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Teст 12. The Present Simple / The Present Continuous Tense


Выберите нужную форму глагола в настоящем простом или в настоящем продолженном времени:


1. Our manager __________ in the office all day.
a) stay; b) stays; c) is staying.
2. As a rule I __________ customers in the evening.
a) meet; b) meets; c) am meeting.
3. We usually __________ our work at 6.
a) finishes; b) finish; c) are finishing.
4. He often __________ to London.
a) go; b) goes; c) is going.
5. They __________ customers in different cities.
a) have got; b) has got; c) are having.
6. We don’t __________ out at weekends.
a) goes; b) go; c) are going.
7. After lunch the secretary __________ letters to different companies.
a) write; b) is writing; c) writes.
8. I __________ my chief tomorrow.
a) meet; b) am meeting; c) meets.


9. My boss __________ with your enquiry now but you won’t get a rapid answer.


a) is dealing; b) deals; c) deal.


10. The office __________ at 6 p.m. on weekdays. a) is closing; b) closes; c) close.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Teст 13. The Present Simple / The Present Continuous Tense


Выберите нужную форму глагола в настоящем простом или в настоящем продолженном времени:


1. I sometimes __________ at home because I have a computer.
a) work; b) works; c) am working.
2. He usually __________ financial control over these projects.
a) take; b) takes; c) is taking.
3. Now he __________ in Libya on a fixed-term contract.
a) is working; b) works; c) work.
4. I __________. Can you tell Rosemary I’ll see her tomorrow?
a) am leaving; b) leave; c) leaves.
5. His company __________ profit every year but it isn’t very big.
a) is making; b) make; c) makes.


6.Nowadays consumers in the industrialized world __________


increasingly concerned with healthy living.
a) are becoming; b) becomes; c) become.


7. It’s not an expensive hotel. It __________ much to stay there. a) doesn’t cost; b) don’t cost; c) isn’t costing.


8. She’s got a new job so she __________ the firm in October.
a) is leaving;   b) leaves; c) leave.
9. Our company _______________ in high quality coffee.
a) is specializing; b) specializes; c) specialize.
10. “Can I speak to John? ” – “Sorry, he’s out. No, hold on, he
_______________ down the corridor”.
a) come; b) comes; c) is coming.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Teст 14. The Past Simple / The Present Perfect Tense


Выберите нужную форму глагола в простом прошедшем или в настоящем совершенном времени:


1. I __________ three business lunches this week.
a) had; b) have had.
2. The company’s share prices __________ at the end of last week.
a) bounced; b) has bounced.
3. The company __________ for a 5% increase in sales last month.
a) budgeted; b) has budgeted.
4. The shares __________ a high rate of interest some days ago.
a) yielded; b) has yielded.
5. It __________ a pleasure to do business with you today.
a) was; b) has been.


6. Last year she _______________ her own company and proved to


be a very good businesswoman.                  
a) set up; b) has set up.                  
7. I __________ writing the three-year business plan yet.
a) didn’t finish;   b) haven’t finished.        
8. I __________ a successful business trip last month.
a) had; b) have had.                  
9. I __________ some gas shares recently.      
a) bought; b) have bought.                
10. Many years ago she __________ a slide rule to add up the sales
a) used; b) has used.                  
Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:        


Teст 15. The Passive Voice


Выберите нужную форму глагола в пассивном залоге:


1. Payment __________ yesterday.    
a) is received; b) was received; c) received.
2. The company’s annual accounts __________ by the Chief
a) is prepared; b) are prepared; c) prepare.
3. The agent __________ by the company last week.
a) was accredited; b) were accredited; c) accredited.


4. The accumulated profit __________ forward to next year today.


a) has been carried; b) have been carried; c) was carried.
5. Our budget _______________ already.  
a) have been cut; b) has been cut; c) were cut.
6. Efforts __________ to reduce the prices by 10% now.
a) are being made; b) were being made; c) is being made.
7. Nowadays all the clients of the bank __________ for a financial
advisory service.      
a) are provided; b) were provided; c) provided.


8. The shares __________ on the American Stock Exchange next week. a) will be floated; b) were floated; c) is being floated.


9. Soon the financial results _______________ at the annual general


a) will be announced;   b) will announce;   c) announce.
10. The shipment may _______________        
a) be delayed;   b) was delayed; c) were delayed.
Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:          


Teст 16. The Passive Voice (part 2)


Выберите нужную форму глагола в пассивном залоге:


1. Equipment, tools and computers __________ in the manufacturing


a) is used; b) are used; c) used.  
2. Land, labour and capital __________ to produce goods.
a) are required; b) is required; c) required.
3. A free market _______________ by a government.
a) is not controlled; b) are not controlled; c) not controlled.
4. The US steel industry _______________ by imports of steel.
a) were being injured; b) was being injured; c) injured.
5. The goods ____________________ locally.  
a) are made and sold; b) was made and sold; c) is made and sold.
6. The money _______________ in an account in Hamburg.
a) are lodged; b) were lodged; c) was lodged.
7. All the prices in this shop _______________ down by 10 %.
a) have been marked; b) has been marked; c) marked.
8. The price of petrol _______________ by market forces.
a) are influenced; b) is influenced; c) influenced.
9. The product _________________________ throughout Europe.
a) is being marketed; b) are being marketed; c) marketed.
10. The market – place ____ always __________ on Saturdays.
a) is … crowded; b) were … crowded; c) are … crowded.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Тест 17. The Modal Verbs


Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав соответствующий модальный глагол:


1. You ____ send your resume to several companies. a) can; b) need; c) have.


2. You ____ not start your job search without a resume.

a) can; b) must; c) have.
3. He ____ to get up early.
a) has; b) must; c) can.
4.Do you _____ to travel on business?
a) can; b) must; c) have.


