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Или американских видеофильмов,

а) при переводе текста которых необходимо использовать

данный прием;


б) в тексте перевода которых использовался анализируемый

прием; приведите наиболее и наименее удачные на Ваш

взгляд варианты перевода фильма.

в) Переведите считалку из кинофильма «В джазе только девушки», используя изучаемый прием (Сцена на пляже Флориды, девушки играют в волейбол):

I like coffee,

I like tea…

IV. Переведите следующие единицы, применяя

Прием компенсации.

1. “What in the world will ye do without your mother, dearie? — remarked one. (A.Cronin. Hatter’s Castle)

2. She is so.. a Know-all! Just a limit! Sowitty, pretty and all. I hate her… (J.Salinger)

3. I have to call Peter-Baby-the sitter! (Fairy-tale)


4. I love my love with an “H”, Alice began, because he’s Happy, I hate him with an “H”, because he’s hideous, I feed him with Ham Sandwiches, and Hay, and he lives — ”

“He lives on the Hill, ” the King remarked simply, without the least idea that he was joining in the game. (L.Carroll Alice in Wonderland)


5. Listen, Lootenant. Do you have to take me to that regiment? (E.Hemingway)

6. “We’ll do everything. All you’ll have to do next time you come in is to sign the transfers”

“I could do that all right”, said Albert uncertainly. “But ‘ow should I know what I was signin’ (Maugham)

7. In order to discourage the use of objectionable words the father had evolved a system of fines:

Hang it — One cent

Darn it — Two cents

Gosh — three cents

Gosh darn it — Five cents.

After studying the tariff the boy said, “I guess I know some words that would cost a quarter.”


8. Diner: Do you serve crabs here? [38]

Waiter: We serve anyone — sit down.

9. A friend who isn’t in need is a friend indeed. (P.Tater)


10. The Lion

Oh, weep for Mr. And Mrs.Bryan!

He was eaten by a lion;

Following which, the lion’s lioness

Up and swallowed Bryan’s Bryaness. (Ogden Nash)

11. “The b-b-b-b-as-tuds, ” Sugar-Boy said, and pecked at his horn, but we were easing out of the square now to a side street where there weren’t any people. (R.P.Warren)

12. Lions and tigers have been successfully crossed to make a new animal — the “tigon.” (M.Butterfield)




I. Переведите следующие единицы, применяя

Прием компенсации.

1. Cholera I had, with severe complications; and diphtheria I seemed to have been born with. I plodded conscientiously through the twenty-six letters, and the only malady I could conclude I had not got was housemaid’s knee. (J.K.Jerome)

2. Modesty is certainly not his middlename. (A.Christie)


3. A RIDDLE FOR KIDS: Take оne letter away from the word “fox ” to get another animal.


4. I didn’t believe when I heard, ” In my glass of wine I see my princess divine”, I thought “She hit the target, old man’s in a trap, we gotta do something! ”


5. He is the idol of our family.[39]

Yes, idle for 20 years.


6. She: You see, darling, this hat costs only 20 dollars. Good buy, isn’t it?

He: Oh, yes. Good-bye, 20 dollars.


7. University Teacher to his students, “Gentlemen, order! ” They cry out, “Beer! ”


8. This, O Best Beloved, is another story of the High and Far-Off Times. In the very middle of those times was a Stickly-Prickly Hedgehog, and he lived on the banks of the turbid Amazon, eating shelly snails and things. (R.Kipling)


What I said ain’t what I meant, ” Martin confessed falteringly, while he made up his mind to throw himself wholly upon the other’s mercy. “I’m just a rough sort of a fellow, an’ I ain’t ever seen anything of society. This girl is all that I ain’t, an’ I ain’t anything that she is. You don’t think I’m playin’ the fool, do you? ” he demanded abruptly.

(J. London)


10. The Kitten

The trouble with a kitten is


Eventually it becomes a

CAT. (Ogden Nash)



Посмотрите фрагменты фильма и переведите, применив прием компенсации.

I. Фильм «Маззи» (MUZZY)

Фрагмент 1. Песня

Принцесса и Боб уезжают на мотоцикле под песню “ABC”.

A, E, I, U — I love you.

A, U, I, E — You love me.

U, I, E, O — Off we go,

B, C, D, T, A — Far, far away.


Фрагмент 2.

Маззи сажают в тюрьму, и полицейский ведет допрос:

Nime. What’s your nime? (Cockney)


Фрагмент 3.

Маззи знакомится с Бобом, пишут на стене свои имена и спеллингуют:

“Muzzy “



I love Sylvia

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