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Write sentences in present perfect simple.

1. They / play / football -

2. He / speak / English -

3. I / write / a poem -

4. We / not / wash / the car -

5. Nancy / not / meet / her friends-

Write questions in present perfect simple.

1. They / finish / their homework -

2. She / visit / her friend-

3. The maid / clean / the house -

4. He / drive / the van -

5. You / ever / write / a poem -

Put the verbs into the correct form (present perfect simple or simple past).

1. I (not / work) today.

2. We (buy) a new car last week.

3. We (not / plan) our holiday yet.

4. She (not / see) her mother for a long time.

5. He (write) a beautiful poem yesterday.

Put the verbs into the correct form (present perfect simple or continuous).

1. I think the waiter (forget) us. We (wait) here for over half an hour and nobody (take) our order yet.

2. I think you're right. He (walk) by us at least twenty times. He probably thinks we (order, already) .


Passive Voice

Exercise I Make these active present simple sentences passive

1) Somebody cleans the office every day. 2) Somebody sends emails. 3) Somebody cuts the grass. 4) Somebody prefers chocolate. 5) Somebody plays loud music. 6) Somebody speaks English here. 7) Somebody loves the London parks. 8) Somebody writes articles. 9) Somebody reads a lot of books. 10) Somebody delivers milk in the morning.

Exercise II Complete the sentences

1.Patients… (treat) in hospitals.

2.My passport is not ready yet. It… (make) at the moment.

3.The walls of the house… (just/paint).

4.The newspaper… (bring) yesterday.

5.While the potatoes …(peel) my parents arrived.

6.Tomorrow all the compositions… (check).

7.The car… (already/repair), now we can use it.

8.The weather forecast… (broadcast) on TV at the moment, come and listen.

9.While the ceiling… (paint) the bucket with the paint… (upset).

10.The order… (not/make) yet.

11.Your dress… (make) at the moment and I think that tomorrow it …(finish).

12. My mother is busy at the moment. She cannot come. My baby brother…


13.Coffee… (just/make) you can have a cup if you like.

14.An interesting program… (show) on TV yesterday.

15. Last lesson we… (tell) about different unusual animals

Exercise III Complete the sentences

1.The dinner… (not/cook) yet. The vegetables… (cut) right now. The potatoes …(boil) in the morning, so now we need only some time to prepare the salad, meat and sauce.

2.Children… (inform) about the rules of our school every year, but unfortunately some of the rules… (not/obey), yesterday another window…(break) and the guilty one… (not/find) yet.

3.This book… (read) at our lesson right now. To be honest it is not interesting, but a discussion about the characters of the book… (hold) next lesson, so we have no choice.

4.Everybody in our family has a lot of duties. Dishes… (do) by my sister, rooms are… (hover) by my younger brother. Shopping… (do) by my mother, money… (earn) by my father and laundry …(do) by me.

5.The dog is hungry. It… (not/feed) yet as the dog’ s food… (not/buy) yesterday.

Exercise IV Only Present Simple

My school is one of the best schools in the country. All the students… (treat) equally, the lessons… (hold) regularly, all the issues… (discuss) calmly with respect. The teachers… (respect) by the students and the students… (teach) with all the creativity and devotion what a teacher can only give. Parents… (inform) regularly about the success of their children. High grades… (receive) in the tests and if a child has any problems everything… (explain) to him or her until he or she finally understands.


Exercise V Write passive sentences

1.The door / close (Simple Past). 2.The house / build (Present Continuous). 3.The bike / repair (Past Continuous). 4.the room/ clean (Present Perfect). 5.the homework / do (Past perfect). 6.the window / break (Simple future). 7.the essay / write (Should + Verb).

Exercise VI Rewrite the following sentences in Passive Voice

1.The boy writes poems. 2.The girl drove the blue car. 3.They have collected enough money. 4.They will open a new restaurant. 5.The little boy can draw pictures. 6.The guard watched the prisoner. 7.They will not play soccer. 8.They believe that he writes good poems.

Exercise VII Rewrite these sentences starting with the words in bold

1.Her friend gave her a book. 2.They offered him a job. 3.The man showed us the house. 4.My friend gave me a pen.

Sequence of tenses



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