5.This phenomenon ____ be explained by economic laws. a) should; b) need; c) have to.


6.The company had gone bankrupt and _____ pay its creditors.


a) couldn’t; b) hadn’t; c) shouldn’t.
7. You ____ phoned me yesterday.
a) should have; b) may; c) might.


8. Our sales ____ exceed our forecast by 15%.

a) should; b) may; c) must.
9. They ____ deliver on time.
a) can; b) had; c) have.


10. ____ I take a comment at this point? a) Am; b) May; c) Must.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Тест 18. The tag’s questions


Выберите нужную форму глагола:


1. Не is a company manager, _____ he?
a) is; b) isn’t; c) are.


2.You have got a nice flat in Moscow, _____ you?

a) have; b) has; c) haven’t.
3. She finishes her work at 6, _____ she?
a) does; b) is; c) doesn’t.
4. The manager stays in the office till 6, _____ he?
a) does; b) doesn’t; c) is.
5. We don’t have lessons in the morning, _____ we?
a) do; b) don’t; c) does.


6.The director meets customers in the morning, _____ he? a) do; b) does; c) doesn’t.


7. Brighton is a large city, _____ it? a) isn’t; b) is; c) aren’t.


8. A credit has been wrongly entered in the books, _____ it? a) hadn’t; b) hasn’t; c) haven’t.


9. Prices fell as a result of excess supply, _____ they? a) did; b) didn’t; c) don’t.


10. He has to work hard to provide his family, _____ he? a) do; b) don’t; c) doesn’t.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Тест 19. The Past Simple / The Present Perfect Tense / The Past Perfect Tense


Выберите нужную форму глагола в настоящем простом, насто-ящем совершенном или в прошедшем совершенном времени:


1. He phoned to say he __________ his bag on the plane.
a) forgot; b) had left; c) has left; d) has forgotten.
2. He __________ the farm since 1987.    
a) has owned; b) own; c) have been owning; d) owned.
3. _____ you ever been to Scotland?    
a) has; b) had; c) have; d) did.  
4. __________ they arrive at the airport on time yesterday?
a) have; b) did; c) has; d) do.
5. He _____ unemployed since he left college.
a) has been;   b) were; c) had been; d) is.
6. Where __________ before you moved to America?
a) you did live; b) you lived; c) did you live; d) lived you.
7. Last year inflation was tremendous, and the prices _____.
a) raised; b) arise; c) rise; d) rose.
8. Last week our manager __________ to get a new job.
a) leave; b) left;   c) leaves; d) has left.
9. Ann __________ to the bank, but a few minutes ago she returned.
a) goes; b) has gone; c) went;   d) has gone.
10. Last year the company __________ a good profit.
a) makes;   b) made; c) have made; d) did.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Тест 20. The Past Continuous / The Past Simple / The Past Perfect Tense


Выберите нужную форму глагола в одном из вышеперечислен-ных времен:


1. He __________ on the report all day long.
a) was working; b) worked;   c) were working.
2. I __________ the office when he arrived.
a) was leaving; b) left; c) leaves.
off3.. We __________ about safety procedures when the fire alarm went
a) were talking; b) talked;   c) talk.
4. The production line __________ five times yesterday.
a) stopped;   b) was stopping; c) stops.
5. She __________ letters when I came.
a) wrote; b) was writing;   c) has written.
6. He __________ to the director at 3 o’clock yesterday.
a) spoke; b) was speaking; c) speaks.
7. Our fax number __________ today.
a) has changed; b) changed;   c) changes.
8. We __________ just __________ our prices.
a) has lowered; b) have lowered; c) were lowering.


9. The government __________ a decrease in corporation tax yesterday.
a) has announced; b) was announcing; c) announced.
10. He __________ vice-president for 10 years.
a) has been; b) was being; c) have been.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Тест 21. The Gerund


Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав нужную форму глагола:


1. __________ is the process of buying a security for less than its face

value.     b) Discounting; c) Discounts.  
a) Discounted;  
2. We discussed __________ a new business.  
a) open;   b) opening; c) opened.  
3. He risks __________ all of his money.  
a) lost;   b) lose; c) losing.    
4. I heard of the experiment __________ last month.  
a) having been started;   b) started; c) start.  
5. The increase in government __________ will have some effect on  
the rate of interest.   c) spending.  
a) spend;     b) spent;    
6. That would entail our __________ a concession.  
a) making;     b) to make; c) made.  
7. This will save our __________ time.  
a) wasting;     b) waste; c) to waste.  
8. They have suggested his __________ to the symposium.  
a) go; b) to go; c) going.    
9. He’s looking forward to our __________.  
a) to come;     b) coming; c) come.  
10. We have succeeded in __________ a new competitive market.  
a) entering;   b) to enter; c) enter.  


