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A recent survey has shown an increase (26) …….. distrust for politicians. They've always been regarded (27) …….. untrustworthy, but now politicians are below estate agents and even lawyers in the public's estimations. A majority of the people who (28) …….. questioned associate politicians (29) …….. an inability to tell (30) …….. truth. They believe they're responsible (31) …….. most of the country's problems, have had a negative effect (32) …….. the country's image abroad, refuse to face (33) …….. to the fact that they cause more problems than they solve and never apologise for (34) …….. made mistakes. The survey, (35) …….. was carried out over a period of three months, also shows that politicians often give the impression (36) …….. being arrogant and only (37) …….. note of what the electorate believe at election time.

In (38) …….. of these disturbing findings, people do not believe that (39) …….. is no point in voting at elections. (40) …….. least politicians can take some comfort in that!

(1 mark per answer)


D Choose the correct answer.

41. All the flowers for the wedding …….. tomorrow.

A will be delivering          С are going to deliver

В will have delivered by   D are going to be delivered

42. 'Have we still got lots of time?' – 'No, …….. get a move on. We're going to be late.'

A you'd rather                          С you'd prefer to

В you'd better                               D you'd be better off

43. Let's order a pizza, …….. we?

A should                В will         С shall        D could

44. I wonder …….. mind watching this bag for me for a moment.

A would you                                 С if would you

В you would                                 D whether you would

45. The prime minister denied …….. anything wrong.

A to do                                         С to have done

В having done                                          D to be doing

46. The woman …….. purse I found has offered to give me a reward.

A whose                В who        С who's      D to whom

47. It's high time they …….. so rude to Rosalind

A are leaving                                 С have to leave

В were leaving                              D had been leaving

48. I wish you last night.

A weren't                                      С hadn't been

В wouldn't be                               D haven't been

49. Despite …….. president, she felt totally powerless.

A being                                         С of having been

В she was                                      D to be

50. We …….. today and I got into trouble because I hadn't done it.

A had checked our homework     С were checked our homework

В had our homework checked      D have checking our homework

(1 mark per answer)


E   Match to make sentences. There is one extra letter you will not use.

51. When we can afford it, we're going to do 52. Jason's thinking of dropping 53. When the factory closed 54. They should do away 55. Let me take you out to dinner to make 56. I never wanted a mortgage but I'm coming 57. Cynthia's decided to set A. round to the idea now. В. up for forgetting your birthday. С. with cheque books now that everyone has a credit card. D. up the attic and turn it into a spare bedroom. E. out of college and getting a job. F. out a number of different products in the next few months. G. up a small business producing temporary tattoos. H. down, hundreds of workers lost their jobs.

(1 mark per answer)


F  Complete the second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

58. I don't think George has the ability to climb right to the top of that mountain!                  capable

I don't think George …….. right to the top of that mountain!

59. Joanne, do you know anything about Chaos Theory?                                         familiar

Joanne, …….. Chaos Theory?

60. You shouldn't have bought presents for all of us.                                                    expense

You shouldn't have …….. buying presents for all of us.

61. Charles often phones up TV stations to complain about programmes.                     tendency

Charles …….. up TV stations to complain about programmes.

62. Alice seemed tired to me.                                                                                                     impression

Alice …….. she was tired.

63. Taking out a private pension scheme will benefit you.                                             interest

It is …….. out a private pension scheme.

64. I understand what Gary was saying but I don't agree with him.                                         point

I can ……... but I don't agree with him.

65. They won't allow passengers to get off the train at the next station.                       prevent

They're going …….. off the train at the next station.

66. I want you to try really hard to pass this exam!                                                       effort

I want you to …….. to pass this exam!

(2 marks per answer)


G   If a line is correct, put a tick () next to the number. If there is an extra word in a line, write it next to the number.


67 ___________ It is often been said that the secret of good comedy is timing.

68 ___________ As a comedian myself, I know that's not true. The secret

69 ___________ of good comedy is to be funny! I was told that a joke the other

70 ___________ day about a man whose his dog has no nose. When asked how

71 ___________ it smells, the man replies 'Terrible!'. The problem here is

72 ___________ that, despite of the joke having a fairly clever punchline,

73 ___________ no one finds it a funny. However good your timing is, you

74 ___________ can't make out people laugh at that joke. I get my friends to

75 ___________ tell to me jokes all the time. If I've never heard them before,

76 ___________ and if they make me laugh it out loud, I might consider

77 ___________ using them in my comedy act. I am like jokes that rely on

78 ___________ word play (even though the joke was about the noseless dog

79 ___________ is rubbish!).'My mum's from Cuba and my dad's from

80 ___________ Iceland so I guess that makes me up an ice cube.' Now

81 ___________ that's a classic joke however you tell it. Comedy is made not

                       just to do with timing!

(1 mark per answer)

H  Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


There is a well-known (82) …….., 'School days are the best days                     SAY

of your life.' No (83) …….. at school ever believes it though, and                    STUDY

by the time you realise it's true, it's too late! It's when you're worried

about your (84) …….. situation and are beginning to hate the                      FINANCE

(85) of working in an office or factory every day that you                            BORE

look back fondly on the (86) …….. times you had at school. When                 EXCITE

you're still at school you often focus on the negatives, like having to

pay (87) …….. during a tedious chemistry lesson, being punished                    ATTEND

for bad (88) …….. (when you didn't do anything wrong anyway)                   BEHAVE

or feeling (89) …….. in an exam because you don't know any of the               HELP

answers (and, in fact, had completely (90) …….. the questions too!).              UNDERSTAND

But it's quite (91) …….. to complain about things and then have                     ACCEPT

great memories afterwards. Just have a good time at the time as well!

(1 mark per answer)

Total mark: ……. / 100


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