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Topic vocabulary in contrast

A Complete using the correct form of the words in the box.


1. We used to go skating at the ice ________ every Saturday. 2. Keith had never seen such a large golf ________ until he went to Scotland. 3. We all met at the basketball1    at half past three. 4. It's called a boxing ________ but it's actually square! 5. For the 800 metres race, you have to run round the ________ twice. 6. The football match had to be called off because the ________was flooded. course court pitch ring rink track
7. Our team ________ until half time, but in the second half the other team ________ three goals, and so they ________us. But it was a great match! beat win score
8. Adrian got a new fishing ________ for his birthday. 9. Can I borrow your tennis ________ ? 10. Why are hockey ________ such a strange shape? 11. I'd spend hours putting linseed oil on my cricket ________to keep the wood strong. bat stick rod racket


В   Circle the correct word or phrase.

1. The umpire / referee blew the whistle and the most important football match I've ever played began.

2. We used to play rugby in the winter term, football in the spring term, and we'd do athletics / sport and swimming in the summer term.

3. Do you fancy a game / play of cards?

4. I only do magic tricks for fun. I've never thought of becoming an amateur / a professional magician.

5. The play was so boring, we walked out during half time / the interval.

6. Coventry City equalled / drew 3-3 with Sunderland in the match last Saturday.

7. Spectators / Viewers who watched last week's programme will remember we were looking at the history of baseball.

8. We got through to the final / finale, but then lost to Cirencester.

9. Most people prefer films which have a happy end / ending.

10. Would all opponents / competitors please make their way to the starting line?


Phrasal verbs

С   Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

1. I don't know how you can stand getting up so early to go to the pool.                            put

I don't know how you can _____________________up so early to go to the pool.

2. I've finally started sorting out my postcard collection.                                                      round

I've finally _____________________sorting out my postcard collection.

3. What did you do at the weekend?                                                                                                get

What did you _____________________at the weekend?

4. I'm not so keen on skiing now I've discovered snowboarding.                                         gone

I've _____________________since I discovered snowboarding.

5. Why do you continue to have riding lessons if you can't afford them?                            on

Why do you _____________________riding lessons if you can't afford them?

6. We can't delay the match any longer.                                                                                put

We can't _____________________any longer.


D   Write one word in each gap.

1. Tony never used to want to join _________with the other kids in the playground.

2. Look _________! There's a car coming!

3. Simone's _________to wearing a helmet whenever she goes cycling.

4. I was thinking of taking _________scuba diving until I found out how expensive the equipment is.

5. They were knocked _________in the semi-final.

6. Maybe we should bring the meeting _________to this Tuesday instead of having it in two weeks'time.

7. Becca had to pull _________of the race when she sprained her ankle.

8. Melissa doesn't _________in for adventure sports.


Phrases and collocations

E   Choose the correct answer.

1. Why don't you _________a go? It's not difficult!

A make      В have       С do           D set

2. Carl wasn't very good at mountain climbing as he's afraid of _________.

A highs      В highness С heights   D height

3. There's little _________of our getting into the final.

A opportunity В chance    С luck        D fortune

4. Rachel is mad _________the Eurovision Song Contest.

A from              В against    С for        D about

5. Just _________your best - that's all anyone can ask of you.

A do        В make      С be        D have

6. It's _________time you learned to swim.

A big        В tall        С high        D far

7. Grandma _________a lot of pleasure from gardening.

A does        В has        С makes     D gets

8.  _________your time - don't rush.

A Tell        В Find        С Spend     D Take

9. Each player takes it _________turn to roll the dice.

A on        В in        С at        D to

10. Time _________ so quickly when you're doing something enjoyable.

A takes      В spends    С passes     D finds

11. Our new coach is popular _________the whole team.

A for        В to        С by        D with

12. She'd _________hours lying on her bed, reading.

A spend     В take        С make      D pass

13. He'd been planning to leave the team the _________time, and hadn't told anyone.

A complete В whole     С total        D full

14. I'm not siding _________her because she's my sister, but because she's right.

A from              В for        С to        D with


Word patterns

F   Match to make sentences.

1. I'm not very fond               A. in playing for the school team.

2. She's interested                    В . to find enough time to have any hobbies.

3. You should concentrate            С . to try to find the golf balls we'd lost.

4. I used to find it difficult          D. of playing in goal.

5. Let's listen                            E. from finishing the game.

6. We stopped                          F. to what the coach thinks first.

7. The bad weather stopped us     G. on getting fit.


G   Water has damaged part of this text about sport at school. Read it and decide what you think each of the original words was. Write the words in the blank spaces.


1 __________ I used to wear glasses when I was at school, and so I __________ sport

2 __________ very difficult. I wanted to be involved __________ school sports

3 __________ competitions, and I loved the idea of teams competing __________ each

4 __________ other, but being on the rugby team, for example __________ having to

5 __________ take off my glasses, and that meant __________ I couldn't see! And it's

6 __________ difficult __________ catch a ball when you can't see it! So, I wasn't

7 __________ very good and the captains always __________ sure that I wasn't on

8 __________ their team. This meant I __________ free to do other activities, like being

9 __________ on the debating team, and actually I preferred to __________ things I

10 __________ was good at doing __________ than have everyone laugh at me.


Word formation

H   Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.

1.I need to buy a new pair of __________ (TRAIN).

2.Ellie used to __________ (PRACTICE) for hours to learn to juggle properly.

