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Topic vocabulary in contrast

A   Choose the correct answer.

1. I've got a/an ……. for the school play tomorrow. I really hope I get a main part!

A rehearsal        В practice С audition        D performance

2. Did you read that ……. of the new Lloyd-Rice musical? It said it was awful!

A review           В criticism С report            D summary

3. I'm going to stay in and ……. TV tonight.

A see                    В watch            С look at           D view

4. We really ……. ourselves at the party! Thanks so much for inviting us!

A entertained        В had fun         С enjoyed         D occupied

5. Ellie does a/an ……. each week for the local newspaper. It's usually quite funny.

A comic            В comedian           С animation        D cartoon

6. The water park we went to yesterday was fantastic, but the entrance ……. was a bit expensive.

A ticket             В fee                    С charge           D cost

7. Vanilla Sky ……. Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.

A acts               В plays              С stars                    D contains

8. When you're learning to play a musical instrument, it's important to … for an hour or two every day.

A rehearse         В practise              С perform         D train

9. The play wasn't supposed to be a comedy, but everyone started laughing when some of the ……. fell over and hit one of the actors.

A scenery          В scenes            С stages            D acts

10. Louis de Bernieres' ……. Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which is set on the Greek island of Cephallonia during the Second World War, was an international bestseller.

A fiction           В account  С anecdote        D novel

11. Have you ……. the joke about the gu y who fell off a 20-metre-high ladder? He was fine – he fell off the bottom rung!

A listened to        В overheard           С heard             D paid attention to

12. Being the conductor of a large ……. is an extremely demanding job. You have to make sure about a hundred musicians are playing in time.

A group            В band                          С company        D orchestra


Phrasal verbs

В   Write one word in each gap.


My little brother, Carl, takes (1) after  our dad in that they both like to sing. The difference is

that Dad's got quite a good voice. Carl can't sing at all! This doesn't stop him, though. He's always singing. He starts as soon as he wakes up, and doesn't stop until he drops (2) ……. at night. I usually get along very well (3) ……. Carl, but he can be a bit annoying when he starts showing (4) ……. . You can count (5) ……. him to do this whenever we have guests. My mum and dad will be talking to some friends, and then suddenly the conversation will be completely drowned (6) ……. by Carl singing at the top of his lungs. The other day, I told him he should be on the radio. For a second he fell (7) ……. it, until I told him that that if he was on the radio, we could turn it off!


С   Complete using the correct form of the phrasal verbs in the box.

come (a)round • go down • grow on • let down • name after • put on • take off

1. Marlon Brando will   go down in history as one of the greatest actors of all time.

2. Our class is going to ……. a play at the end of term.

3. I didn't really like Madonna's new single when it came out, but it's starting to ……. me now.

4. Did you know that the sandwich is ……. the Earl of Sandwich?

5. The band have really ……. since appearing on the Video Music Awards show last month.

6. The Eurovision Song Contest is ……. again soon. Shall we organise a Eurovision party?

7. I felt completely ……. when he refused to give me his autograph. I'm never going to buy another one of his CDs!


Phrases and collocations

D  Circle the correct word.

1. I hope you're joking with / about quitting your job!

2. Come in! Make / Have yourself at home.

3. Having taken part in / of several amateur karaoke competitions, Daniel was determined to get himself a recording contract.

4. Have fun / funny at the concert tonight, won't you?

5. What's wrong with boys playing with / in dolls?

6. The audience gave / showed their appreciation for the cast by giving them a standing ovation.

7. We're thinking of having / giving Dad a surprise 40th birthday party.

8. Voicing / Speaking your opinion on a live TV or radio discussion programme is not as easy as it sounds.


E   Circle the extra word in each sentence.

1. What time did you get to home last night?

2. You shouldn't make the fun of Tim just because he's smaller than you.

3. A number of contemporary art installations are on the show at the moment at the Zwyborg Gallery.

4. Didn't you find out that joke funny?

5. I guess we'll have to join up the queue.

6. Everyone sat there in the silence as the comedian stumbled through his routine.

7. It's not often I laugh out loud during a movie, but There's Something About Mary had me roaring out with laughter the whole time.

8. I'm never going to be part with this first edition of Dickens's Great Expectations.

9. I have the impression of Sasha's thinking about giving up ballet classes.


Word patterns

F   Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

1. Was the concert fun?                                                                                                  yourself

Did you enjoyyourself at the concert?

