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Canterbury, Oxford, Stratford-on-Avon, Cambridge, Aberdeen, Liverpool

1. This city is situated in Lancashire, at the mouth of the River Mersey, where it empties into the Irish Sea. At present it is the second largest (after London) sea-port in Britain. For a lot of people, not just in Britain but everywhere, this city is first of all associated with the Beatles, probably the most famous and successful pop-group in the world.

2. It is a town in Kent with a population of about 120, 000. It is the religious capital of England because its cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury who is head of the Church of England. From the 12th to the 15th centuries it was a place3 of pilgrimage. Thousands of people came to pray at the tomb of a former Archbishop of Canterbury who was murdered in the Cathedral in 1170. His name was Thomas Becket.

3. It is one of the best-known towns in the world, and the principal reason for its fame is its University, the second oldest university of Britain, which was founded in the 13th century. Today there are more than twenty colleges in this University. The University was only for men until 1871.

Every year, in summer, one of the biggest festivals of folk music in England is held in this town. It’s called the (Cambridge) Folk Festival.

4. The first written record of this town dates back to the year 912. The oldest and most famous university in Britain is situated here. It was founded in the middle of the 12th century. At that time the town was wealthy, but by the middle of the 14th century it was poorer, because of decline in trade and because of the terrible plague. Nowadays it is a rich town, and its university has a reputation of a privileged school. The Oxford English Dictionary is well-known to students of English everywhere.

5. It is one of the most important towns in Scotland. It has an old and famous university, one of the oldest in Europe (1494). It is an international city. You can hear Americans and Europeans in shops and hotels. Its helicopter port is the biggest in the world. It ism now also an industrial and entertainment centre for the north-east Scotland, and it is the oil capital of Europe.

6. It is a very interesting town, which is situated in the centre of England. There are no mountains there, but there are beautiful woods, green fields and a quiet river – the Avon. William Shakespeare was born and buried here. Shakespeare’s birthplace is a small house with small rooms in the centre of Stratford. Lots of people who visit the house write their names on the walls.


Ex 3 Learn the following dialogue:

A: Excuse me!

B: Yes?

A: How do I get to the nearest underground station?

B: Cross the street and walk straight as far as the bridge. Cross the bridge and turn to the right.

A: Is it far from here?

B: No, not so far.

A: Thank you.

B: You are welcome.


Ex 4 Fill in prepositions where it is necessary:

1. Where do I change... bus 7? 2. Will this bus take me... Palace Square? 3. Where do I get... to change... the underground? 4. Are you getting...... the next stop? 5. If no tram comes... five minutes, I won’t wait... it, I’ll just go... home... foot. 6. Walk... far... the corner, turn... the right and pass... two blocks. 7. When you turn... the corner, you will see the entrance... the museum... front... you. 8. If you stand... your back... the theatre, you will see a monument... your right. 9. There is no tram... here... the railway station. 10.... the end... the street you will see a large shop... your left. 11. I have never been... St. Paul’s, but I have read and heard a lot... it. 12. Will it take me long to get... the theatre? 13. Walk straight...... the street and take the sec­ond turning... the left. 14. Where is the entrance... the National Gallery? — Oh, it’s... the other side... the building.


Ex 5 Translate the following dialogues into English:

A: Простите пожалуйста.

B: Да?

A: Как пройти к площади?

B: О, это совсем близко, идите прямо до угла и сверните направо. Вы будете на короткой улице с большой аркой в конце.

A: А, я знаю. Я видела эту арку на открытках.

B: Правильно. Пройдите под аркой, и вы будете на площади.

A: Спасибо. Я очень хочу посмотреть эту площадь.

B: Вы правы. Ее стоит посмотреть. Она имеет всемирную известность.

A: Спасибо.

B: Пожалуйста.

А: Отсюда идет автобус до Театра оперы и балета?

B: Да. Сядьте на 22 или 27 автобус, и он довезет вас прямо туда.

А: А где автобусная остановка?

B: М-м, дайте подумать. Видите это большое красное здание на другой стороне улицы?

A: Да.

B: Пройдите мимо этого здания, поверните налево, дойдите до угла и перейдите улицу.

А: За сколько времени я доберусь до Театра оперы и балета?

B: О, это довольно далеко отсюда. Я думаю, вам потребуется около часа.

A: Спасибо. Вы очень любезны.

B: О, не стоит благодарности.


Ex 6 Fill in articles where it is necessary:

1. We walked along... street as far as... metro station and took... bus number 6. 2. Where is... entrance to... British Museum? 3. How do I get to... Opera and Ballet House? 4. Is there... bus from here to... Railway Station? — Yes, take... bus number 7. 5. Walk as far as... corner and cross... street. Then turn to... right. 6. Which is... way to... airport? – Oh, it’s... very long way. You must first go by... underground and then change to... bus number 39. But it will take you... very long time.... best way for you is to take... taxi.


