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Выберите нужную форму глагола.

1) Our company has/ is having a lot of problems.

2) They have/ are having lunch now.

3) I think/ am thinking your proposal is worth considering.

4) They think/ are thinking about our offer.

5) Are you seeing/ do you see what I mean?

6) I am seeing/ see the manager tomorrow.

7) The fabric feels/ is feeling cloth.

8) We've been feeling/ feel our way in the dark.

9) I love/ am loving people.

10) We are loving/ love the holiday.

11) John is being/ is very rude these days.

12) This supervisor is/ is being rather rude.

13) The shoes fit/ are fitting me perfectly.

14) The repairman is fitting/ fits the copying machine.

15) He appears/ is appearing to be cold.

16) The famous opera singer appears/ is appearing on the stage tonight.

17) It looks/ is looking as if it's going to rain.

18) She is looking/ looks through the catalogue.

19) We appreciate/ are appreciating your help.

20) The air smells/ is smelling wonderful in the mountains.

21) Why are you smelling/ do you smell the soup?

22) They are watching/ watch a football match.

23) Speak louder! I do not hear/ am not hearing you.

24) Whom does this car/ is this car belong/ belonging?

25) I have been working/ am working as a reporter on " International Herald Tribune" for 5 years.

26) My manager has agreed/ has been agreeing to give me time off.

27) Mr Black hasn't rung/ hasn't been ringing me back about the contract yet.

28) The success of the project is depending/depends on you entirely.

29)The plane is leaving/leaves at 8 p.m.

30) Your performance becomes/is becoming better and better.


Вставьте have been in, have been to, have gone to.


1) I have....Moscow several times, but I..... Saint-Petersburg.

2) My boss.... Lisbon for a week, so I am doing some work for him.

3) We....Vladimir for very long, so we don't know it very well yet.

4) The manager isn't here. He.... the City Hall.

5) I.... France twice but I haven't seen the Louvre.

6) How long....you.... Saint Petersburg?

7) Where is Mr Black? He.... Britain, he'll be back in a fortnight.

8)...... you ever.... Spain? It's an amazing country!

9) He's a great traveler - he... many countries.

10) I... Brussels for two months now. And I feel homesick.


5. Ответьте на вопросы.


1) What time do you usually get up?

2) Whom are you meeting tomorrow?

3) Have you ever been to any foreign country?

4) What do your parents do?

5) How long have you been learning English?

6) Do you speak any other foreign language?

7) Have you ever given money to street beggars?

8) How are you feeling today?

9) What films have you seen recently?

10) How long have you been living in Petersburg?

Поставьте предложения в отрицательную форму.


1) He's been working very hard.

2) Things are changing for better.

3) The authorities are struggling to cope with the situation.

4) Computers solve complex problems.

5) Computers capacity is approaching the human level.

6) Certain pesticides have become global contaminants.

7) Money makes the world go round.

8) The scientists have been searching for new ways to save the environment.

9) People differ in their attitude towards poverty.

10) Entertainment encourages passivity.


7. Поставьте вопросы к данным предложениям.


1) We send our children to school to prepare them for their future professions.

2) A lot of people learn foreign languages nowadays.

3) The minister has explained the purpose of the new reform to the journalists.

4) They have been working on the project for many months.

5) Cultural change occurs when different cultures come into contact with one another.

6) For a long time now people have been producing a lot of waste.

7)We are endangering supplies of good farming land and water.

8) In many countries around the globe " green" political parties are having a strong influence.

9) Urban environment offers diverse opportunities.

10) Since the Industrial Revolution people have been moving to the cities.


Переведите с английского на русский.


1) Many shops display sign such as " This store prosecutes shoplifters to the full

extent of the law" and employ store detectives to identify shoplifters.

2) The modern young people are growing up with technology that keeps them in touch with global influences.

3) E-mail and the cell phone have enabled people to have more frequent and flexible

contact with friends and family wherever they are.

4) He works as a manger for a large electronics company.

5) The workplace of the US and of other developed countries all over the world is changing.

6) For one thing, there has been a change in the work ethic.

7) The number of white-collar workers has increased substantially over the last few decades.

8) Employers are increasingly offering their workers jobs and working conditions that may keep them happy.

9) Better-educated workers value jobs that are satisfying.

10)There has been an increase in jobs in industries that provide services - education, health care,

banking, entertainment and leisure.


Переведите с русского на английский.


1) В последние годы эксперты говорят, что возникли новые формы семьи.

2) Сокращается спрос на профессии, связанные с производством товаров и оборудования.

3) Доказано, что смертная казнь не удерживает человека от преступления.

4) Многие страны уже отменили смертную казнь.

5) Некоторые заключенные чувствуют себя в тюрьме как дома.

6) Много факторов приводят человека к преступлению.

7) Реклама часто используют яркие броские цвета.

8) Лучшая находка для репортера - конфликт, который произошел только что.

9) Женщины борются за равные права с мужчинами уже много десятилетий, с начала ХХ века.

10) Цены растут, а зарплата остается все той же.

10. Ответьте на вопросы.


