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Topic vocabulary in contrast

A   Complete using the correct form of the words in the box.

current • glimpse • fit • clothing • match • look • glance

modern • suit • new • appearance • cloth

1. If you care about your   appearance  too much, people might start to think you're vain.

2. It's quite a nice skirt, but I don't think it really ……. my shoes.

3. My mum always looks quite ……. and tries to keep up with the latest fashions.

4. The ancient Romans wore items of ……. quite different from today's fashions.

5. As I went into the designer's office, I caught a ….... of her drawings before she hurriedly put them away.

6. I know long skirts were in last year, but the ……. fashion is to wear them quite short.

7. I've got to buy some ……. shoes for the wedding on Saturday.

8. I didn't get the coat in the end because it didn't ……. me under the arms.

9. The shirt is so expensive because it's made out of a special ……. that has gold in it.

10. I don't think this jumper ……. you because you've got blue eyes and pale skin.

11. The designer ……. at my designs and told me that they needed more work.

12. Long dresses and high heels is quite a good ……. for you.


В   Circle the correct word.

1. Do you think the   average / everyday person is interested in fashion?

2. I wish Dad would get a new costume / suit to wear for his job interview.

3. I've got red hair, so I never put on / wear red clothes or I'd look silly.

4. John got a really cool blouse / top in town yesterday with Eminem on it.

5. India supplies / produces the world with cheap clothes.

6. I'm going to get my nails dyed / painted tomorrow.

7. During the design / manufacture of the clothes, lasers are used to cut the material accurately.

8. Which costume / suit do you think I should wear to the fancy-dress party – the cowboy or the vampire?


Phrasal verbs

С Write one word in each gap.

ANTI-FASHION                                                                                               by Lisa Wilkinson

If you ask me, it's high time they (1)   did away with fashion. I've had enough of it. Just when I think I've finally got it right, I pop (2) ……. a clothes shop to find that they've changed all the rules! One minute it's cool to wear brand new expensive stuff, and the next you have to take all that (3) ……. and wear clothes that look as if they've been handed (4) by your grandma. You can't win! Well, I've torn (5) ……. my fashion magazines and adopted anti-fashion. It's an idea that has grown (6) ……. of frustration and, to be honest, a lack of money to spend on yet another dress that I only wear once.

I started by drawing (7) ……. a plan. I decided to line all my clothes (8) ……. together, try them all (9) ……. and give to charity anything that either didn't fit or suit me. Then, I wouldn't buy any more new clothes until something wore (10) ……. I went (11) …….  my plan again, and knew that I would have to be tough with myself. After all, I'd spent a lot of money on some of that stuff. Finally, I plucked up the courage to do it. It felt a little bit like being a child again, dressing (12) ……. in your mum's clothes, but I also felt a great sense of freedom.

That was a year ago and, although I occasionally see something and think, 'Oh, that's gorgeous!', I haven't bought any clothes. If you ever come over to my house and I (13) ……. you around my bedroom, youmight see last season's fashions, but you'll also see a woman who feels free. And that's anti-fashion. Do you think it'll catch (14) …….?


Phrases and collocations

D Choose the correct answer.

1. I don't like ……. on clothes in shops because I don't want people to see me in something that doesn't suit me.

A putting          В trying           С wearing         D handing

2. I'm not sure a green skirt ……. combination with a blue top is such a good idea.

A on                    В at                    С in                    D for

3. Everyone complimented Kitty ……. her new outfit.

A on                    В to                    С in                    D from

4. I think some modern designs are more like ……. of art.

A makes            В works            С objects           D jobs

5. I wish people didn't ……. a tendency to follow fashion without thinking about what suits them personally.

A do                    В make             С get                    D have

6. I don't thinkT-shirts and jeans will ever go ……. of style, do you?

A away             В out                    С off                    D down

7. Make sure you ……. your make-up with a soft brush, like this one.

A apply             В construct            С decorate        D dress

8. If you wear that shirt with the ……. pattern, you'll look like a chessboard!

A plain              В striped           С shiny             D checked

9. You always seem to look so formal. If only you would ……. your hair down!

A get                    В set                    С put                    D let

10. The latest trend ……. footwear is to wear very simple, traditional shoes.

A of                    В on                    С in                    D from

11. My sister and I share the same taste ……. clothes and we wear each other's things all the time.

A in                    В of                    С for                    D on

12. Why can't you ……. Edgar's example and wear a tie to work?

A set                    В make             С follow           D do

13   My dad asked me whether his clothes were fashion and I said they were – about twenty years ago!

A in                    В from                   С on                    D of


Word patterns

E   Write one word in each gap.

1. It was Lia's first job as a model and she was quite anxious   about it.

2. Bill seems ……. have had his hair done differently.

3. I couldn't help staring ……. the man in the restaurant who was wearing a kilt.

4. Before starting my design, I referred ……. some books of past designs to give me inspiration.

5. Plenty ……. fashion designers have been successful in spite of not having any formal training in fashion.

6. I asked the shop assistant to advise me ……. my choice of shoe.

7. Many fashion journalists criticised the actress ……. arriving at the Oscars in a second-hand dress.

8. The supermodel insisted ……. having a star on her dressing room door.

9. These days, most designers use a computer ……. visualise their designs before they make any clothes.

10. Visiting fashion shows can be quite useful ……. picking up new ideas.


F  Complete using the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. I was very proud   to see  (see) my designs up there on the catwalk.

2. My teacher advised me …….. (study) fashion at university, despite my parents' objections.

3. To be a model, you have to be prepared ……. (work) very long hours.

4. Mario knew that there was still plenty ……. (do) before his first fashion show.

5. I managed to chat to Charlie and she advised me against ……. (become) a model.

6. Westwood's designs didn't seem ……. (be) as interesting as the ones she produced last year.

7. When I first started as a fashion photographer, I was anxious ……. (please) everyone.

8. My teacher advised me ……. (forget) about becoming a fashion model and concentrate on my studies instead.


Word formation

G   Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


I was really (1)   enthusiastic  about my first visit to a fashion show. I had        ENTHUSE

always loved fashion but had only ever seen models in (2) ……. on                        ADVERTISE

TV. Finally, I was going to see a real show! I got out my most (3) …….                     FASHION

clothes. I wanted to look as (4) ……. as the models. I don't know if I                    STYLE

was completely (5) ……. , but I never had much money to spend on                      SUCCESS

clothes and I felt (6) ……. , which is the main thing. When we got                         ATTRACT

there, it was fantastic! There were so many (7) ……. women! The show                    BEAUTY

started and imagine my surprise when, completely (8) ……. the first                       EXPECT

model was wearing clothes just like I was! Everyone saw the (9) …….               SIMILAR

and a couple of people asked me who my (10) ……. was! Amazing!                       STYLE


H  Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.

1. This designer's clothes are really quite   unlike  (LIKE) anything I've ever seen before.

2. His clothes are very ……. (DESIRE) and they sell for thousands of dollars.

3. I couldn't decide which hat to get, but then again I've always been quite ……. (DECIDE).

4. We went on a school trip to a clothes factory and saw some of the ……. (PRODUCE) process.

5. I'm afraid I'm completely ……. (USE) when it comes to making my own clothes.

6. I don't ……. (LIKE) this season's fashion -1 just don't think it suits me personally, that's all.

7. These dresses are ……. (BEAUTY) made - just feel the quality!

8. I'm still ……. (DECIDE) about whether to go to the fashion show next week or not.



Units 25 and 26                                       Review 13


A   Write one word in each gap.

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