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Topic vocabulary in contrast

A   Choose the correct answer.


It seems entirely (1) ______to us that there are teams of scientists in universities and other institutionsaround the world, attempting to (2) ______the way the world works. However, it hasn't always beenthat (3) ______ . Although the scientific method is now four or five hundred years old, the ancientGreeks, for example, believed that they could work out the (4) ______of natural events just by thepower of thought.

During the 17th century, more and more people began to realise that they could (5) ______theirscientific ideas by designing a relevant (6) ______and seeing what happened. A lot of (7) ______wasmade in this way by individual scientists. These men and women often worked alone, carrying out

(8) ______into many different areas of science, and they often received very little (9) ______for theirhard work. At the start of the 20th century, though, it became (10) ______that science was becomingmore complicated and more expensive. The individual scientist disappeared, to be replaced by highly qualified teams of experts. Modern science was born.

1. A. physical        В. natural          С. typical          D. real

2. A. create        В. invent           С. construct        D. discover

3. A. route        В. method         С. way                    D. technique

4. A. aims         B. reasons         С. causes           D. impulses

5. A. calculate        B. estimate        С. measure        D. test

6. A. experiment    B. research        С. attempt         D. analysis

7. A. development B. movement        C. progress        D. evolution

8. A. research        B. experiment        C. discovery        D. education

9. A. award        B. prize             C. gift                    D. reward

10. A. clear        B. true                    C. accurate        D. actual


В  Circle the correct word.

1. Many materials have been used for artificial / false teeth, including wood.

2. Be careful! You might give yourself an electric / electronic shock!

3. I'm afraid the problem with your washing machine is the engine / motor.

4. Many employers in the chemicals industry / factory object to the new law.

5. My computing exam is taking place / occurring next week.

6. Technology is a fundamental part of new / modern life.

7. We had our car serviced and it seems there's a problem with the engine / machine.


Phrasal verbs

С  Complete using the correct form of the words in the box.

plug • turn • carry • narrow • put • work • come • break

1. A lorry had ______down on the motorway and we had to wait for over an hour.

2. I have ______it down to two computer games, but I still can't make up my mind.

3. I wish you would ______the TV off and go outside and get some exercise.

4. Scientists are trying to ______out ways to reduce pollution from aircraft.

5. Tomorrow, we will be ______out an experiment to test this theory.

6. Who ______up with the idea of the ball-point pen?

7. I'll just ______you through to our research department. Please hold on.

8. No wonder the vacuum cleaner isn't working. You haven't ______it in!


D Match to make sentences.

1. Alex's electricity was cut                               A. off because she forgot to pay the bill.

2. Wear a mask because these chemicals give      В . metals such as lead into gold.

3. I'm writing an essay and I need to find        С. out who discovered penicillin.

4. I was pleased that our gamble came            D. on in physics over the last year.

5. Alchemists spent years trying to turn          E. off fumes that can be harmful.

6. Your teacher says you've really come              F. off and the experiment was a success.


Phrases and collocations

E   Choose the correct answer.

1. I don't think people should be allowed to perform experiments ______animals.

A for        В over        С on        D to

2. There was an explosion in technology ______ the beginning of the 20th century.

A in        В at        С through  D on

3. Let's face ______ - we are destroying the environment and we need to do something now.

A truth                   В facts       С things     D information

4. The distance from the Earth to the Sun is, ______average, about 149 million kilometres.

A by        В on        С from       D in

5. It's amazing that creatures survive ______the bottom of the ocean.

A in        В by        С at        D to

6. Fox Talbot ______the first photograph in 1835.

A gave       В did         С drew                  D took

7. Researchers have ______to the conclusion that your personality is affected by your genes.

A come      В got          С reached  D arrived

8. Do you mind if I just ______a quick phone call from here?

A do        В take        С have       D make

9. Many lives were saved ______the introduction of antibiotics.

A into        В at        С with        D in

10. The ______of the nuclear accident is still unknown.

A reason    В cause      С base        D motive

11. My father works at the university, doing research ______weather control.

A on        В to        С of        D from

12. The telescope will photograph distant galaxies, ______an attempt to understand their past.

A on        В for        С with        D in


Word patterns

F   Find the extra word in each line.