Ex 7 Read, translate and retell the text. Answer the questions:

Liverpool and the Beatles


Liverpool is situated in Lancashire, at the mouth of the river Mersey, where it empties into the Irish Sea.

The settlement of Liverpool was first mentioned in 1191, and in 1207 it got the status of a town. Since the 13th century it has bee a port. In the sec­ond half of the 17th century it began playing an im­ortent part in the trade with the English colonies in America. At present it is the second largest (after London) sea-port in Britain.

For a lot of people, not just in Britain but every­where, Liverpool is first of all associated with the Beatles, probably the most famous and successful pop-group the world has ever known.

On October 24, 1962, the song Love Me Do was sung by a then unknown group of four working-class lads from Liverpool, John Lennon, Paul McCart­ney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, who called themselves the Beatles. It was the first of a number of big hits that brought them world fame.

The road to success was not easy. John and Paul had spent many afternoons listening to American stars like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley before they were able to write the famous Lennon and McCartney songs.

During the 1960s the Beatles were at the height of their glory: newspaper headlines, films, and world-tours. Their new style of singing and their unusual haircuts — Beatles mops! — immediately became the latest fashion.

After a decade of successful music and films, the Beatles had some disagreements, and finally decided to break up in the early seventies. Many people hoped that there would be a reunion, but it became impossi­ble after the tragic murder of John Lennon in New York in 1980.


mouth – устье реки

to empty into – впадать (о реке)

a settlement – поселок, поселение

to be mentioned – быть упомянутым

trade – торговля

Love Me Do – «Люби меня»

a lad – парень

world fame – мировая известность

newspaper headlines – газетные заголовки

haircuts – стрижки, прически

immediately – немедленно, сразу же

the latest fashion – последняя мода

disagreement – разногласие

reunion – воссоединение

murder – убийство


Task 1 Answer the following questions:

1. Where is Liverpool situated?

2. When did Liverpool begin playing an impor­tant part in the sea trade? Is it still a large port? How large?

3. What is Liverpool associated with for many people?

4. When were the Beatles at the height of their glory? What immediately became the latest fash­ion? When did the group fall apart?

Task 2 Learn the song “And I love her” written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney:

Verse I Verse III

I gave her all my love I love like I,

Let’s all I do, Good never die

And if you saw my love As long as I have you

You love me too, Near me,

And I love her. And I love her.


Verse II Verse IV

She gives me everything, Bright are the stars that shine,

And tenderly Dark is the sky.

The kiss my lover brings I know this love of mine

She brings to me, Will never die,

And I love her. And I love her.


1. What do you consider to be the author’s message of the song?

2. Choose 2 phrases which you would say to your sweetheart?

3. Is this song about love or about amorousness?

Task 3 Basing on the sample of the given text tell about other cities of Great Britain.


Ex 8 Mike and Alexander are in Oxford. Find where Alexander wants to go in Oxford:

They are near the City Library.

1. Go to the end of Queen Street. Turn right. Walk past the Information Centre and the Job Centre. It is next to the Job Centre on the right.

2. Go along St. Ebbe’s Street. Take the first turning on the left. It is on the corner of the street on your left.

3. Go along Queen Street. Take the first turning on the left. Go to the end of the street, then turn left. Go along George Street to the crossing. It’s on the corner on the left opposite the market.


Lesson 11

The lexical theme: The cities of the USA.

Ex 1 Read and translate brief information about the most known cities of the USA. Determine what of the listed below cities is shown on each picture:

New York

It is the largest city in the USA and the biggest seaport. It is the business centre of the United States. This city is situated in the mouth of the Hudson river. It is a young city, which was founded in 1613. There are five districts in the city. There is modern architecture here. The statue of Liberty (a present from France as symbol of friendship), a few churches, hospitals and other buildings are the only examples of old architecture. Broadway is the longest street and the biggest shopping district in this city.


It is the capital of the USA. It is situated in the District of Columbia. The district is named in honour of Columbus, the discoverer of America, and the capital – in honour of the first president of the USA, George Washington. Washington is not the largest city in the USA. It has a population of 900, 000 people. It is a beautiful administrative city with practically no industry. It has many historical places. The largest and the highest among the buildings is the Capitol with its great House of Representatives and the Senate chamber. The White House is the President’s residence.

Santa Barbara

It is a favourite Californian vacation town, which is famous for its Spanish architecture. The story began in 1925. A big earthquake destroyed many of the buildings. After this disaster, a woman called Pearl Chase worked hard to bring in new laws. All the buildings in this town, she said, must be in the Spanish style, with white walls and red roofs, because these houses were not so high. People agreed with her, and this town today is one of the prettiest towns in the United States.


The state of Texas is a south-western state of the USA and is situated above Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico. In fact it used to be part of the United States in 1845. The official language is English, though Spanish is spoken also widely. A lot of oil is produced in Texas and is exported to other American states, al­though this isn't the state's only busi­ness; there are many other industries too, and agriculture is also important. The state is headed by a governor. As part of the USA, Texas is governed by the Presi­dent and the Congress.

