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What (1) ________ the phrase 'the great British seaside' bring to mind? Most people, if asked to respond (2) ________ the top of their heads, associate (3) ________ on holiday to places such as Blackpool or Torquay with poor weather, old, faded attractions and a low standard of accommodation. These days, when people are more likely to go abroad to (4) ________ the sights, traditional British seaside towns (5) ________ suffering from an image problem. Now, finally, some of the resorts (6) ________ decided to bring their images up to date in the hope that a (7) ________ of direction will bring back the tourists. Many will need a lot of convincing, butthose that (8) ________ come will find that today's Blackpool differs quite a bit (9) ________ the picture postcard past.

After years of neglect, Blackpool has to work hard to catch (10) ________ with foreign destinations but that's precisely what it (11) ________ doing. It's the first time so much (12) ________ happened to improve the place in such a short time. A massive building project, including a new

casino and indoor entertainment centre, (13) ________ that rainy days are no longer a problem. And it appears (14) ________ be working. As the tourists start to make (15) _______ the bright lights of Blackpool once again, it seems that the great British seaside has a bright future ahead.

(1 mark per answer)


Task 2   Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.

16. I've always wanted to be a travel ________ (PHOTOGRAPH) and take pictures of exotic places.

17. None of us were sure which ________ (DIRECT) to go in, so we got out the map.

18. Since I was here five years ago, Delhi has changed so much that it's practically ________ (RECOGNISE).

19. Once we got to the station, I quickly looked through the ________ (TIME) to see when the next train was.

20. I've got a cousin at university who is studying ________ (TOUR) and hopes to open a hotel.

21. As we got closer to the Amazonian village, the ________ (INHABIT) came out to meet us.

22. The ________ (ARRIVE) of Flight 472 from Amsterdam has been delayed by one hour.

(1 mark per answer)


Task 3 Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

23. As soon as we got on the plane, the pilot told us to get off again.                          just

We __________________ the plane when the pilot told us to get off again.

24. We arrived in Budapest two days ago.                                                                     for

We __________________ two days.

25. I visited Paris once before.                                                                                       second

This is the __________________ Paris.

26. I find it hard to go at the same speed as my husband on walking holidays.            up

I find it hard to __________________ my husband on walking holidays.

27. Joan has always been very fond of travelling and has been everywhere.                 keen

Joan has always been very__________________ and has been everywhere.

28. We drove away as fast as we could, ready to begin our adventure.                        full

We drove away __________________ ready to begin our adventure.

29. As the storm started, we went towards the old house.                                            direction

As the storm started, we went __________________ the old house.

30. I'm sorry I didn't look at the hotel room before I booked it.                                    regret

I __________________ the hotel room before I booked it.

(2 marks per answer)


Task 4 Choose the correct answer.

31. Our next door neighbor _________ his car every Sunday.

A is washing В washes   С has washed        D is wash

32. Last summer, I _________ to the beach almost every day.

A went                  В was going С have been           D have been going

33. 'Whose is this plane ticket on the floor?' 'Oh, it _________ to me. Thank you.'

A is belonging В belongs   С has belonged      D belonged

34. 'I'm really tired of travelling so much.' – 'I thought you a bit quiet.'

A were seeming В have seemed С have been seeming D seemed

35. 'You look thoughtful' – 'I _________ about our holiday last year.'

A just think В had just thought С am just think D was just thinking

36. 'You went to Chile, didn't you?' – 'No, but I _________ to Peru, which is right next door.'

A had gone В was gone С did go                D was going

(1 mark per answer)

Task 5 Choose the correct answer.

37. Three people were captured at the _______ today trying to get into the country.

A line        В equator   С border                D edge

38. There's a fantastic _______ from the top of the Empire State Building!

A view       В sight       С appearance         D look

39. Once we get to the hotel, let's just _______ quickly and then do a bit of sightseeing.

A set down В make up С check in             D turn up

40. I'm going to ask for directions because I think we've _______ our way.

A missed    В misplaced С mistaken            D lost

41. We usually do go by train, even though the car _______ is a lot quicker.

A travel      В journey   С trip                     D voyage

42. Passengers requiring a special meal during the flight should inform theairline in _______ .

A ahead     В front       С advance             D forward

(1 mark per answer)

Total mark: ….. / 50



Unit 3                  Grammar

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