1 _________We were discussing about the future in class today. Some people were

2 _________wondering it whether we would have to live in space when we destroy

3 _________our own planet. I explained them that the answer lies in technology because

4 _________scientists are intend to develop forms of energy that will not damage the

5 _________environment. The problems caused as being a result of technology will be

6 _________solved by technology. I am look forward to our next discussion.


G   Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

1. The mistake by scientists caused a massive explosion.                                     in

The mistake by scientists ____________a massive explosion.

2. Dr Atherton finally succeeded in discovering the secret formula.                    managed

Dr Atherton finally ____________the secret formula.

3. Another name for iron oxide is 'fool's gold'.                                                     as

Iron oxide ____________'fool's gold'.

4. Many local residents intend to protest about the nuclear power plant.               plan

Many local residents ____________about the nuclear powerplant.

5. We are thinking of appointing Dr Knight to the position of Professor.               considering

We ____________the position of Professor.

6. We cannot live in outer space without special equipment.                                us

It ____________to live in outer space without special equipment.


Word formation

H   Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


Qualcomp have just brought out their (1) ____________ new handheld        REVOLUTION

computer, the Powertop. It's (2) ____________not to love it, with its        POSSIBLE

smooth, shiny (3) ____________and its bright screen. It might not be the        APPEAR

best (4) ____________to handheld computing because it is quite advanced,   INTRODUCE

but you'll find an (5) ____________ of all the features in the detailed manual. EXPLAIN

The Powertop has been (6) ____________ designed to fit a lot of computing  SCIENCE

power in your palm. The (7) ____________of a unique wireless Internet        INVENT

connection means there's a world of (8) ____________just waiting for you.    DISCOVER

We give the Powertop nine out often.


I Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.

1. Did you know that George Washington had ____________(WOOD) teeth?

2. The old astronomer patiently made his ____________(OBSERVE) and wrote down what he saw.

3. ____________ (RESEARCH) have announced that a major breakthrough has been made.

4. I'm planning to train as a ____________(PSYCHOLOGY) when I grow up.

5. That red ____________(BUILD) over there is the Science Department.

6. The scientist said she had an announcement of international ____________(IMPORTANT).

7. Science Weekly has a special ___________ (INTRODUCE) offer - the first issue is free!

8. If there are aliens out there, do you think they are much more ____________ (TECHNOLOGY) advanced than we are?



Unit 5 and 6                     Review 3

A   Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


There is still no adequate (1) ____________why, several thousand years        EXPLAIN

ago, cultures in both Egypt and South America saw the (2) ____________     INTRODUCE

of pyramids. Was it coincidence? Many (3) ____________believe that it        SCIENCE

was, and state that there is no (4) ____________at all that people from        POSSIBLE

two distant continents traded information on (5) ____________techniques.    BUILD

However, some (6) ____________theories in recent years, based on the        REVOLUTION

(7) ____________that the two cultures also share key myths, legends         DISCOVER

and beliefs, suggest that the (8) ____________of pyramids on opposite        APPEAR

sides of the world was no coincidence at all. One (9) ____________               RESEARCH

working on this, Crystal Davis, saidr'The (10) ____________of finding        IMPORTANT

I out the truth here cannot be exaggerated. It could change our whole

understanding of the history of the world.

(1 mark per answer)


В   Match to make sentences.

11. The fax machine has broken 12. A number of experiments have been carried 13. Whoever came 14. The electricity was cut 15. I'd like to find 16. This chemical gives 17. Cancer treatments have come 18. I wonder if you could put me A. out by physicists which prove that time can speed up and slow down. В . on enormously in recent years. С . off for over three hours yesterday. D. down, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait until tomorrow. E. off a very nasty smell when it's heated. F. up with that idea should have won the Nobel Prize. G. through to the Radiology Department, please. H. out much more about technology in the Bronze Age.

(1 mark per answer)


C  Complete the second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

19. I can't wait until we do some experiments in the science lab.                                  forward

I'm really ______________________ some experiments in the science lab.

20. Communication changed completely when the telephone was introduced.             with

Communication changed completely ______________________ the telephone.

21. Dr Frankenstein was finally successful in bringing the monster to life.                   managed

Dr Frankenstein ______________________ the monster to life.

22. I can't understand how they built the Pyramids.                                                                  impossible

I ______________________ how they built the Pyramids.

23. Fleming discovered penicillin as a result of a little luck.                                          resulted

A little luck ______________________ penicillin.

24. People sometimes call nurses'angels'.                                                                        known

Nurses ______________________ 'angels'.