2. I'm sure Kelly will do well in the talent contest.                                                        bound

Kelly ……. well in the talent contest.

3. Don't worry about your costume; concentrate on learning your lines!                       instead

Concentrate on learning your lines ……. about your costume!

4. We got there early and so we didn't have to queue.                                                   avoid

We managed to ……. there early.

5. Jason said he was sorry that he hadn't invited us to his party.                                   apologized

Jason ……. us to his party.

6. I don't mind if you give me the money for the tickets later.                                      happy

I ……. give me the money for the tickets later.

7. Doug isn't usually late.                                                                                                like

It ……. be late.

8. Sean plays the guitar very well.                                                                                  talented

Sean ……. the guitar.

9. You shouldn't go backstage without a pass.                                                          supposed

You ……. backstage without a pass.

10. 'I'll meet you outside the theatre at eight whatever happens,' said Dan to Kyle.     promised

Dan ……. outside the theatre at eight.

11. I. can't understand why he won the award for best video.                                      deserved

I don't think ……. the award for best video.

12. In the end, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.                                                  proved

In the end, it ……. a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

13. I can't remember who you said had won.                                                                 say

Who ……. the winner?


Word formation

G   Complete the text by changing the form of the word in capitals.


Despite the (1)   suggestion(s)   (SUGGEST) by many critics that reality TV would be a very short-lived phenomenon, it is still increasing in (2) ……. (POPULAR). Several reality shows are (3) ……. (CURRENT) watched by millions of viewers each night, and it's clearly a form of (4) ……. (ENTERTAIN) that's here to stay. Indeed, a number of people have become (5) ……. (FAME) because of their (6) ……. (INVOLVE) in reality TV shows, and have gone on to have successful careers as singers, (7) ……. (ACT) or TV presenters. We can watch with (8) ……. (EXCITE) each night the 'goings-on' in the house (or jungle, or bar, or school of arts). The (9) ……. (CONVERSE) between the contestants are interesting so we don't get (10) ……. (BORE) and there are frequently (11) ……. (VARY) conflicts, which provide further (12) ……. (AMUSE).

If the contestants have to give some kind of (13) ……. (PERFORM) at the end of the week, that's even more appealing. But there's a (14) ……. (SAY) in the TV industry: 'it's all in the editing'and this is especially true of reality shows.



Units 23 and 24                                       Reviw 12


A Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


I've always wanted to be an (1) ……. but never did anything about            ENTERTAIN

it until I lost my job last year. After a (2) ……. with a friend about             CONVERSE

the (3) ……. of office life, I decided not to look for another job in                         BORE

management, but to earn my living from giving (4) ……. at events              PERFORM

like kids' parties. So I became a clown' I'm (5) ……. doing four or                          CURRENT

five parties a week and I love it! I love seeing the (6) ……. on the                    EXCITE

kids' faces when I walk in the room. I try to have a lot of (7) ……. in         VARY

my act, so I tell jokes- most of which the kids find (8) ……. – and                         AMUSE

bend balloons into funny animals, do impersonations of (9) …….                    FAME

people and generally keep the kids (10)   involved for an hour …….           ACT

or two. It's the perfect job for me!

(1 mark per answer)


В   Complete the second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words.

11. We didn't have a birthday party for Jake; we took him to the cinema instead.       instead

We took Jake to the cinema for his birthday ……. a party.

12. It doesn't surprise me that Sandra wants to live in Hollywood.                               just

It ……. want to live in Hollywood.

13. I'm sure the audience will go wild when you come on stage.                                  bound

The audience ……. wild when you come on stage.

14. You shouldn't take food into the theatre.                                                                            supposed

You ……. food into the theatre.

15. At least he said he was sorry that he'd ruined my joke!                                           apologized

At least he ……. my joke!

16. My parents don't mind you staying with us after the concert.                                 happy

My parents ……. stay with us after the concert.

17. Don't tease Libby as she doesn't like it.                                                                    fun

Don't ……. Libby as she doesn't like it.

18. That play really affected me.                                                                                    impression

That play really ……. me.

(1 mark per answer)


С   Write a phrasal verb in the correct form to replace the words in bold.