Ex 2 Read and retell the dialog. Do the task.

Man: Are you ready for «The Big Apple»?

Woman: Excuse me?

Man: You know, New York City. You are going to New York with us, aren’t you? I wanted to show everybody around my old neighbourhood.

Woman: Oh, sure! I wouldn’t miss it – especially when the tour guide is anative New Yorker.

Man: I thought we could start at the Museum of Modern Art. Right now there’s an exhibit on twentieth-century American painters.

Woman: Fine with me... but what were you saying about... a big apple?

Man: «The Big Apple.» It’s a nickname for New York. I think I heard once that it started with jazz musicians in the 20’s.

Woman: Oh.

Man: Whenever they played a concert in a city, they called that city an «apple.» In those days, New York was the biggest city in the country, so they called it «The Big Apple.»

Woman: Hey, I have an idea! Let’s go to a jazz club while we’re there.

Man: Sounds good.


Task 1 Choose the correct answer on the following questions:

1.What is the man planning to see?

a) An art exhibit.

b) A Broadway play.

c) A modern dance production.

d) An opera.


2. What can be inferred about the man?

a) He is a jazz musician.

b) He wants to join the woman’s club.

c) He is in his twenties.

d) He was born in New York.


3. What does the word «Apple» in the phrase «The Big Apple» refer to?

a) An instrument.

b) A city.

c) A theatre.

d) A concert.


4. Who gave New York its nickname?

a) Painters.

b) Tour guides.

c) Musicians.

d) Grocers.

Ex 3 Read and retell the text.

Washington D.C.

The beautiful city of Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States and the centre of its government. The capital was named after the first president George Washington and was founded in 1790. It is situated on the Potomac River in the District of Columbia. Washington is not the largest city in the USA. It has a population only 9000, 000.

Washington D.C. has nothing characteristically American in it, as its conception is purely French. It has long wide avenues, gardens, beautiful parks and no skyscrapers at all. Washington is the residence of the President and the Congress of the USA. The White House is the President’s residence, the Capitol – the seat of the American Congress. The largest and the highest among the buildings is the Capitol with its great House of Representatives and Senate Chamber. There are no skyscrapers because no other building must be higher than the Capitol. All American presidents except George Washington (the White House was not yet built in his time) have lived in the White House. It was built in 1799.

Washington is a large scientific and cultural centre, where there are many research institutes, five universities, the National Academy of Science and the Library of Congress. There is one more well-known building in Washington – Pentagon, the residence of the US Military department. It is situated in the suburbs to the south of the Potomac.

Washington is one-industry town. That industry is government. It does not produce anything except very much scrap paper. Every day 25 railway cars leave Washington loaded with scrap paper. Washington has many historical places. Not far from the Capitol is the Washington Monument, which looks like a very big pencil. It rises 160 meters. A special lift brings visitors to the top in 70 seconds from where they can enjoy a wonderful view of the whole city.

The Jefferson Memorial was built in memory of the third President of the USA, Thomas Jefferson, who was also the author of the Declaration of Independence. The memorial is surrounded by cherry-trees. The Lincoln Memorial is devoted to the memory of the 16th President of the US, the author of the Emancipation Proclamation, which gave freedom to Negro slaves in America.


government - правительство

to be founded – быть основанным

to be situated – быть расположенным

district – округ, район

its conception is purely French – он построен в чисто французском стиле

skyscrapers - небоскребы

the Capitol - Капитолий

House of Representatives – палата представителей

scientific - научный

research institute – исследовательский институт

suburb - пригород

scrap paper - макулатура

to enjoy - наслаждаться

independence - независимость

cherry-trees - вишня

freedom - свобода

a slave - раб

Task 1 Answer the following questions:

1. What is the capital of the USA?

2. Who was the first President of the USA?

3. What is the White House?

4. Did George Washington live in the White House?

5. Name the famous buildings in Washington.

6. Is there any industry in Washington?

Task 2 Make up your questions to the text beginning with:

Where? Why? What? Who? When? What kind of? Which?

Task 3 Divide the chain to get true proper names:


Ex 4 Translate into English:

1. Скажите, как мне проехать на вокзал? 2. Вам нужно пересесть на троллейбус. 3. Любой трамвай довезет вас отсюда до центра. 4. Девятый автобус останавливается здесь? 5. Пройдите два квартала, сверните налево, и увидите автобусную остановку. Сядьте на сто седьмой автобус, и он довезет вас до вокзала. 6. Я сойду на третьей остановке и пересяду на девятый трамвай или девяносто четвертый автобус. 7. Вы туда доедете минут за двадцать. 8. Где Капитолий? — О, он совсем рядом. Идите прямо, и вы увидите его прямо перед собой.

9. Как мне попасть к Белому Дому? Перейдите улицу, поверните налево, пройдите два квартала, и вы окажетесь перед ним. 10. Я видел Статую Свободы на открытках.


Ex 5 Do you know this statue? Read some information about it:



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