25. Einstein eventually realised that he was wrong.                                                       conclusion

Einstein eventually ______________________ that he was wrong.

26. Our physics teacher tried to explain the Theory of Relativity.                                 attempt

Our physics teacher ______________________ explaining the Theory of Relativity.

27. We'll save enough money and then we'll buy a computer.                                       soon

We'll buy a computer ______________________ saved enough money.

(2 marks per answer)

D   Choose the correct answer.

28. This time next week, we _______ the chemistry exam.

A have finished                 В have been finishing

С will have finished          D will have been finishing

29. When I grow up, _______ an inventor.

AI'm being                    В I'm going to be

СI will have been              DI will be being

30. Shirley will      her research for thenext few weeks.

Ahave done                    В be doing

Сhave been doing        D have been done

31. Next year, Sam will _________ patients at this hospital for twenty-five years.

A have been treating         В treat

С be treating                     D be going to treat

32. 'What is it?' – 'We won't know until _________ at itunder a microscope.'

A we're going to look       В we'll have looked

С we'll be looking             D we've looked

33. You won't get any radio receptionwhile _________ through the tunnel.

A you've driven                В you'll drive

C you’re driving                D you’ll be dnvmg

34. 'I'm going to set up the equipment ina minute.' –' ________ give you a hand?'

A Shall I                            B Will I

C Would I                         D Do I

(1 mark per answer)

E   Choose the correct answer.

35. Do you know who _________ the fact that sound travels in waves?

A invented С discovered 

В developed D found         

36. I'm thinking of getting a fax _______ .

A machine С motor

В engine    D instrument blonde.

37. The ________ of the outbreak of thedisease is still unknown.

A aim        С cause          

В reason     D motive        

38. Ten million text messages are sent on __________ every minute.

A normal    С general

В common D average

39. Once they've finished the extension tothe _________, there'll be room for them totake on a lot more workers.

A manufacturing   С industry

B trade                          D factory

40. Shannen doesn't dye her hair; it's __________ blonde.

A physically С logically

В naturally D organically

41. I've ___________ it in at the mains but it stilldoesn't seem to work.

A worked  С narrowed

В turned    D plugged

(1 mark per answer)

Total mark:  /50



Unit 7                              Grammar

• Articles / countable and uncountable nouns / quantifiers

(Indefinite article )

There are two indefinite articles in English: 'a'and'an'. 'An' is used before vowel sounds.

Use Example
Singular countable nouns (when we are not being specific \ or when we mention something for the first time) There's a good film on TV tonight.


• Whether we use 'an' or 'a' depends on the sound, not the spelling.

The news is on TV in an hour.

The news is on TV in a hour.

Being in a film was a unique experience for me.

Being in a film was an unique cxpcricncc for me.


( Definite article )

There is one definite article in English: 'the'.

Use Example
Singular countable nouns  (when we are being specific) Where's the DVD you were talking about?
Singular countable nouns (when we are talking generally) The radio seemed amazing to people at first.
Plural countable nouns (when we are being specific) I didn't believe the rumours about the prime minister.
Uncountable nouns (when we are being specific) I followed the advice my lawyer gave me.


• The way we say'the'changes depending on the sound at the start of the next word.

Before a consonant sound (the media, the USA, the programme), we pronounce it [Də].

Before a vowel sound (the announcer, the actor, the editor), we pronounce it[Dı].

• We often use 'the' when we are talking about something there is only one of.

the sky, the sun, the moon, the Prince of Wales, the North Pole, the World Cup


( Zero article )

We often don't use an article at all.This is sometimes called the zero article.

Use Example
Plural countable nouns (when we are talking generally) Journalists often face dangerous situations.
Uncountable nouns (when we are talking generally) News travels fast these days.


( Articles in phrases and expressions )

Notice how we use articles in the following phrases and expressions. Many of these are examples of general categories. For example: 'the River Thames' means that we use'the'for all rivers.