3.That was the most __________ (INTEREST) book I've ever read. I can't wait for the sequel!

4.Would you describe yourself as a __________ (COMPETE) person?

5.Many professional basketball players earn a __________ (FORTUNE) these days.

6.F.A. stands for Football __________ (ASSOCIATE).

7.The gold, silver and bronze __________ (MEDAL) took their places on the podium for the presentation ceremony.

8.In Britain, the money parents give their children is often called pocket money. In America, it's often called an __________ (ALLOW).

9.I'm afraid the swimming pool is closed at the moment as they're carrying out some essential __________ (MAINTAIN).


I Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


When I first started playing snooker, I had no real (1) __________ of the                   KNOW

rules. I just thought it looked an (2) __________ game. Also, I didn't need                 ENJOY

to buy any expensive (3) __________ because the snooker hall near my                    EQUIP

house had tables and cues. I spent (4) __________ all the free time I had                    PRACTICAL

practising, and then decided to enter a (5) __________ . It was great fun!                              COMPETE

My (6) __________ was someone who'd been playing for years. Of course,           OPPOSE

he beat me, but the fact that I'd (7 )__________ didn't put me off at all.                    LOSE

And, (8) __________ my game improved enough for me to become a                     FORTUNE

professional snooker player three years ago.

REVIEW 2              Units 3 and 4


A   Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


I saw some badminton on TV and found it quite (1)      __________ , so               INTEREST

thought I'd see if there was a club or (2) __________ in my area. I looked             ASSOCIATE

everywhere but, (3) __________ the nearest club was 80 kilometres            FORTUNE

away. So, without any (4) __________ I decided to form my own club.        KNOW

It was very hard in the beginning -1 didn't have any (5) __________ and I     EQUIP

had to convince a few people that it was an (6) __________ way to keep        ENJOY

fit. I organised a small (7) __________ , which was a lot of fun, and things    COMPETE

started to grow from there. Now we've got a full-time (8) __________ and     TRAIN

our (9) __________ come from all over the country. One of our members        OPPOSE

was even a bronze (10) __________ in the national championship!              MEDAL

(1 mark per answer)


В   Match to make sentences.

11. I refuse to put                                A.  up a martial art, to defend yourself.

12. The current champion was knocked   В . to swimming as soon as she tried it.

13. I used to love basketball, but I've gone С . out in the second round of the competition.

14. The trainer asked us to carry          D. out of the race because of a last minute injury.

15. The organisers had to bring           E. on with the activity while he answered the phone.

16. You should think about taking           F. off team sports lately.

17. Although she was very young, Olivia took    G. the race forward by a week.

18. Rob had to pull                                   H. up with people who cheat at games.

(1 mark per answer)


C   Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

19. Our tennis match started at one o'clock and we were still playing at four.              been

At four o'clock, we __________ three hours.

20. Terry never used to spend so much time playing on his computer.                          use

Terry __________ spend so much time playing on hiscomputer.

21. Before we play, check all the cards are there.                                                          certain

Before we play, __________ all the cards are there.

22. Hang-gliding can be dangerous, but after a while you don't mind it.                      used

Hang-gliding can be dangerous, but after a while you __________ it.

23. I ran fifteen miles, and then my trainer told me to do fifty push-ups!                     already

When my trainer told me to do fifty push-ups, I __________ fifteen miles!

24. We wouldn't spend so much time indoors when I was young.                                used

We __________ so much time indoors when I was young.

25. I spend a lot of my time on my hobbies.                                                                  up

My hobbies __________ a lot of my time.

26. I would rather play ludo than snakes and ladders.                                                   prefer

I __________ ludo rather than snakes and ladders.

27. I don't think it's likely that you'll win the competition.                                       chance

I think there's __________ the competition.

(2 marks per answer)


D  Choose the correct answer.

28. 'Why were you so tired yesterday?' 'Because I ___________ all morning.'

A jog                    С had been jogging   

В was jogged        D had been jogged

29. It was the first time I ___________ a live match.

A was ever seeing              had ever seen

В had ever been seeing     D was ever seen

30. 'You live in a huge house, don't you?''Yes, but we ___________!'

A didn't use to      С use not

В wouldn't        D weren't used to

31. I ___________ the whole of War and Peace by the time I was seven years old.

A was reading       С had read

В had been reading D had been read

32. Karate hurt my hands at first, but I finally ___________ it in the end.

A got used to        С was used

В was used to                   D got use to

33. I ___________ for the match to begin when suddenly a dog ran onto the pitch.

A had waited        С was waiting

B waited           D wait

34. Before she retired, my grandma ___________ gofor a run every morning before work.

A use to            С got used to

Bwould             D was used to

(1 mark per answer)


E Choose the correct answer.

35. The ___________  in the stadium allcheered the athletes.

A viewers              С spectators

В witnesses           D onlookers

36. I got a new baseball ___________ yesterday.

A stick                    С racket

В club                    D bat

37. After a hard match, United managed to ___________ with City, 1-1.

A equal             С draw

В exact             D score

38. In this game, the players ___________ it inturns to throw the dice.

A take                    С make

В do                    D have

39. It's nice to win, but the important thing is to ___________ your best.

A make             С have

В take                    D do

40. Just ask them if you can play and I'm sure they'll let you ___________ .

A take up          С go off

В join in            D take to

41. Everyone expects Johnson to ___________ Smith in today's final.

A beat                    С win

В score              D champion

(1 mark per answer)

Total mark:……/ 50



UNIT 5                            Grammar

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