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Exercise 5: Образуйте сравнительные степени прилагательных.

1. long - длинный

2. beautiful - красиво

3. warm - тепло

4. deep - глубоко

5. important - важно

6. good - хорошо

7. bad - плохо


Exercise 1: Match the words with their meanings. - Соедините слова с их значениями.

a) kangaroo b) state c) iron d) government e) continent f) island g) coast h) coal i) arrive j) monarchy 1. A large mass of land surrounded by sea. 2. An Australian animal that moves by jumping and carries its babies in a pouch. 3. To get to the place you are going to. 4. A country considered as a political organization. 5. The area where the land meets the sea. 6. A piece of land completely surrounded by water. 7. A common hard metal that is used to make steel. 8. A black mineral which is dug from the earth and burnt to produce heat. 9. A system in which a country is ruled by a king or queen. 10. The group of people who govern a country.

Exercise 2: Read the text – Прочитайте текст


Australia is situated in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean. The capital of Australia is Canberra. Canberra is an international city full of offices. It's a beautiful place, with parks, lakes, big streets and buildings. The official language of the country is English. Australia is the largest island in the world and it is the smallest continent. Kangaroo is the symbol of Australia. It is supposed that Australian's native inhabitants, the Aborigines, arrived in Australia at least 40.000 years ago. The first Europeans visited Australia in 1606. The Spanish ship of Luis Vaes de Torres sailed through the strait which now bears his name and separates Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Australia is a self-governing federal state. The Commonwealth of Australia is a federation of 6 former colonies: New South Wales (with its capital in Sydney), Victoria (with its capital in Melbourne), Queensland (with its capital in Brisbane), Western Australia (with its capital in Perth), Tasmania (with its capital in Hobart), South Australia (with its capital in Adelaide).

There are different kinds of fish and more than 300 kinds of coral in the Great Barrier Reef on the coast of Queensland. Tropical fruits and flowers grow on its beautiful islands. Tasmania is a small island. It often rains in winter and in summer there. A large part of this island is covered with forests. New South Wales has Blue Mountains. They are covered with forests of blue colored eucalyptus trees. South Australia includes Lake Eyre and the Flinders Ranges. It is the main source of opals. It also produces most of the wine and brandy consumed in Australia. Western Australia with its capital Perth has three deserts: Great Sandy, Gibson and Great Victoria.

Before real roads and railways came, the Murrey River carried people and goods from the east up into the country. Australia is rich in gold, silver, iron, coal and many other precious metals. Also it is reach in coal, petroleum and uranium. A vast diamond deposit was found in Western Australia. Though Australia is a constitutional monarchy formally, its chief of state is the British monarch, represented by the governor-general. In reality it is a parliamentary state with two legislative houses. The head of the government is the prime minister.


Desert -пустыня

Goods - товары

precious metals – драгоценные металлы

petroleum – нефть

native inhabitants – местные жители

Exercise 3: Answer the questions – Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What is the national symbol of Australia?

Что такое национальный символ Австралии?

2. When did Australian’s native inhabitants arrive in Australia?

Когда коренные жители Австралии в прибыли в Австралию?

3. When did the first Europeans visit Australia?

Когда первые европейцы посетили Австралию?

4. What are the main parts of the country?

Каковы основные части страны?

5. What part of Australia is the main source of opals?

Какая часть Австралии является основным источником опалов?

6. What deserts are there in Western Australia?

Какие пустыни есть в Западной Австралии?

7. What natural resources does Australia have?

Какие природные ресурсы вовсе Австралии?

8. Who is the head of the government?

Кто является главой правительства?

9. Is Australia a constitutional monarchy?

Австралия конституционная монархия?

Exercise 4: Are these statements true or false? – Истинны или ложны данные высказывания?

1. The official language of the country is French

Официальным языком страны является французский

2. The symbol of Australia is kangaroo.

Символом Австралии кенгуру.

3. The first Europeans arrived in Australia at least 40.000 years ago.

Первые европейцы прибыли в Австралию по крайней мере 40,000 лет назад.

4. English Channel separates Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Английский канал отделяет Австралию и Папуа-Новой Гвинеи.

5. The Commonwealth of Australia is a federation of 6 former colonies.

Содружество Австралии Федерации от 6 бывших колоний.

6. Tasmania is a small island with its capital in Sydney.

Тасмания небольшой остров с его столицы в Сиднее.

7. South Australia is the main source of opals.

Южная Австралия является основным источником опалов.