Use Example
Time definite article: in the 1990s, in (the) summer, in the morning zero article: in 2008, in June, on Friday, at night
People and work indefinite article: have a job, work as a... definite article: the queen, the principal, the president, the French zero article: become president, go to work, be at work, have work to do, he's French.
Places definite article: the Alps, the Atlantic Ocean, the River Thames, the Earth, the Arctic, the USA, the UK, the Cyclades zero article: Mount Everest, Paris, America, Mars/Venus/Jupiter etc, Oxford Street, Lake Superior, Crete
Entertainment and sport definite article: the media, on the radio, play the guitar, go to the cinema, watch (the) TV zero article: listen to music, on television, play tennis/football etc
Organisations   definite article: the army, the police, the fire brigade
Education definite article: go to the school (as a visitor), be in the first year zero article: go to school (as a student), be in Class 3B, maths
Travel indefinite article: take a taxi, catch a/the bus definite article: on the bus zero article: on foot, go home, go by bus
Health indefinite article: have a cold/headache/cough definite article: have (the) flu/measles zero article: have toothache
Public buildings definite article: the bank, the tax office, go to the hospital/prison (as a visitor) zero article: go to hospital/prison/church (as a patient/prisoner/worshipper)

WATCH OUT!• Speakers of American English do not usually use hospital without an article.

US: The ambulance took Simon to the hospital.

UK: The ambulance took Simon to hospital.


( Countable and uncountable nouns )

Type Example
Countable nouns •     Use a, the, some, many •     Use a singular or plural verb  I want to be a journalist. Where is the newspaper? There are some good articles in the paper. How manychannels do you get?
Uncountable nouns •     Use the, some, much •     Use a singular verb Did you hear the news? Some important news has just come in. How much information do we have about it? Your advice was very useful.

Common uncountable nouns:

advice, coffee, furniture, glass, hair, homework, information, knowledge, luggage, money, news, paper, work

WATCH OUT!• Most uncountable nouns are singular, but a few are plural. These include clothes,scissors,jeans, spectacles, trousers, groceries, etc. With these words, we use a plural verb.

Oh, no! My new clothes are dirty!

• Some nouns are countable with one meaning and uncountable with another meaning.

Do you think you could bring me a clean glass? (countable)

We should make computer monitors out of recycled glass. (uncountable)


( Quantifiers )

Quantifier Use Example
many • countable nouns, usually in negative statements and questions There aren't many programmes on TV that I find interesting.
much • uncountable nouns, usually in negative statements and questions My dad never shows much interest in the news.
a lot of/lots of • countable and uncountable nouns in positive statements That film has won a lot of /lots of awards. What a lot of luggage you've got!
a few • countable nouns, means'some' There have been a few scandals in the papers recently.
a little • uncountable nouns, means'some' They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
few • countable nouns, means'not many' Richard has few interests outside work.
little • uncountable nouns, means'not much' The police have little information about the robbery.

WATCH OUT!• The phrase “only a few” means “not many”. The phrase “only a little” means

“not much.”

There are only a few programmes on TV that I like watching.

There's only a little sugar left, so get some when you go out.


A Circle the correct word or phrase.

1.I love this time in evening / the evening when the sun is going down.

2.People play cricket / the cricket in South Africa, Australia and Sri Lanka.

3.It's too far to walk so I think I'll catch bus / the bus.

4.Jane had to go home from school because she had a headache / the headache.

5.The robber was sent to prison / the prison for a total of three years.

6.My cousin works as waiter / a waiter in a cafe near where we live.

7.The underground doesn't run this late so we'll have to take a taxi / the taxi.

8.I like to listen to music / the music in my free time.

9.My favourite subject at school is chemistry / the chemistry.

10.Jazz music appeared in America in 1920s / in the 1920s.

В Choose the correct answer. If no word is needed, choose “D”

1.Oh, I didn't tell you! We've got _______ new English teacher.

Аа  В an С the D no word

2.Here's _______ DVD you asked to borrow.

Аа  В an С the D no word

3.We're out of _______ coffee, so could you get some from the supermarket?

Аа  В an С the D no word

4.The prize is _______ unique opportunity to travel the world!

Аа  В an С the D no word

5. It looks like _______ glass in your bedroom window is cracked.

Аа  В an С the D no word

6.It's _______ honour to be here this evening to speak to you.

Аа  В an С the D no word

7.There's _______ good chance we'll be late for the meeting.

Аа  В an С the D no word

8.Reports are coming in of a major oil spill in _______ Mediterranean.

Аа  В an С the D no word

9.I went to see the doctor because I'm finding it difficult to sleep at _______ night.

Аа  В an С the D no word

10.Do you think that they'll ever send a manned mission to _______ Venus?

