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Match each statement with a word or phrase form the list below. Write the letter of your chosen answer next to the statement. There is one extra word/phrase that you don’t have to use.


1. We used to have four layers of management but now we have only




2. I am an independent software designer. At the moment, I’m working for three companies.

3. I don’t know whether my job here is safe. I could be out of work next month.

4. In 1999 we had 430 employees. Now there are only 280.


5. We used to do our printing in-house, but now it’s done by a company in Hong Kong.

6. I was a shop floor supervisor but then they made me manager of the whole production plant.

7. Our company has been completely reorganized to make it more efficient.

8. Now that we have reduced our costs, we are making much more money.


a. downsize


b. delayer


c. restructure


d. outsource


e. promotion


f. freelance


g. dismiss


h. profit


i. insecurity


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8



Choose the best word from the brackets to fill the gap.


1. I didn’t like the way the company was being run so I __________ . (resigned/sacked/terminated)

2. They laid __________ people in March and 50 more in September. (on/off/out)

3. I joined this company because the career __________ is excellent. (path/way/contract)

4. I have regular performance __________ with my manager. (advice/ support/reviews)

5. We now have fewer employees and so the company is much


__________ . (efficient/leaner/fatter)


6. I have worked my way up and now I am a __________ manager. (main/old/senior)

7. She was __________ for copying company software on to her PC. (fired/promoted/retired)

8. I was appointed on a __________ contract so my job isn’t very safe. (permanent/full-time/temporary)

9. When you join a company now you can’t expect a __________ for life. (job/work/career)

10. If you break the safety rules you can be __________ immediately. (downsized/dismissed/delayered)


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:















Draw a line from each word on the left to a word on the right to make a word pair. There is one extra word that you don’t have to use.


1. big industry


2. corporate commerce


3. self employed


4. e- business


5. free enterprise


6. enterprise departments


7. nationalized profits




Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:










Choose the best word to fill each gap from the alternatives given below. Put a circle around the letter, A, B, C of the word you choose.


“The company of eastern Europe has changed a lot. Twenty years ago, the main industries were completely nationalized and many companies were owned by the (1) __________ They did not work well. They were


inefficient and (2) __________ .Now governments are trying to (3)


__________ them, but it is not easy to find (4) __________ People don’t want to put money into the old companies. However, some people are happy to (5) __________ their money on new business and there are signs that a new enterprise (6) __________ is growing”.


  A B C
nation state country
automatic diplomatic bureaucratic
privatize nationalize enterprise
A corporations firms investors
save risk sell
culture commerce concern


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:




Choose the best word to fill each gap from the alternatives given below. Put a circle around the letter, A, B, C of the word you choose.


Aberdeen Reliance is one of the country’s smaller life insurance companies. It was set up in 1920 as a (1) __________. This means that the 15,000 people who have insurance policies with the company are (2)


__________. These, in theory, own all the (3) __________ and there are no (4) __________. Last year, the board of directors wanted to sell the company to a large American (5) __________, but first they had to get the policy holders to agree to (6) __________. This was heavily defeated, proving that people still value the traditional status of the company.


  A B C
mutual public incorporated
partners directors members
profits salaries expenses
customers traders shareholders
corporation sectors proprietor
freelancing demutualization limiting


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:




Innovation and Invention

Fill the gap in each sentence by writing the correct form of the verb given in brackets.


1. Suzanne King is in charge of product __________ at Westworld Electronics. (develop)

2. I want to be a graphic __________ when I graduate. (design)


3. I think that the Internet is the greatest __________ of the past 50 years. (innovate)

4. We are looking for someone with __________ of databases and spreadsheets. (know)

5. Christopher Cockerell was the __________ of the hovercraft. (invent)

6. You have to pay a lot to get a good software __________ . (develop)


7. Have you seen her __________ for the new shopping centre? (design)


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:









Draw a line from each word on the left to a word on the right to make a word pair. There is one extra word that you don’t have to use. Then use your word pairs to complete the sentences below.


1. product development


2. patent license


3. cutting property


4. research application


5. under copyright


6. intellectual center




Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:








1. We have made a __________ to stop people copying our invention.


2. Our drug for pain relief is made __________ in 32 countries.


3. I’m in charge of __________ at Minnow Technologies.


4. We use the latest technologies to keep our products at the _________ .


5. We took them to court because the original idea was our _________ .


6. We test all new drugs at our __________ in Zurich.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:








Choose the best word from the brackets to fill the gap.


