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by our TV reviewer, Jeremy Piatt

I'm sure there was a reason (1) why I became a TV reviewer. Maybe it was my love of classic shows (2) ……. kept me entertained as a child. Or maybe it was the presenters (3) ……. seemed to promise an exciting world of glamour and showbiz. To be honest, I've watched so many shows lately (4) ……. have bored me to tears that I've forgotten.

Take Kid Swap, for example, the new show (5 ……. Channel 7 hopes will revive their viewing figures. The show takes kids (6) …….. parents have had enough and swaps them with kids from other families for two weeks. The problem with this show is that I'm just not sure at (7) ……. It’s aimed – parents or teenagers. Parents (8) ……. watch this show will find it childish, particularly at the moment (9) ……. one of the teenagers does nothing but complain; Teenage viewers do) ……. watch more than the first five minutes will soon get bored of the parents, (11) ……. blame anybody but themselves for the situation. This is definitely one idea (12) ……. should be put exactly where it belongs — in the bin!


E Tick () the gaps in Exercise D which could be completed using that Put a cross (x) where that could not be used.

       1 _____      4 _____      7 _____      10 _____

       2 _____      5 _____      8 _____      11 _____

       3 _____      6 _____      9 _____      12 _____


F   Choose the correct answer.

1. 'Who’s that over there? ' – 'Oh, it's our new teacher, ……. just started work today.'

A that        В who he   С which he D who

2. 'Which CD did you get Marcus in the end?' – 'I got him the one ……. said he really wanted to hear.'

A that        В who he   С which     D which he

3. 'Who did you send a Valentine's card to?' – 'I'm not telling you, but it was someone ……. name begins with "B"

A which     В who her  С whose     D whose her

4. 'Have you seen Jason Green's latest film?' – 'Is that the one in ……. joins the FBI?'

A which he В that he    С whom he D which

5. 'Why do you like Tania so much?' – 'Well, she's one of the few people to ……. I can really talk.'

A which     В whom     С that        D who

6. 'Why don't we go to Lionel's for dinner tonight?' – 'Is that the new restaurant ……. has just opened on the other side of town?'

A which     В that it     С where     D which it

7. 'Could you lend me some money?' 'I'd like you to give me one good reason ……. I should.'

A that        В why        С which     D who

8. 'What do you want to do this summer?' – 'I think we should go somewhere……. has plenty of sun and sand.'

A who        В where     С when      D that


G   Circle the words in bold which are not necessary.

The number of options (1) that are available to us with (2) which to fill our leisure time is increasing all the time. While previous generations, (3) who lived before the electronic age, had musical instruments and card games (4) that they played to pass the time, we have PlayStations, computers, televisions and stereos. Although parents (5) whose teenagers spend a lot of time on these activities might worry about the effect (6) which it is having on them, for most of us they provide harmless fun,

(7) which is becoming more important as life becomes more stressful. The television programmes

(8) which we watch and the computer games (9) that we play all entertain us and, although there will always be people to (10) whom they seem a complete waste of time, the effect (11) that they have on society cannot be ignored. Entertainment is something (12) which we all need and, as long as we're willing to pay, there will always be someone (13) who is willing to provide it.


H   Circle the correct word or phrase.

1. Before meeting / met Harriet, I never knew what real love was.

2. I'm sure that after passing / passed your exam, you'll feel a lot better.

3. Having finishing / finished the letter, Peter printed it out.

4. Looking / Looked through the window, I saw a strange man at the door.

5. I cooked dinner and, doing / having done that, I sat down to watch TV.

6. Hearing / Heard a noise outside, Janice went to investigate.

7. Having lost / Losing my notes, I couldn't revise properly for the test.

8. Having been / Being quite intelligent, Matt hopes to get into a good university.

9. Having missed / Missing the start of the film, I decided not to bother watching the rest of it.

10. After making / made her bed, Cherie had a shower.


I Complete the sentences so that the meaning remains the same.

1. I suddenly remembered where I'd left my keys when I was waiting for the bus.

Waiting for the bus I suddenly remembered where I’d left my keys.

2. I slipped because I was trying to run in the rain.

Trying …….

3 I felt quite sorry for Tim when I saw him cry.

Seeing …….

4. John was depressed because he knew he was going to fail the exam.

Knowing …….

5. The reason I'm quite good at basketball is that I'm quite tall.

Being …….

6. Georgia didn't know any Japanese so she used a phrase book when she was there.

Not …….

