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Exercise 2: Are these statements true or false? – Истинны или ложны данные высказывания?

1. Isaac Newton is the outstanding English physicist and mathematician.

2. He was born in 1643 in Cambridge.

3. Isaac Newton invented the incandescent light bulb.

4. Isaac Newton formulated three laws of motion that became basic principles of modern physics.

5. He built the first reflecting telescope in 1668.

6. The University was closed because of the plague, so Newton didn’t receive a bachelor's degree at the Trinity College.

7. Newton was a professor of mathematics.

8. He invented a calculus about 1669 but he never published his ideas.

9. Newton discovered the nature of white light in 1666.

10. Newton's most famous publication is Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

Exercise 3: Form the names of professions from the given nouns. – Образуйте названия профессий от данных существительных.

1. science

2. mechanics

3. mathematics

4. physics

5. music

Reading 8


Michael Faraday, the great English physic, was born in 1791 in a family of a blacksmith. At the age of thirteen he began to work at a bookbinder’s shop. He read many books he had to bind and once he came across an article on electricity. Since that time he took a great interest in electricity and even tried to make some experiments. A well-known physicist Humphrey Davy whose lectures Faraday used to attend helped him to became, an assistant at the laboratory of the Royal Institute in London. Michael worked hard and with enthusiasm. He studied physics and chemistry and even lectured. He helped Davy to construct a safety lamp for miners.

Then he was working on the problem of turning gases into liquids. One of the most important Faraday’s discoveries of that time was the discovery of benzol which finds a wide application all over the world now. He succeeded in improving optical glass but above all he was interested in the problems of electricity and magnetism. In 1831 he made one of the most important discoveries – the electromagnetic induction.

This discovery laid the foundation for the development of electrical engineering. Faraday was the first who measured the electric current and made a number of very important discoveries in the sphere of conductivity of different materials. Everybody who studies physics knows Faraday’s Law. Faraday died in 1867 almost a hundred years ago but we consider him one of those great scientists who laid foundations for the future age of electricity.



Exercise 1. Проведите соответствия

1.электрический ток 2. физик 3.открытие 4.преуспевать 5.электротехника 6.положить начало 7.электромагнитная индукция 8.электричество 9.закон 10.жидкости a)electromagnetic induction b) lay the foundation c) electricity d) electrical current e) physicist f) discovery g) succeed h) electrical engineering i) liquids j) law

Exercise 2. Заполните пропуски словами, используя лексику первого задания

1. Faraday made one of the most important discoveries- the_____________________

2. Faraday was the first who measured _______________________

3. Faraday laid foundation for the future age of ___________________

4. He was working on the problem of turning gases into ___________________

5. The discovery of the electromagnetic induction was important for the development of ____________

MODULE 2 - Grammar

Занятие 1 - to be, There is/are, to have


Exercise 1 . Преобразуйте предложения, употребляя оборот there is/are.

Example: This room has two windows.

There are two windows in this room.

a) 1. This city has many monuments.

2. This town has no theatres.

3. This family has two children.

4. Our group has many students.

5. Every week has 7 days and every year has twelve months.

6. She has a lot of English books in her library.

b) I. The dog is in the dog-house.

2. The children are at school.

3. The students are in the laboratory.

4. The car is near the house.

5. The bench was under the tree.

6. A lot of people will be at the stadium tomorrow.

Exercise 2. Поставьте предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму.

a) 1. They are free on Sunday.

2. My friend was ill last week.

3. She will be busy tomorrow.

4. It is cold today.

5. The classes are over at 5 o'clock in the evening.

6. We are fond of sports.

b) 1. My brother has a new car.

2. My son has six lessons every day.

3. I have got many friends .

4. My sister had a lot of toys in her childhood.

5. Our family will have a new flat.

c) I have breakfast at 8 o’clock.

2. My friend usually has lunch at 12 a.m.

3. We have dinner at home.

4. He has fish for supper.

5. She has coffee in the morning but in the evening she has tea.

6. I had a good time last week-end.

7. They had a good rest at the seaside last year.

8. As a rule we have meals three times a day.

9. We have tests very often.

d) There are many faculties at our University.

2 There was a computer class in that school.

3. There will be a bus stop near our house.

4. There is a beautiful picture on the wall.

5. There are a lot of people in the supermarket.

Exercise 3. Ответьте на вопросы.

1. Are you a football fun?

2. What mobile phone have you got?

3. Is it winter now?

4. Is he/she a pupil or a student?

5. He is the second year, isn't he?

6. Has he got a family?

7. Have you got a note-book?

8. Have you got any English books?

9. How many English books have you got?

10. Do you have English classes very often? How often?

Exercise 4. Употребите глагол to have или to be в нужной форме.

1. It ........ difficult to find a job now, ............. it?

2. Jack wants ............. a doctor, that is why he ............... a student of the Medical Institute.

3. There ........ no school in this village and the children go to the school which ........ two miles away.

4. How old ........ you? — I ....... 21. 5. ....... you have English lessons twice a week?

MODULE 2 Grammar

Занятие 2 - Simple Tenses

Начало формы


Exercise 5. Present Simple. Выберите правильный вариант

1 A) Do the shops close at 8 o'clock in the evening?

B)Does the shops close at 8 o'clock in the evening?

C)Do the shops closes at 8 o'clock in the evening?

D)Are the shops close at 8 o'clock in the evening?

2. A) You often play basketball?

B)Do you often play basketball?

C)Is you often play basketball?

D)Are you often play basketball?

3.A) How you often play basketball?

B)How do you often play basketball?

C)How often do you play basketball?

D)How often you play basketball?

4. A) She come home early.

B)She not comes home early.

C)She don't come home early.

D)She doesn't come home early.

5. A) Why doesn't you come to the youth club?

B)Why you not come to the youth club?

C)Why not you come to the youth club?

D)Why don't you come to the youth club?

6 A) My brother don't ever wait for us

B)My brother doesn't never wait for us.

C) My brother never waits for us

D)My brother does never wait for us.

7. A) We always go abroad for our holidays.

B)Always we go abroad for our holidays.

C)We go always abroad for our holidays.ли

D)We go abroad always for our holidays.

Exercise 8. Выберите правильный вспомогательный глагол.

A) do B) does С) are D) have Е) has F) is

1.What subjects_____ she good at?

2.______your brother got a camera?

3.______your mother like cooking?

4.What floor _____ your bedroom on?

5._____. your parents in France now?

6.Where_____ the nearest book-store?

7.______your friend have any money?

8.Where_____your uncle work?

9.What sports_____they fond of?

10. What_____the weather like today?

11.What languages_____you speak?

12._____you like science fiction?

13.What_____your favourite pop group?

14.What bike_____she got?

15.How many apples_____you got?

Exercise 10. Задайте вопросы и ответьте на них по образцу, используя глагол used to.

A: Did you use to play with your friends when you were ten?

B: Yes, I did/ No, I didn’t.

1 .play with your friends?

2. watch cartoons?

3 go to bed late?

4 cry a lot?

5 make your bed?

6 listen to fairytales?

7 have a bath every day?

8 drink milk?

9 dress yourself?

10get pocket

Exercise 11. Поставьте глагол в the Past и the Future Indefinite, употребляя соответствующие индикаторы времени.

1. Не plays tennis twice a week.

2. She learns French and German.

3. We keep our car in the garage.

4. They often make mistakes.

5. I help my mother about the house.

6. They do their shopping every day.

7. We go to the University by metro.

8. The classes begin at 8.

9. I stay at school till 2 o'clock.

10. It often rains in October.

11. Tom gets excellent marks on English.

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