Аа  В an С the D no word


СCircle the extra word in each line.

Being in the news

1 ________ The many people who appear in the news for the first time

2 ________ find that a sudden fame has a negative effect on their lives.

3 ________ The national press can be an unforgiving and the loss of

4 ________ the privacy that comes with fame is an extra problem at a

5 ________ difficult time. This is especially the case when a someone is

6 ________ in the news because of a tragedy or the serious crime. Just

7 ________ at the moment when you are under a most stress, you find

8 ________ microphones and the cameras in your face. The media have

9 ________ a responsibility to inform the public, but an innocent people

10 ________ are often hurt by the demand for the scandal.


D Complete using the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1.The clothes you bought me for my birthday ________ (be) wonderful!

2.It turned out that the information we had received ________ (be) wrong.

3.My new jeans ________ (be) in the wash and I wanted to wear them tonight.

4.The luggage on a plane ________ (take) up a lot of room.

5.Your hair ________ (look) reaily nice and shiny.

6.I could tell by the look on her face that the news ________ (not / be) good.

7.Oh, no! My money ________ (be) in my other jacket!


E Find ten mistakes in this passage and correct them.



1________ 'We interrupt your usual schedule to bring you an important news. We are receiving

2________ informations about a spaceship that has landed outside the White House.The large

3________ ship seems to be made of glasses. Reports say that a short time ago aliens came out

4________ of the craft. Eye-witnesses described them as short and said their clothes was made

5________ of metal and their hairs was bright green. Strangely, one of them appeared to be

6________ wearing a jean. Much people said that they seemed to be friendly. The President of the

7________ United States is currently holding a meeting with the visitors in the hope that we can

8________ exchange knowledges. Police advice are to stay indoors and under no circumstances

9________ approach the spaceship. We will be back with another news as soon as we can. And

10_______now, back to your usual programme, Gardening for Beginners.'


F Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

1.Not many people came to the party.                                                                       only

There _________ people at the party.

2.The witness described the mugger to the police.                                                    a

The witness _________ of the mugger.

3.There isn't much sugar left.                                                                     a

There _________ sugar left.

4.I am thinking of becoming a firefighter when I leave school.                                brigade

I am thinking of _________ when I leave school.

5.We were shocked by the news and didn't know what to do.                                shocking

The news _________ didn't know what to do.

6.There aren't many good films out at the moment.                                  only

There _________ good films out at the moment.

7.I didn't eat much dessert because I'm on a diet.                                                    only

I _________ dessert because I'm on a diet.

8. You have lots of hats!                                                                                          lot

What _________ you have!


G Match to make sentences.

1. I'm quite busy so I've got                                A a little time to talk to you now.

2. Happily, we have had                                     В a few people recycle their rubbish.

3.My dad just got a good job so we have            С a few complaints from hotel guestsrecently.

4.Pollution is improving now that                        D little money for luxuries.

5.My mum has lost her job so we have                Efew people recycle their rubbish.

6.My lesson's been cancelled so I've got              F very few complaints from hotel guestsrecently.

7.It's a shame that                                                Ga little money for luxuries.

8.Unfortunately, we have had                             H very little time to talk to you now.


H Choose the correct answer.

1.If you have _________ time at the end of the exam, check your answers.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

2.Give me _________ minutes and I'll be ready.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

3.We've only got _________ milk left so get some when you go shopping.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

4.Just _________ practice every day and you'll soon be able to play the piano.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

5.We were disappointed that _________ of the members came to the youth club party.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

6.Sprinkle _________ sugar on the strawberries.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

7.I suppose now I'm 43,1 have _________ hope of playing football for England.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

8.Could you help me with _________ exercises I don't understand?

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

9.There's _________ coffee left, if anyone wants some.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

10.Becoming an astronaut is so demanding that _________ people manage it.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

11.I'll meet you in half an hour - I've got _________ e-mails to write first.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little

12.Many people feel there's _________ point in voting, even in a general election.

A few        В a few      С little        D a little


I   Write an article in each gap where necessary. If an article is not necessary, write a dash (-).

Ray: Hello?

Sandy: Hi. Is that Ray? It's (1) _________ Sandy.

Ray: Oh, hi! How was (2) _________ film?

Sandy: Great! We took (3) _________ taxi to (4) _________ cinema and (5) _________ taxi

driver got lost, so we almost missed (6) _________ start. What about you? What did you

do (7) _________ last night?