1. I bought a PC just five years ago and now it is __________ . (innovative/obsolete)


2. I think that the __________ of computer control systems is fascinating. (technology/knowledge)


3. Advanced, __________ systems are great, but there is more to go wrong. (low-tech/hi-tech)


4. I receive a __________ of 10% on all my books that the publisher sells. (royalty/license)


5. Finding out how antibiotics work was a tremendous __________ . (breakthrough/breakout)


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:







Buyers, Sellers and the Market

Choose the best word from the brackets to fill each gap.


1. Our __________ includes several multinational companies. (clientele/economy)

2. We wanted to buy the house but the __________ was asking for ₤300.000. (purchase/vendor)

3. The government brought in several market __________ to strengthen the economy. (reforms/pressures)

4. Until 1998, the government fixed all the prices, but now we have a


__________ market. (free/state)


5. It’s only a small shop, but we serve nearly 200 __________ a day. (consumers/customers)

6. Most of our __________ are small businesses. (market/users)


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:








Draw a line from each word on the left to a word on the right to make a word pair. There is one extra word that you don’t have to use. Then use your word pairs to complete the sentences below.

1. customer users


2. end manager


3. street forces


4. purchasing consumer


5. market vendor




Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:







1. He started out as a __________ selling hot dogs from a van.


2. We publish school textbooks, so our __________ are the students.


3. We’ve built up a really strong __________ over the past five years.


4. Their product is too expensive, so __________ will soon make them drop the price.

5. She is the __________ for the country’s leading chain of shoe shops.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:











advertising–реклама,рекламное делоafford–позволять себе


allowance–денежное пособиеapply for–подавать заявлениеappointment–встречаbenefits–льготы,выгоды


blue collar– «синий воротничок»,производственный рабочийboard of directors–совет директоров


bonus–бонус,премияbreakout–распределениеbreakthrough–прорывcatering–общественное питание


CEO(Chief Executive Officer) –генеральный директорCFO(Chief Financial Officer) –финансовый директорchurn out–выпускать потоком,штамповатьclientele–клиентура




continuous improvement–постоянное улучшение


COO(Chief Operating Officer) –руководитель административнойслужбы, руководитель по производственным вопросам




covering letter–сопроводительное письмоcurriculum vitae–резюме




cutting edge–острие,выигрышное качество,центр деятельностиdirector–директор






employment agency–бюро по трудоустройствуendorsement–поддержка,подтверждение,одобрениеenterprise zone–зона предпринимательстваexecutive–исполнительный,руководитель


financial services–финансовые услугиfire–увольнять,выгонять с работыfirst aid–первая помощь


flexitime–скользящий график,свободный режим работыforecast–прогноз


free enterprise–свободное предпринимательствоfreelance–внештатный сотрудник,фрилансер


full-time–полная занятость,занимающий полный рабочий деньget-up–наряд,формат




headhunter–охотник за профессионалами(об агенте или агент-стве по найму персонала)


healthcare–здравоохранениеhovercraft–судно на воздушной подушке


human resources–персонал,трудовые ресурсыin charge of–возглавлять




loyalty card–карточка постоянного покупателяmanufacturer–производитель




mystery shopper–тайный покупатель,мнимый покупательobsolete–устаревший


outsource–нанимать персонал на сторонеovercapacity–избыток производительных мощностейpayroll–платежная ведомость,фонд заработной платыperks–льгота,привилегия




production team–производственная бригадаprofit–выгода,прибыль,доход


promote–продвигать по службеpromotion–продвижение по службеproperty–собственностьproprietor–собственник,владелец


purchasing manager–начальник отдела снабженияquality control–контроль качества


recruit–нанимать на работуrepetitive–повторяющийся,скучныйresearcher–исследователь


resign–подавать в отставкуresponsibility–ответственностьresponsible for–ответственный заretail–розничная торговляretire–уходить на пенсиюrollout–массовый выпускroyalty–роялти,плата




salary–заработная плата,окладsenior–старший




shop floor–торговый залshortlist–окончательный списокspecs–технические требования


spot check–выборочная проверка,ревизияspreadsheet– (электронная)таблицаstart-off–начинать,начинание


start-up–ввод в эксплуатацию,недавно созданная компанияsurvey–исследование


team player–сотрудник,умеющий работать в коллективеtelecommuter–сотрудник,работающий на домуtemporary–временный




trial–пробная версияvendor–торговец


VP(Vice President) –вице-президентwage–заработная плата


white-collar– «белый воротничок»,человек,работающий в офисеworkforce–рабочая сила




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