7. Ed can afford three holidays abroad each year because he has a lot of money.

Having …….

8. Maria began to worry when she realised she was lost.

Realising …….


J Tick () the correct sentences. If a sentence is incorrect, rewrite it correctly.

1. Looking through the window, a plane was passing overhead.

Looking through the window, I saw a plane passing overhead.

2. Realising that it was late, I ran all the way home.

3. Having examined me, I was given a prescription by the doctor.

4. Turning on the television, the newsreader said there had been an explosion.

5. Dropping the shopping bags on the kitchen floor, Mrs Moorcroft sighed and sat down heavily.

6. Having practised the piano, I decided to call one of my friends.


K If a line is correct, put a tick () next to the number. If there is an extra word in a line, write it next to the number.

1. __who__'Hello, viewers, and welcome to EasyMoney, the game show who you

2. ________voted the best on TV! Now, remember yesterday when our current champion,

3. ________Pat Barber, having been won ten thousand euros, decided to carry on? Well,

4. ________she's here tonight and she's going for the star prize, which it is a brand new

5. ________sports car! That's right. Having got her this far, if Pat can answer three more

6. ________questions correctly, then she could be driving home in this car, ladies and

7. ________gentlemen. Having not seen the programme before, you will know just how

8. ________difficult which it can be. I know Pat's a little nervous, but I'm sure she'll be

9. ________fine and there's one person for whom tonight is very special and that's Pat's

10. ________husband, Frank, who he is sitting in the audience. So, let's play EasyMoney!



Unit 24                            Vocabulary



Topic vocabulary in contrast                                                    see page 195 for definitions

enjoy / entertain scene / scenery / stage novel / fiction
play / act / star band / orchestra / group comic / cartoon / comedian
audition / rehearsal review / criticism watch / see / look
rehearse / practise ticket /fee listen / hear


Phrasal verbs

come (a)round happen again (for regular events) grow on if sth grows on you, you start to like it more
count on rely on; trust let down disappoint
drop off fall asleep name after give sb or sth the same name as sb or sth else
drown out prevent a sound from being heard by making a louder noise put on hold; perform (a show, play, etc)
fall for believe that a trick or joke is true show off try to attract people's attention and make them admire you (usually used negativeiy)
get along (with) have a good relationship (with) take after look or behave like an older relative
go down (as) be remembered for having done something take off become successful or popular very fast


Phrases and collocations

fun have/be fun; make fun of sb
funny find sth funny
home make yourself at home; be/stay at home; go/get/leave home; make your way home
impression give sb the impression; do an impression of sb; have the impression; make an impression (on sb)
joke joke about sth/doing; joke with sb; tell/make/hear/get/understand a joke
laugh laugh at/about sth/sb; laugh out loud; roar with laughter; have a laugh
part take part in sth/doing; be a part of sth; part with sth; have a part (in a play, etc)
party have/throw a party (for sb); give sb a party; go to a party; dinner/birthday/etc party
play play a part/role (in sth); play with sth/sb; play sth; have a part/role to play (in sth); be/act/star in a play; watch/see a play
queue join a queue; in a queue; queue up; stand/wait in a queue
show put on a show; show appreciation (for sth/sb); show sth to sb; show sb sth; on show; steal the show; TV/radio/quiz/game show; show business
silence in silence
voice in a low/deep/high/etc voice; have a good/bad voice; voice an opinion (about sth)


Word patterns

apologise (to sb) for sth/doing like sth/doing; like to do; be like sth/doing; be like sb (to do)
avoid sth/sb/doing promise to do; promie sb (sth); promise that
bound to do prove to do; prove sth (to sb)
deserve sth/to do say sth (to sb); say that
enjoy yourself; enjoy sth/doing supposed to do
happy to do sth; happy for sb (to do sth); happy about sth/doing talented at sth/doing
instead of sth/doing  


Word formation

act (in)active(ly), acting, actor, actress, action, (in)activity entertain entertaining, entertainment, entertainer popular unpopular, popularly, popularity
amuse (un)amusing(ly), amusement excite (un)exciting, excited(ly), excitment say saying
bore boring(ly), bored, boredom fame (in)famous(ly) suggest suggested, suggestive(ly), suggestion
converse conversation involve (un)involved, involvement vary (in)variable, (in)variably, varing, varied, various(ly), variation, variety
current currently

perform performing, performance, performer



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