Ray: Oh, I just stayed at (8) _________ home. I listened to (9) _________ music for a while

and then watched (10) _________ news.

Sandy: Oh, yes? So what's happening in (11) _________ world? Anything I should know about?

Ray: Well, I know you don't like (12) _________ politics, but there was (13) _________

interesting report on (14) _________ Asia. It gave me (15) _________ few ideas for

(16) _________ geography essay we were talking about (17) _________ other day.

Sandy: Ah, right. Anything else?

Ray: Nothing important. Just that (18) _________ lead singer of your favourite band is

getting married - to (19) _________ actress, (20) _________ one who was in that film ...

Sandy: What?! Why didn't you tell me? I have to check this out on (21) _________ Internet! See

you at (22) _________ school tomorrow. Bye!

Ray: Okay. Bye.


J  Rewrite the sentences correctly, adding articles where necessary.

1. We went to theatre last night and saw great play, although some of acting was bit poor.

2. Give me ring tomorrow before I go to work and we'll arrange to meet at office.

3. Prime minister told reporter that government wanted to pass law banning hunting.

4. I asked hotel manager where pool was and she directed me to seventh floor.

5 They said on news on radio that Mount Vesuvius, volcano that destroyed Pompeii, could erupt again.

6. Car has revolutionised transport and is absolutely vital to economy of most countries.

7. Judge read jury's verdict aloud and then sentenced accused to five years in prison.

8. Job in media can be quite stressful because of pressure you are under to do things on time.

9. Very few people in 19th century went to school or university and most started work at very young age.

10. I have little free time since I gave up karate, so I'm thinking of trying new hobby, like learning musical instrument.



Unit 8                              Vocabulary

The Media

Topic vocabulary in contrast                                                         see page 188 for definitions

deny / refuse talk show / quiz show / game show press / media
agree / accept announcer / commentator programme / program
headline /heading tabloid / broadsheet channel / broadcast
feature/article journalist / columnist bulletin / newsflash


Phrasal verbs

bringup start discussing a subject look up try to find information in a book or list, etc
comeon start to be broadcast make out pretend that something is true; see, hear or understand sb or sth with difficulty
comeout be published make up invent an explanation, excuse, etc; create a story, poem, etc
fillin add information in the spaces on a document put forward suggest
flickthrough turn and look at the pages of a magazine, etc quickly see through recognise that sth is not true and not be tricked by it
gointo deal with sth in detail stand out be easy to see because of being different
hand out give things to people in a group turn over turn a page so that the other side is towards you


Phrases and collocations

control in control (of sth); take control (of sth); under control; under the control of sb; out of control
description give a description of sth/sb
difference make a difference (to sth/sb); tell the difference (between); there's no/some/little/etc difference between
granted take sth/sb for granted
influence influence sth/sb; have/be an influence on sth/sb
Internet on the Internet; over the Internet; surf the Internet
news in the news; on the news; hear the news; newsflash; newspaper
place take place; in place of; at a place
question ask/answer a question; question sth/sb; in question; question mark
view have/hold/take a view; be sb's view that; in my view; in view of; look at/see the view; view of sth; view from sth/swh
watch watch sth/sb; watch (out) for sth/sb; keep watch


Word patterns

according to sb inform sb that; inform sb about/of sth
announce sth (to sb); announce that likely to do; likely that
believe sth; believe in sth; believe that; believe to be persuade sb to do; persuade sb that; persuade sb of sth
comment on sth; make a comment (to sb) about sth point (in) doing
confuse sth/sb with sth/sb; confused about/by sth send sb sth; send sth (to sb)
correspond with sth/sb surprise by surprise; surprised at/by sth
describe sth/sb as; describe sth/sb to sb tell sb sth;tell sb that;tell sb about sth/doing;tell sb (not) to do

hear sth/sb; hear about sth/sb; hear from sb


Word formation

announce announcement, (un)announced edit editor, editorial, edited power powerful(ly), powerless(ly), empower
belief disbelief, believe, (un)believable, (un)believably humour humorous, humourless ridicule ridiculous(ly), ridiculousness
communicate communication, (un)communicative, communicator inform information, (un)informed, (un) informative second secondly, secondary
convince convinced, (un)convincing journal journalist, journalism, journalistic write writer, writing, wrote, (un)written
discuss discussion

politics political(ly), politician


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