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Read international words and fill in the table.

Russian suffixes English words English suffixes
-ический/ -ичныи -ивный -ярный/ -арный -озный -антный/-ентный -абельный    


respiratory, climatic, critical, respectable, progressive, competent, regular, latent, infantile, ambitious, ordinary, massive, relevant. periodic, mechanical, formal, popular, intensive, tropical, industrial, physical, civil, academic, stationary, polar, analytical, vertical, active, organic, chemical, sterile, illusory, tolerant, serious, permanent, comfortable, indifferent, familiar, polar, plenary, rudimentary.



Unit 3

Verb Suffixes

-ise(ize)* memory память memorize запоминать
-fy(-ify) simple простой simplify упрощать
-ate* concentration концентрация concentrate сосредотачивать
-en strength сила strengthen укреплять
-ute distribution распределение distribute распределять
-d(e) applause аплодировать applaud аплодисменты


*В многосложных глаголах с данными суффиксами обычно ударение падает на третий слог с конца ex.: to ‘organize

3.1 Paraphrase the following phrases using -ize (ise).

Model: to make legal – legalize.

to become liberal, to make actual, to realize in action, to make an apology, to give authority to, to provide with canals, to bring to a centre, to describe character of, to act as a patron towards, to make personal, to make professional,to bring to a standard, to make American in character.

3.2 Form verbs from the words by means of the suffixes -ize (-ise). Translate into Russian.

а) от основ прилагательных:

legal, liberal, popular, external, final, local, industrial, general, formal, ideal, modern;

б) от основ существительных:

victim, automat, symbol, oxide, motor, summary, robot.

Match the words in column A with their synonyms in

column B:


oppress systematize
arrange recognize
notice tyrannize
allow localize
praise characterize
concentrate harmonize
mark authorize
agree panegyrize
calm tranquilize


3.4 Rewrite the sentences replacing the phrases in italics with appropriate -ize / -ise verbs.

1. Some cars are fitted with a security device which makes the engine immobile.

2. In areas where the power supply fluctuates, for sensitive equipment a device to make the voltage stable required.

3. Manufacturers seek to keep costs to a minimum and profits to a maximum.

4. Most companies have installed computers to control their production line.

5. Companies may make their operation more rational by reducing the variety of products they make.


3.5 Form verbs from the words by means of the suffix -fy. Translate into Russian.

Model pure – чистый – to purify – очищать

dense, glory, justice, identity, note, pace, sign, example.


3.6 Form verbs from the words by means of the suffix -en.

Translate into Russian.

Model: broad – широкий – broaden- расширять

weak, soft, length, wide, dark, light, white, tight, thick, sweet, straight, deep, deaf, short, stout, sharp.


Answer the following questions.

1. When do the days begin to lengthen?

2. Do the coming examinations frighten you?

3. What can you do to brighten the classroom?

Match the words in column A with their antonyms in

column B:


complicate purify
pollute simplify
separate horrify
please nullify
establish unify

3.9 Form verbs from the words by means of the suffix -ate.

Translate into Russian.

Model: participation – participate

orientation, approximation, integration, communication, violation, subjugation, circulation, celebration, negotiation, indication, dedication, irritation, exaggeration, toleration.


Match the words in column A with their synonyms in

column B:


free gather count show rouse explain predict divide make start ask send illustrate anticipate create initiate separate interrogate delegate accumulate agitate calculate liberate demonstrate


3.11 Translate into English using the suffix -ate.

эвакуировать (evacuation), регулировать (regular), координировать (coordination), артикулировать (articulation), вибрировать (vibration), имитировать (imitation), дифференцировать (differentiation), ассоциировать (association), ассимилировать (assimilation), демонстрировать (demonstration), изолировать (isolation).


3.12 Form a verb – using the suffixes -en, -ify or -ise (-ize) from the noun or adjective.

computer, liquid, apology, bright, class, loose, sharp, soft, strength, terror, emphasis, identity, modern, pure, short, thick, wide.


Read international words and fill in the table.

Russian suffixes English words English suffixes
-фицировать -изировать/-изовать -цировать/-сировать -ировать    


monopolize, identify, convulse, neutralize, intensify, liberalize, emigrate, colonize, accumulate, produce, assimilate, organize, balance, qualify, demonstrate, liquidate, mechanize.


Unit 4

Adverb suffixes


-ly accurate точный accurately точно
-ward south юг southward на юг, к югу
-fold three три threefold тройной
-wise clock часы clockwise по часовой стрелке


Некоторые наречия, образованные от прилагательных путём добавления суффикса -ly, отличаются по значению от корневого слова.

Запомните их!


hard   трудный, тяжелый, твердый hardly едва, едва ли, с трудом
near   близкий nearly почти, близко приблизительно
high высокий highly весьма, очень
late   поздний lately   недавно, за последнее время
short короткий shortly вскоре
large   большой, обширный largely главным образом, в значительной степени
ready готовый readily легко, без труда
necessary необходимый necessarily обязательно
increasing нарастающий increasingly в большей степени

Translate the following sentences into Russian. Pay attention to the words in bold.

1. The operation was very hard, but successful. They can hardly do it without our help.

2. The masses of a proton and a neutron are nearly equal. I should like to have a near translation of Byron's poems.

3. Multi-storey buildings are very high. It is a highly interesting book.

4. His late arrival caused much inconvenience. A balloon has lately been reported above this point.

5. The distance to this point is very short. The plane will shortly arrive.

6. The entrance halls of the Petersburg Metro are large and beautiful. In electrical engineering rubber is used largely as the insulating material.

7.Не is always ready to help his friends. Charcoal readily absorbs many gases.

8. My colleague lives near the station. Water contains nearly 90 per cent of oxygen.

9. Where can I get all necessary information? Every chemical change necessarily involves physical change as well.


4.2 Form adverbs from the following adjectives by means of the suffix -ly. Translate into English.

Model: comparative – сравнительный – comparatively– сравнительно

pure, rapid, equal, ordinary, certain, accidental, radioactive, previous, rare, heavy, reasonable, separate, profitable, sufficient, effective, approximate.

4.3 Match the words in column A with their synonyms in column B:



regularly openly legally hardly pleasantly sharply likely closely rudely cruelly awfully mainly clearly thoughtlessly kindly publicly barely agreeably directly probably nearly lawfully roughly dreadfully brutally principally distinguishably carelessly gently systematically


Form adverbs using the following model.

Model: without difficulty – easily, in an icy manner – icily

In an ideal manner, in an idle manner, in a mad manner, in a noble manner, in a noisy manner, with pride, once a quarter, in a quiet manner, in a rosy manner, in the second place, in a short time, in a strong manner.


Choose the right variant in the following sentences. Translate the sentences.

Well, another 1) bright/brightly, sunny day had arrived and Daniella waited 2) hopefully/hopeful near the front door looking out of the window for any sign of the 3) local/locally postman. All of a 4) sudden/suddenly, she heard the snap of the letterbox. She ran 5) fast/fastly to see what had been delivered. She tore the envelope open 6) impatient/impatiently … she couldn’t believe it! She had actually been accepted into the Fame Academy!


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