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Where a word has more than one meaning, there may be various opposites. Fill the gaps in this exercise.

1. I don't want a glass of dry wine, I want a glass of sweet wine.

2. The weather isn't going to be dry, it's sure to be ................... .

3. This isn't a hard exercise, it's................... .

4. The bed wasn't hard, it was................... .

5. A truck isn't a light vehicle, it's................... .

6. At midnight it isn't light, it's................... .

7. The sea wasn't rough, it was................... .

8. A baby's skin isn't rough, it's................... .

9. We won't fail the exam, we'll..................it.

10. She didn't fail to get the job, she..................in getting it.

11. I'm quite poor but a millionaire is very...................

12. His work was very poor, but hers was very...................

13. Poor Tom - he lost the match. ..................Jim, he..................it!

14. I lost mypen yesterday, but now I've..................it.

15. He didn't lose weight, he..................it.



Stressing the right syllable

1. It's important to stress the right part of a word. Mark the stressed syllables in the words in italic.

verbs and -ing forms

They exported the goods to the USA.

These bananas are imported.

He insulted me.

They perfected a new method.

Smoking is not permitted.

His work is progressing well.

They protested about the situation.

Listen to the recording.

He is suspected of the crime.

Nouns and adjectives

Tourism is an invisible export.

Imports have risen this month.

That was a terrible insult.

Your work is not quite perfect.

You need a permit to fish in the river.

New Progress to your English.

They held a protest meeting.

Have you heard their new record?

He is the main suspect.

2. Work in pairs. Take it in turns to read the sentences aloud.

When a word has two or more than two syllables, it's sometimes difficult to remember where the main stress is placed in the word - especially when there is a similar word in your language. Mark the main stressed syllable in each of these words.

employ employer employee employment apply application advertising advertisement attraction certificate comfortable communication deputy desert dessert desirable details development experience girlfriend information intelligence machine permanent photograph photography qualification receptionist reservation secretarial secretary telephone telephonist temporary themselves toothache vegetable yourself

Work in pairs. Take it in turns to read the words aloud.

5. Generally speaking, grammatical words (modal verbs, articles, prepositions, etc.) are not stressed in a sentence. Content words (nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs) are stressed. Listen to the following sentences and mark the stressed syllables in them.

1. Stress is just as important in a conversation as when you're reading something aloud.

2. It takes most people a long time to perfect their pronunciation in English.

3. Norwich is pleased to pull off a nice one.

4. We found Norwich to be a city with a smile.

5. We're reasonably nice to each other, but I'm sure that many other towns are equally as nice.

6. Save the green Bermuda shorts and yellow polo shirts for Orlando.

7. How to visit Miami and survive.

8. Tinted windows would be nice. So would a car phone.

Work in pairs. Take it in turns to read the sentences aloud yourselves.



Some words which are perfectly all right in conversation are best avoided if you want to make your writing more interesting, and if you want to gain knowledge for using a wide vocabulary.

Work in pairs. Look at these examples. What is the difference between them?

1. She's a very nice person. It was nice of her to help me and she was nice to you too, wasn't she?

2. She's a very likeable person. For example, it was kind of her to help me and she was friendly to you too, wasn't she?

2. Write down at least two synonyms that can be used in place of:

nice good bad thing like dislike

3. Write down at least two synonyms you can use instead of these adjectives (to avoid having to repeat the same word in a paragraph).

large small important intelligent interesting strange unpleasant beautiful

Write five sentences, using some of the words in tasks 2 and 3 above. Pass them to another pair of students in your class to rewrite more interestingly or more clearly.

Sometimes you may not be able to think of exactly the right word you need:

The carpenter wanted to tighten the screws, so he used a…you know…a whatchmacallit.

But it's sometimes possible to use a less exact word which still shows what you mean:

He used a special tool to tighten up the screws.

1. screwdriver hammer spanner tools

2. brother cousin uncle relatives

3. grass cactus bush

4. rabbit lion mouse

5. lamb beef chicken

6. bus train lorry

7. house flat room hotel

8. parrot sparrow pigeon

9. copper steel iron

10. breakfast supper lunch

11. autumn spring winter

12. suit socks sweater

13. bread cake meat

14. dollar pound franc

15. racket bat stick

16. rugby tennis squash

17. photography stamp-collecting reading

18. medicine law accountancy

19. parrot goldfish cat

20. wheat rye oats

21. rose carnation daisy

22. ant bee wasp

23. book newspaper brochure

24. violin guitar piano

Activity for Practice 1(ex 4 p 19): numbers for dictation

Phone No and Faxes:

1. 5180477

2. Dial 01865 56767 for more information.

3. 01469 3875533

4. Put down please fax number: 86352 55310

5. 0832 206137

6. 3440929


7. My credit card number is: 0432 9999 4567 9876

8. (decimal) ninety-four point four eight eight (94.488)

9. (fraction) twenty-nine over one four five (29/145)

10. 146,533,118

11. five and three seventeenths (53/17)

12. sixty-five point one two per cent (65.12%)


13. -What’s the time?

-Half past eleven (10.30).

14. It’s eight thirty five (8.35).

15. It’s a quarter after one (US) (1.15).

16. It’s ten to seven. (6.50)


17. The total cost was one hundred and sixty-three pounds and five pence(£163.05).

18. The bill came to about a hundred and sixty-eight dollars($168).

19. How much is the chocolate? It’s forty-three p(43p).

20. The camera costs twenty-two pounds fifty(£22.50).


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