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Translate the following sentences into Russian.

1. However, modern man makes such trivial task as cooking an artistic

one, and thrives to make kitchen space as ergonomic and comfortable as he can.

2. Cofeemakers and dishwashers nowadays are integrated into the kitchen

composition at the development stage, instead of being acquired individually.

3. Kitchen is a place of taste experimenting and artistic action, therefore

technology used must be safe and functional.

4. Often kitchens need to be isolated to prevent smells and noise from the

rest of the house.

5. Psychologically we prefer more natural colors of natural products to

dirty grey, brown or acidic ones.

6. Food intake is a calming and appeasing process, and nothing should

break that, therefore dining area should be isolated from living room and


7. In kitchen interior, it is necessary to balance wood and metal, use natural

lighting, and keep all food preparation areas clean.


Fashion design

Fashion design is the one dedicated to and lifestyle created within the cultural

and social influences of a specific time. It is considered to have a built in

usually of one to two seasons. A season is defined as either autumn/winter or


Fashion designers can work in a number of ways: full-time for one fashion

company, known as in-house designers, which owns the designs; or alone or

as part of a team.

Freelance designers work for themselves, and sell their designs to fashion

houses, directly to shops, or to clothing manufacturers. The garments bear the

buyer's label. Some fashion designers set up their own labels, under which their designs are marketed. Some fashion designers are self-employed and design for individual clients. Other high-fashion designers cater to specialty stores or high fashion department stores. These designers create original garments, as well as those that follow established fashion trends. Most fashion designers, however, work for apparel manufacturers, creating designs of men’s, women’s, and children’s fashions for the mass market. Large designer brands which have a “name” as their brand such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, or Chanel are likely to be designed by a team of individual designers under the direction of a designer director.

A fashion collection is something that designers put together each season

to show their idea of new trends in both their high end couture range as well as their mass market range. Fashion designers must take numerous matters into account when designing clothes for a collection, including consistency of theme and style. They will also take into account views of existing customers, previous fashions and styles of competitors, and anticipated fashion trends, as well as the season for the collection of fashion.

Fashion designers work in different ways. Some sketch their ideas on paper,

while others drape fabric on a dress form. When a designer is completely

satisfied with the fit of the toile (or muslin), he or she will consult a professional pattern maker who then makes the finished, working version of the pattern out of card. The pattern maker's job is very precise and painstaking. The fit of the finished garment depends on their accuracy. Finally, a sample garment is made up and tested on a model.


to anticipate – ожидать, предви-

деть; ждать, предвкушать,

предчувствовать; ускорять, приближать; использовать истратить деньги до того, как они были получены

apparel – поэт. – одеяние, наряд,

одежда; церк. – украшение на облачении

to cater – обеспечивать, обслуживать; удовлетворять чьи-л. прихоти, угождать

competitor – конкурент; против-

ник, соперник

to drape – 1) закладывать складки,

драпировать складками (одежду);

2) набрасывать, собирать (одежду, ткани) в красивые складки;

3) украшать тканями, обивать;

4) ниспадать складками, драпироваться

in-house – эк. – внутренний, соб-

ственный; внутрифирменный

(выполняемый, размещенный или

существующий в пределах данной организации (напр., обучающая программа только для работников данного предприятия, служебный документ, выполненная

собственными силами работа и

т.д.)); собственной разработки,

собственного производства

to market – привозить, достав-

лять (товар) на рынок; покупать на рынке; торговать, продавать на рынке; продавать; сбывать; находить рынок сбыта

muslin – муслин; платье из муслина;

амер. – миткаль; прекрасный пол

toile – тонкая прозрачная ткань,



1. Find the English equivalents in the text: производитель одежды,

спроектировать (разработать) собственный лейбл, создавать оригинальные

предметы одежды, специализированные магазины, последовательность те-

мы и стиля, предвидеть (предчувствовать) модные тенденции, драпиро-

вать складками одежду на манекене, рабочая версия образца по выкройке

(лекалу), кропотливая работа

2. Explain the meaning of words and expressions in English: fashion

season, freelance designer, in-house designer, competitor, professional pattern maker.


3. Find equivalents synonymous to the following words:

1) to anticipate;

2) to apparel;

3) to cater;

4) to compete;

5) to drape;

6) to garment

a) to contend;

b) to provide;

c) to adorn;

d) to curtain;

e) to foresee;

f) to attire


A history of fashion


Fashion design is generally considered to have started in the XIXth century

with Charles Frederick Worth who was the first designer to have his label

sewn into the garments that he created. Before the former draper set up his maison couture (fashion house) in Paris, clothing design and creation was handledby largely anonymous seamstresses, and high fashion descended from that wornat royal courts. Worth's success was such that he was able to dictate to his customerswhat they should wear, instead of following their lead as earlier dressmakershad done. The term couturier was in fact first created in order to describehim. While all articles of clothing from any time period are studied byacademics as costume design, only clothing created after 1858 could be consideredas fashion design.

It was during this period that many design houses began to hire artists to

sketch or paint designs for garments. The images were shown to clients, which was much cheaper than producing an actual sample garment in the workroom. If the client liked their design, they ordered it and the resulting garment made money for the house. Thus, the tradition of designers sketching out garment designs instead of presenting completed garments on models to customers began as an economy.