19. My dad ……. during the film, as usual! (fell asleep)

20. I felt so ……. when my parents didn't come to watch me in the school play, (disappointed)

21. Although they're partners in a comedy act, apparently they don't ……. with each other offstage, (have a good relationship)

22. Let's ……. a play at the end of term! (perform)

23. Fiona ……. her mother; they both love playing board games! (resembles)

24. I told Marcie that the word'stupid'didn't appear in the dictionary and she ……. it! (believed)

25. Laurel and Hardy will ……. as one of the greatest double acts in comedy history. (be remembered)

26. You can always ……. Uncle Colin to cheer you up when you're feeling miserable. (trust)

(2 marks per answer)


D Choose the correct answer.

27. ……. an Oscar last year, she's now one of the most powerful movie stars in the industry.

A She won            В To win    С The winning of  D Having won

28. 'Which cinema did you go to?' The one ……. they don't sell any popcorn!'

A which            В where     С whom                 D who

29. That's the actor ……. autograph I got last year!

A whose                В who        С who's                 D whom

30. ……. to change his name by his agent, John Smith became MarvoThe Magnificent overnight.

A Made            В Making   С Having made     D To make

31. The book ……. she's most famous is Dance of the Dinosaurs.

A in that           В to whom С for which           D that

32. Lyle Lovett, ……. I last saw perform over ten years ago, is on tour again.

A he who          В to whom С who                    D that

33. And the song ……. by our listeners as their favourite of the week is Goodbye Baby by TheTunesmiths.

A having chosen    В chosen    С was chosen        D is chosen

34. 'You didn't get into Harvard, did you?' – 'No, and that's the reason ……. I ended up going to drama college!'

A how                    В which     С for that          D why

(1 mark per answer)


E  Choose the correct answer.

35. Could you in the paper and see what's on TV tonight?

A see                    В watch                 С look                    D examine

36. I'm reading a   set in Greece during the Second World War.

A novel             В fiction                С literature        D writing

37. Harry kept us ……. throughout the journey with his non-stop jokes.

A enjoyed              В entertained         С laughed              D pleasured

38. I never read ……. of films as I don't trust the critics'opinions.

A reviews         В criticisms            С articles               D investigations

39. How did your  go? Do you think you'll be offered the main part?

A audit             В auditorium         С audience            D audition 40

40. I'd love to work in show ……. . It's so glamorous!

A industry             В business             С commerce          D trade

41. Joe told me a joke today but I didn't ……. it at all.

A get                    В bring              С fetch                              D collect

42 I didn't like this album at first but it's really starting to on me now.

A grow             В raise                   С develop         D increase

 (1 mark per answer)

Total mark: …../ 50



Unit 25                                               Grammar

• Unreal past, wishes / contrast


 ( Unreal past )

• Past tenses do not always refer to past time. In some sentences and with some verbs or phrases we use a past tense to refer to the present or the future or to a general situation.bThese include sentences that contain:

Structure Example
a second conditional I'd buy that top if I had more cash on me.
suppose / what if/ imagine I know it's probably not going to happen but suppose/imagine I became a famous supermodel! I know it's probably not going to happen but what ifl became a famous super model?
would rather+you/he/she/we/ they I'd rather you didn't come with me to the fashion show tomorrow.
it's (high/about) time It's (high/about) time that hats came back in fashion.
polite questions Did you want me to send you our new catalogue when it comes out?
wish / if only If only/I wish I had something to wear tonight.


Suppose, what if and imagine can also be followed by a present tense.

A present tense indicates that the situation is more likely to actually happen.

A past tense indicates that the situation is less likely to actually happen.

What ifyou are accepted into art college? (more likely to happen)

What ifyou were accepted into art college? (less likely to happen)


 ( Wishes )

• We use different structures with wish / if only, depending on exactly what we want to express.

Use Structure Example
Expressing wishes about the present, future or generally wish/if only + past simple/ continuous I wish I was studying history of fashion instead of biology!
Expressing wishes about the past wish/if only + past perfect simple/continuous If only I'd known Burton's was having a sale last week.
Criticising other people or complaining about a situation now, in the future or generally wish /if only + would If only Henry would get a haircut!
Expressing hypothetical ability or permission now, in the future or generally wish/if only + could I wish I could fit into these jeans.
Expressing desires in a formal way wish + full infinitive I wish to try on this ball gown.


• We do not usually say If only/I wish I would...

✓ If only /I wish I had enough money to buy these shoes.

✓ If only/I wish I could afford these shoes.

X If only/I wish I would have enough money to buy these shoes.

• To express desires about the future, we often use hope.

