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Подбор синонимов к существительным


Teст 5


Подберите к существительным (1–10) соответствующие им синонимы (a–j):

1. purchaser a. difficulty


2. crisis b. saving


3. economy c. commerce


4. management d. buyer


5. finance e. administration


6. production f. employment


7. profession g. earnings


8. income h. making


9. trader i. benefit


10. interest j. seller


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Подбор антонимов к существительным


Teст 6


Подберите к существительным (1–10) соответствующие им антонимы (a–j):


1. production a. deflation


2. income b. city


3. proficiency c. lack


4. country d. consumption


5. supply e. expenditure


6. worker f. honesty


7. growth g. incompetence


8. inflation h. idler


9. corruption i. decline


10. risk j. safety


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Подбор синонимов к глаголам


Teст 7


Подберите к глаголам (1–10) соответствующие им синонимы




1. to trade a. to hire


2. to buy b. to lend


3. to supply c. to exchange


4. to rent d. to use


5. to loan e. to have


6. to compete f. to purchase


7. to create g. to provide


8. to produce h. to make


9. to consume i. to manufacture


10. to own j. to challenge


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Подбор антонимов к глаголам


Teст 8


Подберите к глаголам (1–10) соответствующие им анто-


нимы (a–j):


1. to buy a. to use up


2. to fix b. to harm


3. to rise c. to lack


4. to supply d. to low


5. to lend e. to sell


6. to save f. to borrow


7. to work g. to change


8. to wholesale h. to spend


9. to benefit i. to rest


10. to reserve j. to retail


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Подбор синонимов к прилагательным


Teст 9


Подберите к прилагательным (1–10) соответствующие им синонимы (a–j):

1. busy a. own


2. wide b. regional


3. expensive c. cut-price


4. cheap d. active


5. available e. broad


6. private f. costly


7. modern g. obtainable


8. successful h. innovative


9. local i. well-doing


10. internal j. domestic


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Подбор антонимов к прилагательным


Teст 10


Подберите к прилагательным (1–10) соответствующие им антонимы (a–j):


1. private a. authoritarian


2. busy b. certain


3. expensive c. public


4. free d. cheap


5. vacant e. lazy


6. valuable f. occupied


7. safe g. flexible


8. fixed h. risky


9. personal i. useless


10. dubious j. public


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Подбор подходящих по смыслу слов в различные предложения


Teст 11a


Вставьте в каждое предложение подходящее по смыслу пропущенное слово:


1.The __________ line was shut down for two hours as a result of


damaged machinery.


a) production; b) delivery; c) control.


2. Information on __________ prices is available to brokers throughout


the world.


a) market; b) share; c) trading.


3. I am going to __________ my trip to New-York. The situation


changed completely.


a) deny; b) refuse; c) cancel.


4. The recent boom in consumer spending resulted in sales _________. a) recession; b) growth; c) improvement.


5. Hewlett Packard is known as one of the most reputable __________


in the electronic and computer industry.
a) customers; b) suppliers; c) buyers.


6. What is the secret of their fantastic commercial __________? a) production; b) success; c) market.


7. A movement of money into or out of an account is called ________. a) transaction; b) option; c) invoice.


8. We decided to __________ the new model at the trade fair in autumn. a) manufacture; b) produce; c) launch.


9. Our company is ready to sponsor the city football team if they wear our __________ on their shirts.


a) logo; b) brand; c) slogan.
10. The 1929 __________ market crash led to the great depression
in many countries.  
a) share; b) stock; c) stake.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Teст 11b


Вставьте в каждое предложение подходящее по смыслу пропущенное слово:


1. During the bear market a lot of firms went ____________________. a) ahead; b) bankrupt; c) melding.


2. Monthly salaries of our staff go directly into their _____________




a) invoices; b) interests; c) accounts.


3. My cash ____________________ was $ 300. a) credit; b) sum; c) deposit.


4. If you own some shares of a company you receive _____________


_______ per share.


a) interest; b) dividends; c) salary.


5. He ____________________ most of his savings in the Stock




a) gave; b) fixed; c) invested.


6. A great number of companies in Russia were __________ by the


1998 financial crash.


a) effected; b) affected; c) infected.


7. This type of coffee is the _______________ leader.


a) logo; b) slogan; c) brand.


8. Last month they started their advertising campaign with the new


corporate __________.


a) slogan; b) team; c) appeal.


9. New technologies make global ____________________ easier. a) communication b) travelling; c) market.


10. You can buy the same software quite ____________________ at


our local market.


a) reasonable; b) cheaply; c) free.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Teст 11c


Вставьте в каждое предложение подходящее по смыслу пропущенное слово:


1. The income made by the normal activities of a business is known


as __________.    
a) turnover; b) operating profit; c) gross profit.
2. Fixed assets are what a company __________.
a) owes; b) owns; c) sells.  
3. Current liabilities are what a company __________.
a) invests; b) buys; c) owes.  


4. Wealth used to produce more wealth is called __________. a) liabilities; b) capital; c) goods.


5. Balance sheet is a statement of how much __________ has come


in and how much has gone out.


a) shares; b) money; c) capital.