1) What time do you usually get up?

2) Whom are you meeting tomorrow?

3) Have you ever been to any foreign country?

4) What do your parents do?

5) How long have you been learning English?

6) Do you speak any other foreign language?

7) Have you ever given money to street beggars?

8) How are you feeling today?

9) What films have you seen recently?

10) How long have you been living in Petersburg?






Простое прошлое Past Simple Простое длительное Past Continuous Простое Совершенное Past Perfect Совершенное Длительное Past Perfect Continuous
Действия, происходящие одно за другим в прошлом She got into the car and started the engine. Действие, происходящее в определенный момент в прошлом, незаконченное We were playing tennis at 4 o’clock yesterday Действие, совершенное к определенному моменту или до другого действия в прошлом He had left by the time we got there. Длительные действия, продолжавшиеся до определенное момента в прошлом, незаконченные She had been working as a nurse for 10 years before they laid her off.
Привычка или часто повторяющееся действие в прошлом We used to spend/ spent a lot of time together Действие прерванное другим действием в прошлом. Незаконченное, прерванное действие выражено Past Continuous, прерывающее действие - Past Simple. While I was taking a shower a doorbell rang. Законченное действие, результат которого был налицо в прошлом She was sad because she had failed her exam. Длительное действие, имевшее последствия в прошлом They were tired because they had been running a race.  
Законченное действие в прошлом, случившееся в указанное время She called an hour ago. Два или более действий, происходящих одновременно в прошлом While I was sunbathing, my friend was swimming. Эквивалент Present Perfect в прошлом. I can’t find my purse. I have lost it. I couldn’t find my purse. I had lost it. Эквивалент Present Perfect Continuous в прошлом. She is going to the doctor. Her leg has been aching for two days. She went to the doctor. Her leg had been aching for two days.
Действие, происшедшее в определенный момент в прошлом, хотя время и не указано. Никак не связано с настоящим Shakespeare wrote 37 plays. ( He is dead, he won’t write again – period of time now finished) Описание фона, на котором происходили события The day was nice. The sun was shining brightly, the birds were chirping…. ------------------------- --------------------------
Yesterday, last week, …ago, how long ago, then, just now, when, in 1967, etc. While, when, as, etc. For, since, already, after, just, never, yet, before, by, by the time, etc. For, since


В Past Simple эквивалентом повторяющегося действия в прошлом может быть выражение used to, которое образует вопросительную и отрицательные формы с помощью глагола did, также как и Past Simple.

Определите форму глагола.


1) When she was young she danced a lot.

2) He was driving home when his car broke down.

3) He was reading while I was sleeping.

4) She was dizzy. She had been working on the computer all night.

5) My sister was upset because she had lost her job.

6) I had been waiting for an hour before they came.

7) He went to the doctor because his leg had been aching for two days.

8) I used to go to school on foot.

9) He sealed the letter, put a stamp on it and posted it.

10) They were writing the test the whole morning.


Выберите нужную форму.


1) What were you doing/ did you do when the fire started?

2) She broke/ was breaking her leg when she slipped and landed on ice.

3) I have seen him/ saw him in the office today.

4) I have lived/ lived in Petersburg for two years. Now I am moving to Moscow.

5) My son has just left/ left the college.

6) The criminal got on the motorbike and had ridden/ rode away.

7) While mom was cooking/ cooked I talked/ was talking on the phone.

8) Nobody knew where he has come/ had come from.

9) I was walking/ walked home when I noticed some man who was trying/ tried to break into this house.

10) She used to/ would live in the country when she was little.


Раскройте скобки.


1) My father ( work) for this firm for 20 years. Then he (get) a job in a bank.

2) I (start) learning the language when I (be) six.

3) Although I (live) in the city for three years now I ( use) to it.

4) When we arrived most delegates already (leave).

5) They (travel) to Norway last summer.

6) As I (walk) home from work I (run) into my boss.

7) He was upset because he (fail) the exam.

8) I took a bath and (go) to bed at 11.

9) The last time I (see) him was two months ago.

10) He (read) out the data while I (write) it down.




  1. I. Поставьте предложения в отрицательную форму (Present Indefinite Tense).
  2. II. Работа со словарём. Научитесь одним движением руки открывать нужную букву в словаре.
  3. V. Bыпишите из 1-ro aбзацa npeдложение с глаголомв пассивной форме, назовите время глагола. Предложение переведите.
  4. VI. Выберите правильный ответ.
  5. VI. Выпишите из 2-го абзаца предложения с глаголом в пассивной форме, назовите время глагола. Предложения переведите.
  6. XI. Перепишите данные ниже предложения, определите в них видо- временную форму глаголов. Предложения переведите(см. образец выполнения 3).
  7. Анализ теоретических решений, формулирование выводов.
  8. Бланки и формуляр делового пиьма
  9. В каком ряду записаны формулы веществ только с ионной связью?
  10. Влияние перерождений на биологическую форму
  11. Второе начало термодинамики в формулировках Кельвина и Клаузиуса
  12. Выберите из предложенных суждений правильные. Выпишите их номера.

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