I hope I will have enough money to buy these shoes next week.

I hope to have enough money to buy these shoes next week.

X I wish I will have enough money to buy these shoes next week.


 ( although / though / even though )

• Although, though and even though are used to express contrast. Even though is more emphatic than although and though. Though is more informal than although and even though.

Structure Example
Although/Though/Even though + subject + verb, subject + verb Although / Though / Even though I wore a hat, I got sunburn.
subject + verb, although/though/even though + subject + verb I got sunburn, although/though/even though I wore a hat.


Though can also come at the end of a sentence.

I wore a hat. I got sunburn, though


 ( in spite of/ despite )

In spite of and despite are used to express contrast. They mean exactly the same thing and take the same grammatical structures:

Structure Example
in spite of/ despite + -ing form, subject + verb In spite of /Despite wearing a hat, I got sunburn.
in spite of/ despite + the fact (that) + subject + verb, subject + verb In spite of/ Despite the fact (that) I wore a hat, I got sunburn.
in spite of/ despite + noun, subject + verb In spite of/Despite my hat, I got sunburn.


• We can also put in spite of/despite in the middle of the sentence.

I got sunburn in spite of/despite wearing a hat.

• We can also use the perfect -ing form to show that the action happened before the result.

I got sunburn in spite of/ despite having worn a hat.

• With in spite of/despite + -ing form, the subject of the main verb must also carry out the action of the -ing verb.

X My sunburn was terrible in spite of/despite wearing a hat. (= My sunburn wore a hat)


 ( however / nevertheless )

However and nevertheless are used to express contrast. However is formal. Nevertheless is even more formal.
The fashion show was expensive to put on. However / Nevertheless, it did make a profit.
The fashion show was expensive to put on. It did make a profit, however/nevertheless.
The fashion show was expensive to put on. It did, however/nevertheless, make a profit.


( while / whereas )

While and whereas are used to contrast two different facts or ideas.

Structure Example
while / whereas + subject + verb, subject + verb While/Whereas jeans are worn by both men and women, blouses are worn only by women.
subject + verb, while / whereas + subject + verb Blouses are worn only by women, while / whereas jeans are worn by both men and women.



A   Complete using the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. Don't you think it's time you   told  (tell) Andrea the truth?

2. What if we ……. (rent) a villa by the sea for the summer?

3. I'd rather people ……. (send) me e-mails than ……. (phone) me.

4. Suppose you ……. (be going to) open a clothes shop. What kind of clothes would you stock?

5. It's time to ……. (go) now.

6. If you ……. (have) a time machine, which era would you want to go back to?

7. Shelia would come with us if she ……. (not have to) work tomorrow.

8. We'd rather you ……. (not lend) Brenda any more money - she's got to learn not to spend what she doesn't have.

9. It's high time I ……. (leave).

10. What if we ……. (get) married? Would that make you happy?


В  Each of the words or phrases in bold is incorrect. Rewrite them correctly.

1. I wish I know how to set the timer on this video. Where are the instructions? knew .

2. 'If only I listened to Hilary,' said Warren sadly.'Now it's too late.' …….

3. I wish you did shut up for five minutes! …….

4. If only Charlie can get tomorrow off work. …….

5. Do you wish you went with Jack to the concert tomorrow night? …….

6. Excuse me. I wish speaking with the manager of this establishment immediately. …….

7. Albert wishes like anything that he was driving more slowly that night. …….

8. I wish I would feel well enough to eat something. …….

9. I wish I'll get my exam results sooner rather than later. …….

10 If only you to listen to what your teachers tell you! …….


С   Choose the correct answer.

1. It's about time you ……. Thinking about setting up your own business.

A start                   В have started       С started             D to start

2. I'd really rather you ……. the kids drop bits of pizza all over my new sofa.

A don't let             В aren't letting       С won't let             D didn't let

3. ……. anything particular in mind or are you just browsing?

A Did you have     В Are you having  С Can you have     D Had you had

4. I wish Karen ……. that we're not trying to interfere in her life.

A understands       В would understand С has understood D is going to understand

5. I'd have been able to say goodbye to Trish if only ……. to the airport in time.

A I get                   В I got                   С I have got          D I had got

6. Don't you sometimes wish you ……. invisible?

A could be             В would be            С will be                D are

7. Suppose we ……. we could go and live on another planet. Would you want to go?

A to hear               В hearing               С heard                  D having heard

8. Do you wish ……. an official complaint?

A making               В to make              С you made           D you make

9. Adrian was ……. enough money to buy a new computer for the school.

A wishing to have raised              С hoping to have raised

В wishing he will raise                  D hoping he will raise

10. Don't you wish we ……. the exam a week on Monday and not tomorrow?

A take                    В will take             С would take         D were taking


D  Complete the sentences so that the meaning remains the same.