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Тест 22. The Infinitive


Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав нужную форму инфинитива:


1. __________ our employers to develop their skills is one of the prime


concerns of management.    
a) To recruit; b) To inform;   c) To encourage.
2. __________ this market requiers a lot of hard work.
a) To enter; b) To inform;   c) To lose.
3. We have decided not to advertise this position, but __________
a) to encourage; b) to recruit; c) to inform.
4. I am glad __________ you that you have been successful.
a) to inform; b) to accept;   c) to encourage.
5. It is impossible for us __________ these terms.
a) to have found; b) to accept; c) to work out.
6. We would like __________ our overdraft facilities.
a) to extend; b) to buy; c) to have found.
7. The sales director claimed __________ three new customers.
a) to recruit; b) to have found c) to find.


8. They made us __________ extremely hard.


a) to work; b) work; c) to have worked.


9. Central banks of different countries are expected __________ away


from monetary restrictions.  
a) to stay; b) stay; c) to have stayed.


10. The world economy is predicted __________ growing.


a) to have continued;   b) to continue; c) continue.
Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:        


Тест 23. The Participle


Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав причастие насто-ящего или прошедшего времени:


1. All transactions are to be ____________ in the general journal.


a) recording; b) recorded.
2.There is an ____________ number of private investors.
a) increasing; b) increased.
3. Staff are ________ to work flexitime.
a) allowing;   b) allowed.
4. John was _________ to join the family firm.
a) inviting;   b) invited.
5. She works in an ____________ agency.
a) advertising; b) advertised.
6. Most of the products are __________ to developing countries.
a) exporting; b) exported.


7. Accrued income is a total sum of money __________ by the com-pany during a particular period.


a) earning; b) earned.


8. The goods were ___________ in the shop window.


a) displaying; b) displayed.            
9. All ___________ machines are cut-price for one week only.
a) washing; b) washed.              
10. ___________ conditions improved last year.    
a) Trading; b) Traded.              
Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:        


Тест 24. Мany, much, (a) little, (a) few (part 1)


Вставьте в пропуски одно из следующих слов:


1. As the field survey shows, very __________ customers find the design of our goods attractive.


a) little; b) few; c) much.


2. We managed to capture __________ contracts last month.
a) little; b) much; c) many.


3. We have __________ time at our disposal. We must make a decision


right away.


a) little; b) much; c) many.


4. There is very __________data available about market trends in this




a) a few; b) little; c) many.


5. We spent too __________ time on routine meetings. a) much; b) a few; c) many.


6. “Are there any seats on the next flight to Madrid? ” “Yes, there are


__________ ”.


a) little; b) many; c) much.


7. I am beginning to get __________ worried about the situation. a) a little; b) few; c) many.


8. We need __________ more time to think about your proposal. a) a little; b) many; c) a few.


9. __________ insurance companies protect their customers against




a) A little; b) Many; c) Much.


10. It takes one __________ money to join a credit union. a) a few; b) many; c) much.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Тест 25. Many, much, (a) little, (a) few (part 2)


Вставьте в пропуски одно из следующих слов:


1. Starting a business without financial support from the bank may cause you __________trouble.


a) a few; b) many; c) much.


2. Banks are subjects to __________ government regulations. a) little; b) many; c) much.


3. Only __________ major customers can keep up with the rise of the


service prices.


a) a few; b) many; c) much.


4. Very __________ financial institutions nowadays keep off technical innovations in the banking industry.


a) a few; b) few; c) much.


5. You can’t do without __________ cash on hand when you go to a


retailer shop.


a) a little; b) many; c) little.


6. Banks are now using computer technology to perform __________


financial transactions.  
a) little; b) many; c) much.


7. No matter how __________ money you have you can open a bank




a) few; b) many; c) much.


8. There are too __________ students in our group. a) a few; b) much; c) many.


9. Do you have __________ homework to do? a) few; b) many; c) much.


10. I need __________ help. Could you help me with the translation?


a) a little; b) many;   c) little.        
Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:      


Тест 26. The Conditionals


Составьте предложения, соединив первую часть каждого пред-ложения со второй:

1. If you read this book,       a) we can employ them.
2. If you elect me,           b) you’ll get the best financial
3. If a firm doesn’t advertise,     c) people tend not to save.
4. If people are flexible and keen d) the merger could have suc-
to work hard,           ceeded.      
5. If you have an offshore bank e) you would know English well
account,           now.        
6. If inflation is high,         f) you don’t pay income tax.
7. If I had a lot of money,       g) I’ll bring about changes in the
                  social welfare system.
8. If the management styles hadn’t h) it loses market share.
been so different,                        
9. If you had worked harder last i) I would give money to charity
10. If I were you,           j) I would open my own business.
Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:        




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