _________ your best                    EMPHASIS

features, you can bet that plastic (3) _________ claim to have the solution.            SURGERY

We at BodySculpt know, though, that you don't want the (4) _________                          COMFORT

associated with surgery. But you can't enjoy the (5)       _________ effects                    BENEFIT

without going under the knife, can you? Yes! No need for (6) _________                         SURGERY

procedures with a long (7) _________ period! Our unique service consists             RECOVER

of a series of (8) _________ that will give you the results you've always                    INJECT

wanted! Call now and speak to one of our (9) _________ .                                             OPERATE



UNITS 13 and 14              Review 7


A   Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


Have you ever heard of scorpion fish? I was completely (1) _________                      AWARE

they existed until I trod on one in the sea. I can't (2) _________ enough                          EMPHASIS

how painful it was! The fish has a spike which gives you an (3) _________                 INJECT

of a (4)       _________ substance. It's not dangerous, but you begin to feel                    POISON

extremely (5) _________  and the pain just gets worse and worse. Luckily,            COMFORT

there was a doctor on the beach - she was a (6) _________ at the local                    SURGERY

hospital - and she told me what the best (7) _________ was. I had to bathe                TREAT

my foot in warm, salty water and then apply an ammonia-based solution.

After my holiday, my foot still seemed to be a little infected, so my local

GP gave me a (8) _________ for antibiotics. Unfortunately, it turned out                    PRESCRIBE

I was (9) _________ to them, so I came out in a red rash all over my body.            ALLERGY

It was over a week before I had made a complete (10) _________                          RECOVER

(1 mark per answer)


В   Complete the second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

11. Thankfully, Adrian doesn't need to have an operation.                                            no

Thankfully, ……. to have an operation.

12. The minister had to resign because of ill health.                                                       led

Ill health _____________________ resignation.

13. You won't benefit from seeing the doctor if you've just got a cold.                        worth

It _____________________ the doctor if you've just got a cold.

14. I'm seeing the nutritionist at three tomorrow.                                                           appointment

I've _____________________ the nutritionist at three tomorrow.

15. I don't want to be a vegan any more!                                                                       tired

I _____________________ a vegan!

16. Your arm probably won't heal before the match on Saturday.                                 unlikely

You arm _____________________ heal before the match on Saturday.

17. I wish I could do a hundred press-ups in one go.                                                     able

I'd love _____________________ a hundred press-ups in one go.

18. Do you think I should reduce the amount of chocolate I eat?                                 on

Do you think I should       _____________________ chocolate?

(1 mark per answer)

С   Write a phrasal verb in the correct form to replace the words in bold.

19. Dan's ……. flu, so he can't come to work today. (started to suffer from)

20. It took Shirley a long time to … the death of her hamster. (recover from)

21. Many people feel sick when they       ….. after a general anaesthetic. (regain consciousness)

22. It was so hot and stuffy, I nearly ….. . (suddenly lost consciousness)

23. Fern's ….. a lot of weight recently. (gained)

24. Disease is more likely to ….. in areas of extreme poverty. (suddenly start)

25. I don't know what's been ….. my terrible headache. (causing)

26. My grandfather's decided to ….. red meat completely. (stop eating)

(2 marks per answer)

D   Choose the correct answer.

27. I ….. have joined a gym but in the end I decided to exercise at home.

A must                              В could

С will                     D may

28. 'I've been feeling under the weather recently.' – 'You ..… more exercise.'

A should get          В should have got

С would get          D would have got

29. 'It was hard work getting back from the hospital with my leg in plaster.'

'You should … me. I'd have picked you up.'

A call                    В be calling

С have called         D have been calling

30. ….. write with your left hand when you broke your arm?

A Did you had to  В Did you have to

С Needed you to   D Must you

31. You ….. have huge muscles to look good, you know!

A don't have to     В mustn't

С can't                   D shouldn't

32. That ….. be Ted at the door. He's in bed with chicken pox (ветряная оспа).

A hasn't to             В oughtn't to

С mustn't               D can't

33. You must ….. thrilled when the doctor said it wasn't serious.

A be                       В have been

С be being             D have been being

34. 'Colin's got to stay in bed for eight weeks.' – 'I'd hate to     do that.'

A will have to        В must

С have to               D will

(1 mark per answer)

E   Choose the correct answer.

35. The doctor ….. the cut on my knee and said it had completely healed up.

A investigated С examined

В researched D looked into

36. Dr Parker gave my mum a lovely ….. for spaghetti carbonara.

A recipe            С receipt

В prescription        D paper

37. My feet are ….. I guess my new shoes are a bit tight.

A hurt               С ache

В pain                    D sore

38. I was shocked when I crashed the car, but at least I wasn't     

A injured          С broken

В damaged            D spoilt

39. Diana looks terribly ….. . You don't think she's ill, do you?

A slim                    С slender

В thin                    D slight

40. Some drugs produce bad side ….. .

A consequences     С results

В products             D effects

41. I was very sad when the vet said he'd have to ….. Gertie, our labrador.

A put down           С feel up to

В pull through       D wear off

42. Going on this diet has really ….. me good. I've lost weight and I feel fantastic!

A made             С done

В taken             D had

(1 mark per answer)

Total: ….. / 50

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