1. I don't like your criticising me all the time.

I wish you wouldn’t criticise me all the time .

2. It's awful – Sam doesn't know how I feel about him!

If only …….

3. I'd love to be with you in Switzerland right now.

I wish …….

4. Frank regrets not taking the job when he had the chance.

Frank wishes …….

5. Wouldn't you like us to be standing in the middle of Times Square right now?

Don't you wish …….

6. It's a shame I can't play chess as well as Steve.

I wish …….

7. What would you do if you had a million euros?

Suppose …….

8. I don't really want you to smoke in here.

I'd rather …….

9. It's time for them to go to bed.

It's hiah time …….


E Match to make sentences.

1. Although… 2. Despite… 3. Despite the… 4. Aesop is a vegetarian, … 5. Despite his vegetarianism, … 6. In spite… 7. Despite having… 8. Aesop is a vegetarian. However, he… 9. Aesop is a vegetarian. He does… A. of being a vegetarian, Aesop does occasionally eat fish. В. does occasionally eat fish. С. Aesop does occasionally eat fish. D. being a vegetarian, Aesop does occasionally eat fish. E. occasionally eat fish, however. F. Aesop's a vegetarian, he does occasionally eat fish. G. been a vegetarian for years, Aesop does occasionally eat fish. H. fact that Aesop is a vegetarian, he does occasionally eat fish. I. although he does occasionally eat fish.


F   Complete using although, despite, however or while.

1. Despite the storm, over ten thousand people took part in the marathon.

2. ……. I wrote myself a note to remind me, I still forgot to call George tonight.

3. Most Egyptologists believe that the Sphinx is about 4000 years old. Some geologists,        ……. argue that it must be at least 14,000 years old.

4. ……. having taken two aspirin, I had such a bad headache that I had to go home.

5. I've never seen a UFO. ……. ,that doesn't mean that I don't believe in them.

6. There are still two million people unemployed ……. the fact that we're in the middle of an economic boom.

7. ……. no European country carries out capital punishment, it is widely used throughout the United States.

8. Technology has benefited humankind enormously. There are drawbacks with our reliance on technology, ……. .

9. I couldn't find my keys ……. searching for them everywhere.


G   Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

1. Although he was exhausted, Mike kept on climbing.                                                 fact

In ……. he was exhausted, Mike kept on climbing.

2. Sally had been sure she would win the music competition. She came third, however. been

Despite ……. would win the music competition, Sally came third.

3. Doug wasn't shortlisted for the job even though he had a great CV.                    spite

Doug wasn't shortlisted for the job ……. a great CV.

4. Planes can still take off and land but ferries have been cancelled.                             whereas

Ferries have been cancelled, ……. able to take off and land.

5. Despite having got a good degree, Sandra couldn't find a well-paid job.                             even

Sandra couldn't find a well-paid job ……. a good degree.

6. Even though he'd been robbed twice, Red still enjoyed living in the city.                having

Red still enjoyed living in the city ……. twice.

7. It's a great film despite the plot being a little complicated.                                        though

It's a great film, ……. a little complicated.

8. Despite looking everywhere, the kids failed to find the tennis ball.                          although

The kids failed to find the tennis ball      ……. everywhere.

9. Pat really enjoyed the match even though she was beaten.                                        of

In ……. Pat really enjoyed the match.

10. Despite their thorough investigation of the case, the police didn't manage

to catch the culprit.                                                                                                         investigated

Despite ……. , the police didn't manage to catch the culprit.


H  If a line is correct, put a tick (✓) next to the number. If there is an extra word in a line, write it next to the number.