At this time in fashion history the division between haute couture and

ready-to-wear was not sharply defined. The two separate modes of production

were still far from being competitors, and, indeed, they often co-existed in

houses where the seamstresses moved freely between made-to-measure and


Around the start of the XXth century fashion magazines began to include

photographs and became even more influential than in the past. In cities

throughout the world these magazines were greatly sought-after and had a profound effect on public taste. Talented illustrators, among them Paul Iribe,

George Lepape and George Barbier, drew exquisite fashion plates for these

publications, which covered the most recent developments in fashion and

beauty. Perhaps the most famous of these magazines was La Gazette du Bon

Ton, which was founded in 1912 by Lucien Vogel and regularly published until 1925 (with the exception of the war years).

World War II brought about many radical changes to the fashion industry.

After the war, Paris's reputation as the global center of fashion began to crumble and off-the-peg and mass-manufactured clothing became increasingly popular. Anew youth style emerged in the 1950s, changing the focus of fashion. As the installationof central heating became more widespread the age of minimum-caregarments began and lighter textiles and, eventually, synthetics, were introduced.

Faced with the threat of a factory-made fashion-based product, Parisian

haute couture mounted its defenses, but to little effect, as it could not stop fashion leaking out onto the streets. Before long, whole categories of women hitherto restricted to inferior substitutes to haute couture would enjoy a greatly enlarged freedom of choice. Dealing in far larger quantities, production cycles were longer than those of couture workshops, which meant that stylists planning their lines for the twice-yearly collections had to try to guess more than a year in advance what their customers would want. A new power was afoot, that of the street, constituting a further threat to the dictatorship of the masters of coutures.


to crumble – (away) сыпаться,

осыпаться; обваливаться; тер-

петь крах, разрушаться, гибнуть; (up) раскрошить, растолочь, растереть (в порошок)

to descend from – происходить,

вести род; передаваться по на-

следству, переходить от (кого-


to emerge in – появляться; всплы-

вать; выходить; вставать, воз-

никать (о вопросе); выясняться to handle – представлять, обращаться с, прорабатывать; обсуждать, разбирать (какую-л.

тему в искусстве, вопрос); осна-

щать (что-л.) ручкой, рукоятью;

приделывать рукоять (к чему-л.);

трогать, брать, перебирать ру-

ками (особ. ткани, кожу); гла-

дить, держать, вертеть в руках;

обладать определенной факту-

рой, быть каким-л. на ощупь (о

ткани, коже); управлять чем-л.,

справляться с чем-л. руками;

хорошо управляться; слушаться

(рук, руля); обходиться, обра-

щаться; управляться, справляться с кем-л., чем-л.; управлять, заведовать; контролировать; командовать; ухаживать, следить

(за машиной, скотом, растения-

ми, землей); иметь дело; сталки-

ваться, находить общий язык (с

чем-л., кем-л.); терпеть, выно-

сить, выдерживать; быть секундантом, ассистировать; амер. –заниматься куплей-продажей, торговать (чем-либо)

hitherto – до настоящего времени, до сих пор

inferior – 1) подчиненный; млад-

ший по чину; стоящий ниже (по

развитию, уму и т.д.; in; to);

2) частность; нечто неважное,

второстепенное (о вещах, пред-

метах, событиях); 3) adj. – ниж-

ний (в пространственном отно-

шении); низший (по положению,

чину и т.д. относительно кого-л. to), подчиненный; более поздний;

худший (по качеству); плохой

to leak out – 1) просочиться (о

жидкости); 2) перен. – обнару-

житься, стать известным; про-


to mount – подниматься, восхо-

дить; взлетать вверх, ввысь; приливать к лицу, к голове (о крови);

ударять в голову (о вине и т.д.);

залезать, взбираться (на что-л.);

занимать (какое-л. место); са-

диться (на лошадь, велосипед, в

машину); подниматься, возрас-

тать, увеличиваться; монтиро-

вать, устанавливать; вставлять,

вделывать в оправу; вклеивать в

альбом, наклеивать на картон;

готовить для исследований; на-

саживать, накалывать (насеко-

мых); набивать (чучела зверей);

ставить (спектакль), выпускать

(теле- или радиопрограмму); ус-

танавливать (орудие на станок);

нести караульную службу, охра-

нять; предпринимать, организо-

вывать (о наступлении и т.д.)

off-the-peg – готовый (об одежде)

sample – шаблон, модель, образец

seamstress – швея

to be sought-after – пользующийся

спросом (о товаре); модный;

пользующийся успехом; популяр-

ный, известный


1. Find the English equivalents in the text: достойный успех; отлич-

ные друг от друга способы производства; придумывать странички модных

журналов; освещать новые события; радикальные перемены; установка

центрального отопления; товар, изготовленный на фабрике с учетом по-

следних тенденций моды; занять оборонительную позицию; просочиться

на улицы; суррогат (замена) низкого качества; свобода выбора; коллекция,

представляемая дважды в год; быть в движении (активном состоянии),

создавать угрозу.



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