6. The goods which a company intends to sell to its customers are


known as __________.  
a) a stock; b) a capital; c) a stake.
7. Venture capital is money lent to ____________________.
a) spend on charity; b) start a risky business; c) buy an estate.


8. In the summer sales you can sometimes get warm clothes at a


__________ prices.  
a) free; b) cheaply; c) giveaway.


9. I’m a salesman and work in the __________ department. a) export; b) advertising; c) production.


10. Due to our new supply system more products are __________ to


a) available; b) reduce;   c) limited.    
Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:      


Подбор подходящих по смыслу слов в предложения текста


Teст 12a


Вставьте в каждое предложение подходящее по смыслу пропущенное слово:


a) developed f) employees


b) reason g) training


c) workers h) staff


d) retirement i) generation


e) losing j) unemployment


In France the (1) __________ age is 60, not 65 as in most (2) __________


countries. The main (3) __________ is that in the 1980s, when there was high (4) __________, the government promoted early retirement. That entrenched the idea that older (5) __________ were less productive. Now companies are worried about (6) __________ their most skilled workers, especially as the baby-boom (7) __________ nears retirement. Areva, a nuclear-power group, recently launched a scheme to address the needs of older (8) __________, and plans to use about 100 retired people a year through Experconnect. Areva stopped (9) __________ engineers, so that much of its expertise lies with its (10) __________.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Teст 12b


Вставьте в каждое предложение подходящее по смыслу про-пущенное слово:


a) decrease; c) cost


b) increase d) reasons


e) prices h) a shortage


f) suppliers i) wages


g) economists j) customers


Inflation is an overall (1) __________ in prices over a certain period of time. In most of Europe, for example, (2) __________have risen year after year for at least the last 50 years. Deflation


is an overall (3) __________in prices, but the trend is mostly for the


(4) __________ of living to increase.


Inflation can happen for a number of (5) __________, but the


(6) __________ say there are two main culprits. These are demand-pull inflation and cost- push inflation. Demand-pull inflation can happen when the economy is growing fast. Aggregate demand begins to grow faster than (7) __________ can cope with. This causes (8) __________


and prices rise. At first, ( 9) __________ may be able to pay the higher prices, and demand grows again. Cost-push inflation, on the other hand, occurs when prices rise without an increase in demand. This happens when suppliers’ variable costs increase sharply. For example, workers may demand higher (10) __________ or raw materials may become more expensive. Producers then pass these increases on to consumers by raising prices. So, as usual, we are ones to pay.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:




Teст 12c


Вставьте в каждое предложение подходящее по смыслу пропущенное слово:

a) interest f) influence


b) income g) to spend


c) economy h) products


d) consumer i) producers


e) resources j) businesses


Most people earn their (1) __________ from the work they perform. Some people also receive income by renting or selling land and other natural (2) __________they own, as profit from a business or entrepreneurial venture, or from (3) __________ paid on their savings accounts or other investments.


In a market (4) __________, the basic resources used to make the goods and services that satisfy (5) __________ demands are owned by private consumers and households. Payments or incomes that households receive for these resources rise and fall – and that fluctuation has a direct


(6) __________ on the amount consumers are willing (7) __________


for the goods and services they want.


Whether consumers are young or old; male or female; rich, poor or middle class, every dollar or pound they spend is a signal – a kind of economic vote telling (8) __________ what goods and services they want to see produced. Consumer spending represents the basic source of demand for (9) __________ sold in the marketplace, which is half of what determines the market prices for goods and services. The other half is based on decisions (10) __________ make about what to produce and how to produce it.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Teст 12d


Вставьте в каждое предложение подходящее по смыслу пропущенное слово:

a) a profit f) to earn


b) a bank g) offer


c) business h) government


d) provide i) deposits


e) growth j) to achieve


The way in which (1) __________ is organized and operates is determined by its objectives and by the type of economy in which it conducts its (2) __________. A bank may not necessarily be in business to make (3) __________. Central banks, for example, (4) __________


a country with a number of services, while development banks exist to increase the economic (5) __________ of a country and raise the living standard of its population. On the other hand, the aim of commercial banks is (6) __________ profits. They therefore provide and develop services that can be sold at a price that will yield a profit.


Many banks (7) __________ a combination of wholesale and retail banking. The former provides large-scale services to companies, (8)


__________ agencies and other banks. The latter mainly provides smaller-scale services to the general public. Both types of banking, however, have three essential functions, which are: (9) __________, payments, credits. These three functions are the basis of the services offered by banks. They make it possible for banks to generate profits and (10) __________ their operating aims.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Лексические тесты. Часть II (для студентов магистратуры и аспирантов)


Work and Jobs



  1. Gerund переводится на русский язык существительным, деепричастием, инфинитивом или целым предложением.
  4. Изобразительные возможности синонимов, омонимов, антонимов и паронимов
  5. Контроль за работой подборщика валков
  6. Определение расчетного количества подпиточной воды. Подбор сетевых и подпиточных насосов для расчетного режима.
  7. От данных глаголов образуйте причастие II и употребите его с существительными, данными в скобках. Переведите полученные словосочетания.
  8. Перепишите следующие предложения и переведите их, обращая внимание на особенности перевода на русский язык определений, выраженных именем существительным. Переведите эти предложения.
  11. Подбор литературы и иных материалов. Методика криминологического исследования

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