1. _________ I went to my first school dance last Saturday night and it was a disaster! If

2. _________ only that I'd thought about what I was going to wear a bit more carefully. Although

3. _________  being my best friend Jenny had told me it wasn't that kind of event, I'd decided

4. _________  to look really grown-up and wear a dress and high-heeled shoes. When I got

5. _________  there, I looked totally ridiculous and some people started laughing. Despite of

6. _________  this slight setback, I thought I'd hit the dance floor. If I could have survive that,

7. _________  I could survive anything. But even though that went wrong! One of my heels

8. _________  snapped - even if though my shoes were brand new - and I had to carry them

9. _________  to the side of the room. It was very embarrassing! Still, despite the disastrous

10 . ________  start was, Craig Fielding came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go out with

                    him next Saturday. Of course I said no, but he is cute! We'll see what happens!


I   Write one word in each gap.


with Sunny Magenta

(1)   Despite  the fact that I try to be as upbeat as possible in this column, I have to say Milan has disappointed me. If only we.(2) ……. possibly go back to the glory days of fashion (ie last year) when skirts were short and pink was the new black. Pink is still in this year, interestingly enough. (3) ........ , it's only being used in accessories such as buckles, belts, braces and beads. Brown – the must-have colour of the season – has never been my favourite colour, (4) ……. I have to say that Belinda Steven's all-brown paper beachwear was quite stunning. That's in (5) ……. of its complete impracticality, of course. It really is (6) ……. time that haute couture entered the real world just a tiny bit. I know it's supposed to be more art than clothing, but suppose you actually (7) ……. the mistake of buying a Diego Fernandez baseball cap made of candle wax. That's one walk in the sunshine and five thousand euros is dripping down your face! Now, I'm not saying I wish I (8) ……. stayed back in dull and grey London – the after-show parties were tremendous, as always. But I do hope that next season I (9) ……. be able to report that the fashion world's got a grip on itself once more, and then – (10) ……. though none of us will ever be able to afford any of the items I describe in this column – at least we'll have something to dream about once more.


Unit 26                            Vocabulary


Fashion and design

Topic vocabulary in contrast                                                         see page 196 for definitions

put on/wear cloth / clothing look/appearance
costume / suit blouse / top supply / produce
dye / paint design / manufacture glimpse /glance
fit / suit / match current / new / modern average / everyday


Phrasal verbs

catch on become popular or fashionable line up get/put into lines do away with get rid of pop in(to) visit quickly or for a short time draw up create (plans, etc) show (a)round take sb on a tour of a place dress up put on fancy or unusual clothes take off remove (a piece of clothing) go over repeat or think about again in order to understand completely tear up rip into pieces grow out of develop from; become too big for try on put on (a piece of clothing) to see how it looks and whether it fits hand down give something valuable to your children or grandchildren, usually when you die wear out become old and unusable


Phrases and collocations

art work of art; modern art; art gallery; art exhibition
clothes put on/try on/wear/take off clothes; clothes line; clothes peg; best clothes
combination in combination with; combination of
compliment pay sb a compliment; compliment sb on sth
example be/set an example; an example of; for example; follow an/sb's example
fashion in fashion; be/go out of fashion; follow fashion; fashion model/show
hair cut/brush sb's hair; have/get a new hairdo/hairstyle; have a haircut; let your hair down
make-up put on/apply/wear/take off make-up
pattern follow a pattern; a checked/striped/plain pattern
style in style; be/go out of style; do sth/go somewhere in style; have style
taste have/show good/bad taste (in sth); in good/bad taste
tendency have a tendency to do
trend a trend in sth; follow/set a trend


Word patterns

advise sb to do; advise sb that; advise sb on/about sth; advise (sb) against sth/doing proud of sth/sb/doing; proud to do
anxious about sth/doing; anxious to do refer to sth; refer sb to sth
criticise sb (for sth/doing) seem to be; it seems that
insist on sth/doing; insist that stare at sth/sb
plenty of sth; plenty more sth; plenty to do use sth (for sth/doing); use sth to do
prepare (sb) for sth; prepare to do useful for sth/doing; useful to sb


Word formation

advertise advertisement, ad(vert), advertising, advertiser enthuse (un)enthusiastic(ally), enthusiasm, enthusiast similar dissimilar(ly), similarity
attract (un)attractive(ly), attraction expect (un)expected(ly), expectation, expectancy style (un)stylish(ly), stylist, stylishness
beauty beautiful(ly) fashion (un)fashionable, (un)fashionably succeed success, (un)successful(ly)
decide decision, (in)decisive(ly), undecided like alike, dislike, unlike, likeness, (un)likeable, liking use usage, useful(ly), useless(ly), user, (un)usable
desire (un)desirable

produce product, producer, production, (un)productive(ly)


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