8. Great Sandy is a desert in Western Australia.

Большая Песчаная пустыня в Западной Австралии.

9. Australia isn’t rich in petroleum.

Австралия не богата нефтью.

10. The British monarch is the head of the government.

Британский монарх является главой правительства.

Exercise 5: Образуйте название национальности от названия страны.

1. Russia

2. Australia

3. Spain

4. Europe

5. Britain

Reading 3

The Civil War -Гражданская война

In the 1850s, the USA was a country of very different regions. The north-east was its main industrial region. In the north-west, independent-minded farmers were increasing in number and in the south there was a system of plantation agriculture, in decline in some areas, but increasing where cotton was grown. The economies of these regions varied a great deal. The North's was based on wage labor, while the South's was based on slavery. Gradually, two separate social systems developed and tensions between the North and South began to grow.

In about the middle of the 19th century, politics in the USA started to change. New political parties appeared which appealed to the interests of one section of society but not the other. Then as the cities of the North became richer and more powerful, large numbers of people began to take part in politics. Throughout the country men began to take an interest in politics, as constitutional issues were debated around the nation.

One such issue was the Dred Scott case. Dred Scott was a slave who, in 1857, went to court to gain his freedom. The Supreme Court ruled that, as a black man, he had no rights, and he was forced to remain a slave.

There was an economic depression at the end of the 1850s, in which the South suffered worse than the North, and tensions and resentment continued. In 1860 the presidential election was won by Abraham Lincoln. He was a fierce Abolitionist - an opponent of slavery - for moral reasons, and the President that the Southern politicians disliked the most. They believed that his opinions and policies would bring about the economic ruin of the South.

Although the war did not actually break out until 1861, three events made it unavoidable. They were: the Dred Scott case, which heightened feelings against slavery; the economic depression, which increased mistrust between the North and South; and the election of President Lincoln, the last straw for the South. One year after his election, the South seceded from the union, and the Civil War began.


В 1850-е США была страной очень разных регионов. Северо-восток был его главный индустриальный регион. На северо-западе, независимо мыслящие фермеры растет число и на юге существовала система плантационного сельского хозяйства, в упадке в некоторых областях, но растет, где была выращена хлопок. Экономика этих регионов изменяться очень много. Северная был основан на наемном труде, а на юге была основана на рабстве. Постепенно, два отдельных социальных систем, разработанных и напряженность в отношениях между Севером и Югом начали расти.

Примерно в середине 19-го века, политика в США стала меняться. Новые политические партии появились, которые обратились с интересами одной части общества, но не другие. Тогда, как и в городах Севера стала богаче и мощнее, большое количество людей начали принимать участие в политике. По всей стране люди начали проявлять интерес к политике, как конституционные вопросы были обсуждены по всей стране.

Одним из таких вопросов был случай Дред Скотт. Дред Скотт был рабом, который, в 1857 году, пошел в суд, чтобы получить свободу.Верховный суд постановил, что, как черный человек, он не имел никаких прав, и он был вынужден остаться рабом.

Был экономическая депрессия в конце 1850-х годов, в которых Южная пострадали хуже, чем на Севере, и напряженность и недовольство продолжается. В 1860 году президентские выборы выиграл Авраама Линкольна. Он был жестоким отменена - противник рабства - по моральным соображениям, и Президент, что Южные политики любил больше всего. Они считали, что его мнение и политика принесет об экономической разрухи Юга.

Хотя война не на самом деле не выйти до 1861 года, три события сделали неизбежным. Они были: дело Дред Скотт, который усиливается чувства против рабств; экономическая депрессия, которая усилили недоверие между Севером и Югом; и выборы президента Линкольна, последней каплей для стран Юга. Через год после его избрания, Южная вышли из Союза, и началась гражданская война.


Exercise 1: Answer the questions – Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What kind of country was the USA in the 1850s?

Какие страны были США в 1850-х годах?

2. How did the economies of these regions vary?

Как менялась экономика этих регионов?

3. Why did the politics in the USA start to change in the middle of the 19th century?

Почему политика в США начала меняться в середине 19-го века?

4. When did Abraham Lincoln win the presidential election?

Когда Авраам Линкольн выиграл президентские выборы?

5. Why did the Southern politicians dislike Abraham Lincoln?

Почему Южные политики любили Авраама Линкольна?

6. What were the main causes of the Civil War?

Каковы были основные причины гражданской войны?

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